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Katelynn Moss age 15, Eugene 

Despite being homeless, Katelynn manages to go to Thurston High School, hang out with her friends and is on the Roller Derby Junior Gems traveling team. “I get my homework done at school,” she says. Her derby name is “Black Bubbles” and she lights up when she talks about skating with the Grease Monkeys. She says she originally wanted to be a cheerleader, but her family couldn’t afford the $567 it would cost when she attended North Eugene High.

Her mother, Jennifer Moss, says the family used to have a home, but “nowadays a lot of people are like us, on the brink of being homeless. We just didn’t have a contingency plan.” She says her disability makes it difficult for her to complete classes and hold down a job.

Katelynn isn’t always comfortable letting other people know about the way her family lives; she doesn’t like asking for help. Not even all her friends know about her family’s money troubles and nomadic lifestyle. “It’s kind of sad. I can’t tell them where I live, and why I can’t go to Hollister and shop,” she says. “I won’t tell them I live in a motel.”

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This post has already been read 1670 times!