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Crescent Hotel & Spa in Arkansas. It was built in 1886 and is a member of the Historic Hotels of America Association.

It was originally opened as a luxurious hotel, but went into decline and re-opened as a school for girls in 1908. It was later used by the fraudulent, Dr. Norman Baker as a supposed cancer hospital.

He was found guilty of deceiving patients with useless treatments, carrying out experiments on both the living and deceased and making fortunes from their families.

The morgue where Dr. Baker carried out his experiments is the source of one haunting, where the apparition of a man has been seen and captured on thermographic videotape.

Apparitions of other ghosts include that of Michael, a former worker who fell from the roof in 1886, a nurse who is seen pushing a gurney, a young female student who is believed committed suicide, and a man with a mustache wearing a Victorian suit in the lobby. Dr. Baker himself has also been seen on occasion.

This post has already been read 81 times!