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Carnac is located on the south coast of Brittany in northwestern France and is most famous for the Carnac stones.). This stone formation consists of a collection of 3,000 massive rocks arranged in rows, straight circles, squares and rectangles spreading across more than two miles of French countryside. Why would people spend so much time and effort in creating this?

Archaeologists expect us to believe that humans one step removed from cavemen were quarrying these stones 100-350 tons in weight and then maneuvering them into precise alignment position. Some researchers believe that the stones are magnetically charged. According to the World Energy Grid Theory some areas on Earth are more magnetically charged than others and Carnac is one such geo-magnetic location that is harnessing the energy. If so where did these ancient people (4500 B.C.) get their knowledge from?

The alignment of some of these stones represents mathematical formulas such as the Pythagorean Theorem. But how could these builders know of a theory 2,000 years before its discovery? These stones could have been transmitting energy that was detectable by travelers from the air (much like a modern day GPS system) and they were able to use it to navigate the entire planet. The formation and true impact of Carnac is only meaningful when viewed from the air. But why was it meant to be seen from the sky?

Who was flying in 4500 B.C.? Carnac is only one of three ancient global sites that can be seen from outer space along with the Nazca Lines of Peru and the Great Wall of China.

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This post has already been read 713 times!