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Bonnie Springs Ranch in Las Vegas, is a western themed amusement park. Which gives people a look at life back in the old west! It is also said to be very haunted.

Some of the activity that has been reported here includes a little girl who appears in the school house and a merry-go-round that turns all on its own, on dry and windless days.

The wax museum is a common place to hear unexplained voices and some of the wax figures have been said to move on their own!

The opera house is also a hive of paranormal activity. With people witnessing shadow figures in various spots, one guest even caught one on camera!

The owners love to play up to the haunted aspect and every Halloween they transform the ranch into ‘Bonnie Screams’ a haunted Halloween attraction!

However, from the stories that are linked to the property it is haunted enough on an average day!

Originally posted 2019-12-13 16:51:48.

This post has already been read 1181 times!