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Ghost Hunting 101

Before starting Ghost Hunting you should think about what you are doing. I would suggest going out and joining an established group before starting your own group.

Difference between Ghost Hunters and Paranormal Investigators are; Ghost Hunter aim for Ghost only were the Paranormal Investigators will go out and look for UFO's, Big Foot, Lock Ness Etc. Before starting your group you should think about what you are interested in.

There is a Difference between a Ghost Hunt and a Ghost Investigations; Ghost Hunter is you go to a site were there has not been any sightings of ghosts and you are trying to catch them on film. Ghost Investigations is going to a known haunted site, taking recordings and pictures trying to catch something.

When on a Hunt you may encounter 2 types of spirits Human and nonhuman; Human was at one time a living person and for some reason didn't pass over to other side. They may not even know they are dead, and because of guilt, unfinished business may be reason for not passing over. These spirits will be the most spirits you will encounter. You may encounter a Residual Haunting. Nonhuman is the other spirits you will encounter and these are generally bad news. Do not be obsessed by theses. Chances of you encountering theses are slim.

What to bring with you;

35mm camera, with at least 400 speed film.

Digital Camera is good but make sure you don't use camera alone. And it has a good flash.

Camcorder with Night Vision Sony has nice night vision.

Flashlights with extra batteries you never know when you will need them.

Voice Recorder to record EVP's.

EMF Meter or if you don't have one a comphappy will work until you can get one

Hand Radio's are good to communicate between teams

Cell Phone good to have along incase of a emergency

First aid Kit

Pen and Paper to take notes of any noises you hear or anything you see. Before starting Investigations; you should go to the site during the daylight and walk the whole site out. Look for any unsafe spots and map them out so after dark you will know to stay away from that spot. Also take pictures during the day you can always get stuff during the daylight hours too. Make sure the property does not have any No tresphappying signs up. If it does get permission from land owner or care taker before entering.

Find out all you can on the history on the site as you can. Good places to start with this is library, and courthouse. If these don?t help you may ask local residents around the area the history on the site.

Make sure to bring your ID along in case police question you, you can prove who you are.

Never go alone always go in teams of three (3). Always tell someone that isn't with you were you are going so if something happens someone knows were you are.

Best time to go is 9:00 Pm to 6:00 am this time is called the psychic hours. You can get recordings and pictures anytime. But you have more chances during the psychic hours. 3 days before, 3 days after and on the full moon is also a good time. 3 days before, 3 days after new moon and night of new moon is another good time. Another thing to watch is for Solar flares they make energy stronger so you may get better pictures.

Make sure to log everything if you sneeze log it. Some researches carry recorders so not to have to write it all down.

MidNite Walkers uses digital Camera and Laptop computer on all investigations this is a good idea if you can afford to get it.  Then download them into the laptop. If we see anything that is questionable then we will go back and retake pictures and walk around the area to see if we can find the cause of what made the abnormality. Always be skeptical.

Make not to wear perfume; spirits use odors to get your attention. Take note of any odors.

Never make a conclusion. Or share your conclusion before all reports, tapes and pictures are reviewed.

Before starting say a protection Prayer to protect yourself. Also when done say prayer to clean yourself of evil.

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This post has already been read 1156 times!