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Alcatraz, San Francisco

There are few structures in this world that are as infamous as Alcatraz! Prisons are often a haven for restless spirits and Alcatraz is no different. In fact, this former high security prison is probably even more likely to be haunted given what the conditions were like when it was in operation coupled with the dangerous criminals who were housed within its walls. The entire building is soaked in fear, regret, anger, pain and death – the perfect recipe for restless souls and much darker entities!

The prison is like a breeding ground for the paranormal. One of the most feared presences on the island is known simply as ‘The Thing’. This entity is said to have red glowing eyes and it has been seen not only by visitors today, but by prisoners and staff when Alcatraz was in operation. Other common reports detail disembodied voices, sobbing, screams, banging of cell doors and putrid smells which some say indicate a demonic presence. Visitors have experienced being touched, feeling cold spots and even having emotional outbursts of either sadness or anger. Some have even said that they encounter apparitions who spoke to them of abuse at the hands of guards and other inmates!

Perhaps the darkest place in Alcatraz is ‘The Cell’. This is an area in D Block where inmates were places as punishment for breaking the rules. They were stripped naked and given nothing while locked in The Cell. Even mattresses were only issued at lights out and removed again in the morning. Over the years, inmates and guards alike reported a shadow figure haunting D Block However, on on night a prisoner in The Cell was screaming for hours claiming to be under attack. The guards ignored him, assuming he was just causing a disturbance since he was locked alone in the cell. He finally fell silent, but in the morning when the cell was unlocked the guards discovered the man dead on the floor with distinct hand prints on his throat!

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This post has already been read 1675 times!