El Verde Creature 0 (0)

The El Verde Creature is a strange humanoid cryptid that was reportedly encountered at 9:00 PM in El Verde, Puerto Rico, in October 1973. Ana Dominguez and Jose Alemar, accompanied by their daughter and several others, were visiting an area near where their youngest son Jose Jr. had mysteriously disappeared 3 months before. While Jose…

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COMMUNICATING WITH GHOSTS by Tina Carlson – tinacarlson@theshadowlands.net Article courtesy of South Jersey Ghost Rsearch   A question that often is asked in Shadowlands email is “How Do I Talk to Ghost? I want to contact them.” I usually advise waiting until a ghost contacts you. There are several ways that a ghost will do this. Through…

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Paranormal Societies 0 (0)

Paranormal Societies Society Name City State Website 1 American Paranormal Research Society Newberry SC Website A-Team Paranormal Investigations Newberry SC Website A-Team Paranormal Ms Chapter Hattiesburg MS After Life Paranormal Society Tennessee Sweetwater TN Website Afterlife Research And Consulting Orlinda TN Website Ata Paranormal Snellville GA Website Austin Amd Christi Paranormal Milton FL Backwoods Paranorma…

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Alabama Paranormal Societies 5 (1)

Alabama Paranormal Societies (82 total):   Society Name City Website A Nested Reality Mobile Website A Voice For The Spirits Irondale Website Alabama Bigfoot Society Wadley Website Alabama Ghost Chasers Winfield Alabama Paranormal Association Gurley Website Alabama Paranormal Consultants Calera Website Alabama Paranormal Consultants Calera Website Alabama Paranormal Research Boaz Website Alabama Paranormal Research Team…

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Charlie No Face Creepy Urban Legends

Charlie No-Face 4 (1)

This twentieth-century urban legend haunted residents of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The legend had it that a figure with a severely burned face lurked around an abandoned train tunnel at night and made electricity go haywire with his very presence. Curious teenagers would sneak out to the tunnel to try to catch a glimpse of him. Well,…

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The Bunny Man 0 (0)

We’ll start with the legend behind this one. The unsubstantiated legend holds that, in 1904, a bus crashed while transferring patients from an asylum in Fairfax County, Virginia. The patients escaped, and all but one were eventually re-captured. Shortly after the bus breakdown, dead bunnies started appearing around the area, many hanging from the Fairfax Station Bridge….

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The Dog Boy 0 (0)

This Arkansas-based urban legend about a werewolf-like dog man roaming around the town of Quitman merely embellishes a true tale. In 1954, a boy named Gerald Bettis was born. The rumors around town held that he was cruel and sadistic, and that he liked to capture stray animals and do twisted experiments on them. His…

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