Day: May 5, 2022

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Donkey Lady

The Donkey Lady is a horrific mutant entity that has been sighted in the rural areas of Bexar County near San Antonio, Texas. Appearance The Donkey Lady has been described as been the size of an average adult female human being. Her hands and feet resemble the hooves of a donkey or horse, and her face is […]

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Paranormal Science Strange


The Owlman, also known as the Cornish Owlman or the Owlman of Mawnan, is a purported owl-like cryptid that was supposedly sighted around mid-1976 in the village of Mawnan, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom. It is very similar to the famous cryptid Mothman in appearance Appearance The creature is described as being humanoid in appearance and standing 6-7 feet tall. […]

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