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1926 UFO Encountered by Archeologist Nicholas Roerich

Nicholas Roerich, a famous Russian-born artist and archeologist, led an American team of explorers on a lengthy expedition through the Himalayas in the 1920's.

In his book, "Altai Himalaya," he describes a startling event that occurred in Mongolia in 1926.

"On August fifth–something remarkable! We were in our camp in the Kukunor district not far from the Humboldt Chain. In the morning about half-past nine some of our caravaneers noticed a remarkably big black eagle flying above us.

"Seven of us began to watch this unusual bird. At this same moment another of our caravaneers remarked, 'There is something far above the bird.'

"And he shouted in his astonishment. We all saw, in a direction from north to south, something big and shiny reflecting the sun, like a huge oval moving at great speed. Crossing our camp this thing changed in its direction from south to southwest.

"And we saw how it disappeared in the intense blue sky. We even had time to take our field glhappyes and saw quite distinctly an oval form with shiny surface, one side of which was brilliant from the sun."

Roerich never speculates about the sighting elsewhere in the book, but he died in December 1947.

I want to believe he had a revelatory "Aha!" moment during that first big UFO flap earlier that year.

Unfortunately, he didn't describe how the oval made its 45-degree turn, but I'm guessing it was instantaneous.

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This post has already been read 1302 times!