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Madeline McCann

3 year old Madeline McCann went missing from the Algarve holiday resort of Praia da Luz, on 3 May, 2007, and stands as one of the most famous cases of missing children ever in Britain.

McCann’s parents, Kate and Gerry, were enjoying a meal with a group of friends while Madeline and her twin siblings were sleeping in the unlocked apartment approximately 100 meters away. The McCanns reported that the group took turns at checking on the children, and each time nothing untoward was noted, although at the last at 21:30, only the twins were seen through the door. At 22:00, Kate and Gerry McCann returned to their apartment to find the twins safe in bed but Madeline missing, and the window in her bedroom open. A huge manhunt was launched with the initial suspects being a British/Portuguese national, Robert Murat, and the McCann’s themselves, all of which were given arguido (suspect) status by the police. The investigations of the initial suspects however led to nothing.

The police initially worked under the assumption that McCann had either been kidnapped by a pedophile ring or an adoption ring, and attracted criticism, particularly from the McCann’s, for the way they handled the case. The amount of people allowed in to the apartment from which Madeline went missing, for example, was so uncontrolled as to taint the possibility of finding forensic or DNA evidence leading to the identification of the abductor.

Developments in the McCann case, no matter how small, still garner widespread media coverage.

This post has already been read 603 times!

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