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Johnny Gosch was doing his usual paper-round on Sunday, September 5, 1982, when he and his friend were approached by a man in a Ford Fairlane with Iowa plates, who asked them both for directions. Johnny later commented to his friend that the man made him feel uneasy, before heading home, apparently being followed by a different man. The parents John (or Leonard depending on which source you read) and Noreen were first alerted to something amiss when they began receiving phone-calls from disgruntled customers pertaining to their missing newspapers. After a search of the local area, John Gosch found his son’s paper-wagon two blocks from their home. Over the next couple of years, Johnny’s mother and a private investigator uncovered apparent evidence that Johnny had been sold in to a pedophile ring, something of which police were unsure, but did not immediately dismiss.

In 1997, the case took a strange twist when Noreen was apparently visited at her home by a 27 year old Johnny Gosch, who told her mother about his kidnapping but made her promise that she would not repeat this information as he was still living under danger from his abductors. Johnny’s father, however, is doubtful of the visit.

Again, in 2006, the case took another twist when photographs of a bound boy who Noreen believes to be Johnny began appearing on her doorstep. She is certain of his identity, but unidentified witnesses have come forward to say that the person in the photos is not Johnny.

The case has sparked huge conspiracy theories involving even the White House, and new information is still coming out at the time of writing.

This post has already been read 481 times!

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