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Redlands Gates of Hell
« on: November 04, 2016, 01:57:28 AM »
Redlands Gates of Hell

In Redlands, there are two black iron gates standing along the roadside of Sunset street that the local residents refer to as the Gates Of Hell.

I have seen these gates many times while i was out in the area at the courthouse or doing services in the area, and I can tell you they are the weirdest and most evil looking gats I have ever seen.  At sunset, their severe blackness has an erie quality to them that makes you wonder what happened to the man who made them.. It almost appears that his anger and hatred fills those gates... I some time wondered why the city left them standing.. But a friend of mine, whom I asked the other day if the gates were still there, said the entire area had been plowed and graded for new housing ..

Extremely unusual things are supposed to have happened at these black gates after walking or driving through them, such as, a ghost with a headless cat would chase you, a bloody bull's head would roll down the driveway as you left the house and so on.