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Contact Us Today!...
« on: November 02, 2016, 05:23:14 PM »
Contact Us Today!...

Do you feel that something unusual is happening to you in your home or business and wonder if it might be a haunting?

Are you having trouble sleeping or getting some one to believe what is going on in your life? Could it be paranormal?

We want to help YOU. It's not about "US" or our "agenda"!


Our goal is to collect historical facts that might be proven through research and therefore add credibility to the belief in continued consciousness after death. This is done with non evasive equipment, such as Electromagnetic Field Monitors, Infra Red Thermometers, digital recordings both audio and video, digital and film media,  and through psychic/mediumistic impressions that are recorded and researched against historical records for validity.

The most important service that we can offer you is a a promise to refer you to another person, team or group if we can not offer the kind of help, support or encouragement that you require for a satisfactory outcome to your query.

In the years that we have been investigating, networking and making connections in the paranormal field we have made many happyociations. Over 98% of the teams, groups and individuals that we have worked with in the past are still in our working circle of friends and can be called on for referring customers to them, helping us with investigations or are otherwise still available to us to offer help to our clients.

Some of our affiliates have specialized niches that may be more in line with the kind of interaction that your individual case requires to come to a satisfactory conclusion. If this is the case we will offer you that information as quickly as possible and put you in touch with another who can be of service to you.

In the past few months we have referred people to reputable groups closer to them than we are. This was not to phappy the buck but to offer the best customer service possible. If you are working with a group, team or individual who takes 4 or 6 hours to get to your location they are not going to be convenient to you. We would rather refer you to people we trust who would be more local to you than "hog" the field to ourselves and put your best interests second to our own.

We promise you a referral to a qualified happyociate if for any reason  we feel that they would better benefit you or your situation. It isn't about *US*.

The Preleminary Interview/Investigation

Preliminary investigation consists of an interview with witnesses of your situation at your convenience, a tour of the property and a small collection of data gained by non obtrusive methods (listed above) usually a two hour block.

This is a FREE SERVICE, as all of our services are.


Our investigations (once more FREE OF CHARGE) are handled under STRICT codes of conduct and conducted under stringent controls that help us remove the human error factor from our data collection. We create a time line that can reconstruct every investigators whereabouts at any given time during an investigation making it possible to determine if a "shadow" picture or audio recording might be attributed to a normal source as opposed to a paranormal source.

Investigations consist of one to two hour blocks of data collection taken over a course of time that is most convenient to the client. They do not have to be all at one time or even during the dark of night. Your convenience and comfort will dictate how long, how frequently or how briefly we will conduct the time block data collections.

Follow up

Follow up may consist of many things from our detailing our findings and showing you or evidence to returning for ongoing investigations or instructing you on how to continue the ongoing investigations on your own. This is a customized FREE SERVICE that varies from case to case, as merited by your situation.

G2G group treats every situation as a unique experience. We do not bring preconceived ideas in to your circumstances and try to hammer your private dilemma into a cookie cutter, formulaic horror story for our own gain. Complete privacy is our promise.

Many investigations are PRIVATE and to us that means more than refusing to show you any proof of what happened on them while regaling you with stories of the AWESOME evidence we could show you if ONLY it weren't private. No. Private means just that.

Click on the below file download for the request form.