Haunted Locations in California

Last Updated: August 2004



Any places listed in the Haunted Places requires permission to visit or

investigate. Many of the places are patrolled by the authorities, trespassers will be prosecuted.


Adelaida - Adelaida Cemetery - A ghost wearing a long white nightgown makes her appearance in this old cemetery every Friday night between 10pm and midnight.

This Mennonite ghost lays flowers on the grave on one of her children that died in the Diphtheria epidemic. She may have also committed suicide in her own life.- February 2004 update/correction: was formerly posted under Palo Altos –

It is actually located 20 miles outside of Paso Robles - a ghost researcher visited this cemetery in August 17, 2001 and even though they did not see any ghosts while taking photos, an apparition which may have been "Charlotte" showed up on their film/negative along with another one of a large orb. They had three witnesses with them that particular day and night to verify that there were no one else in that cemetery, except of course, the spirits. we are awaiting the link to the pictures they are referring to, this sounds fascinating.


Agoura - 101 Freeway near Las Virgines Road - Young man killed by drunk driver on that road. Driver was convicted and committed suicide. Accident appears to recreate itself, most strongly on the anniversary of the accident. CHP has had reports of accidents at that area caused by people swerving to miss the white car, although later investigations show that the white car was never there.


Alameda - Kaufman Auditorium - you can hear noises and people have sighted a female ghost walking around backstage.


Alameda - USS Hornet - Many ghosts reported being seen by those who are caretakers of the old aircraft carrier. Ghosts of sailors who perished on board are well documented.


Alameda - Washington Elementary School - Reports when people are alone in there they get cold chills, hear knocking and scratching when no one was around there is a ghosts of a young boy about 13 years old walking the halls at night.


Alhambra - Alhambra high school - a few years ago a girl hung herself on the bridge and at night people hear and see people running around the track at night even though there is nobody there


Alhambra - Phoenix Inn - Its is said that there is a woman figure ghost walks in and out of the kitchen and goes around the tables and watches what people order and sits there and admires what you eat.


Alhambra - Ramona Convent Secondary School - Students have reported seeing a "white nun" roaming the library. Many girls have claimed to have heard the piano in one of the school buildings being played while no one is in the building.

After a student drowned in the school pool stories surfaced of the victim tugging at the swimmers legs.


Alhambra - Ultrazone - Workers have reported hearing whistling in the arena after closing. The arena has also been reported to fill up with fog long after the fog machines have been shut off. The light located near the back exit has been seen to mysteriosly change colors.


Altadena - Angeles National Forest/The Haunted Forest (Cobb Estate) - Screams can be heard from these people, and strange lights can be seen from the flashlights they once carried.


Altadena - Loma Alta street - Gravity Hill - on this hill you are facing downhill and if you stop and you place the car on neutral you will go backwards up the hill. finger prints are reported to be found (According to legend... a girl took her parents car for a wild ride with friends and on this hill lost

control and spun out of control and killed herself and her 3 friends. now they try to push you back up the hill.)


Altadena - Zane Grey Mansion. - owners noticed that the house had very cold spots near the fireplaces, library, kitchen and pantry. The kitchen clock would cease working when certain people entered the kitchen. From time to time you can

hear someone walking across the butler's pantry floor to the formal dining room.



Amboy - Amboy School - The Teacher and students, K-8 , have experienced someone coming in the front door but when looking out into the hall from the classroom, there is no one there. Also, on windless days, the swings out on the back playground would swing on their own. Down in the gym, at night, when students play basketball, items would relocate themselves; a broom, standing against the wall, would be seen standing against another wall. This of course unseen by the students until they looked to see the broom was in a new location. The teacher,

working down in the school at night, on numerous occasions, experienced something watching her and one night has to abandon her lesson preparations and beeline it out of there was said that several Indians working on the nearby railroad (1868) died and that their ghosts roam the town. The school was

closed in 1999.... there is the Amboy Cemetery located down by the tracks with approximately 15 souls buried there. Amboy currently is up for sale.


Anaheim - Anaheim Fairfield Inn By Marriott - This motel is right next to a freeway and it is said to be haunted by a couple that died in a car accident that took place on the freeway.


Anaheim - Anaheim High School - There's a bomb shelter under the school from World War 2. You could here constant banging on the old locked steel door on certain nights usually after football games.


Anaheim - Anaheim High School - Theatre/Auditorium - Voices have been heard in the auditorium and deep laughter in the balcony , erratic footsteps have been heard on the roof.


Anaheim - chain reaction - employees report talking and laughing late at night in back alley and in bathrooms upon investigation no one is there also. A bum was found dead in the back alley and the venue was converted to a club from a Mexican restaurant which was formerly a biker bar where their were many reported



Anaheim - Disneyland - The Disney Gallery - which is above the Pirates of the Caribbean, use to be Walt Disney's in park apartment. Workers have reported that after park closing and in the early morning, they see a figure of a tall man walking around in the Gallery. He is believed to be the spirit of Walt himself. Cold spots are also reported by numerous visitors.


Anaheim - House of Blues - The area behind the mosh pit on the first floor is where the hot spot is. People have been brushed against, touched, and pushed by something, but when they look there is no one there. It happens so casually that you don't even realize it the first time.


Anaheim - Kmart on Euclid - Employees have reported things falling off of shelves after closing. Some report seeing a girl. Her name is supposedly Isa or Isabel.


Anaheim - Performing Arts Building (Formerly a senior home)- Reports of feeling a presence, the feelings of being followed, cold spots, & hearing footsteps & whistles can be experienced on the second floor.


Anaheim - Red Cross House - It is said that it is haunted by the original caretaker. When you get to the room where the children lived you feel a strange presence. In the first room at the entrance if you look at the picture while your going up the stairs you see the eyeballs on the picture of the caretaker

you see them watching you. Also when you go up to the second story people mostly females get pushed at a male if they seem to be a perfect couple.


Anaheim hills - Esperanza High School - whenever on campus, if you look, spit, stand next to a certain teachers door, you are determined to have a bad day, suicidal feelings are common. In 1978 a teacher died in that class room. Rumor

is He was brutally murdered by some other teachers, including the current head football coach. Every so often you hear screams during the day, and pounding in the empty classroom.


Antelope Acres - Rosmond - Burnt down insane asylum - Strange feelings, weird occurrences, burnt rubbish, human remains, human sacrifice materials, and extreme temperature difference from outside.


Anderson - City Hall - The Anderson City Hall used to be a dance hall during the 1800's. An Indian woman and her child were murdered on the site. Workers have heard sounds of dance music and the cries of a child late at night.


Antioch - Black Diamond Mines - These mines are haunted by the White Witch. In life, her name was Mary. She was a nanny in the 1800's when there was still coal mining in the mines. All of the children died of illnesses and she was accused of Witchcraft, then executed. She guards the mines and when people see her, she

is all white.


Antioch - Black Diamond Mines - The Rosehill Cemetery - haunted by Sarah Norton, also known as the "White Witch". She was a midwife and on her way to deliver a baby her carriage fell over and she was crushed. She is seen in the graveyard floating around the tombstones.


Antioch - Black Diamond Mines - Somersville - Sarah Norton - Sarah Norton was a midwife who died on the way to deliver a baby when her carriage over turned and killed her. Sarah was not a religious woman and told her kids that she did not want a funeral. So when she died the town s people of Somersville wanted to give her a funeral. The first time they went to give her a funeral a fierce storm struck up and cause the towns people to delay the funeral till the next day, the next time they tried to give her a funeral another storm came out of no where and the live stock started charging thru town, at that point the towns people stopped trying to give her a funeral and just brought her to Rosehill Cemetery, From that day her sprit has been seen around Somersville and the other locations

where the mining towns use to be know as The Black Diamond Mines in eastern Contra Costa County and other locations off of marsh creek rd. Her ghost has

been known to be called the White Witch.


Antioch - Brentwood - Gravity Hill - In the 1950's a school bus was driving kids home from a field trip. It skidded into a wash and all the kids drowned. If you go there, put your car in neutral around the turn, you get pushed up the hill.

It's supposedly by the kids who died in the bus crash and they want to keep you from the same fate.


Antioch - Empire Mine Road - Gates of Hell - Fair warning - no trespassing you will get fined or arrested. Possibly torn down - In the middle of Empire Mine road, there is a Stuckko wall with a bunch of spray paint on it. If you like to take hikes, this is the place to go. There is a rumor of an old Insane Asylum at

the very end of this road. You will come to another gate then behind their lies this old decrepit Structure of a hospital. Many people were killed brutally in this place, and it is VERY haunted by not so nice spirits. Things have been thrown at people, they have been pushed and screams have been heard from the people being tortured by themselves or another. - October 2003 update: Reports of it being a golf course now.


Antioch - Empire Mine Road - Rail Road Mine - Fair warning - no trespassing you will get fined or arrested. Possibly torn down - At the end of Empire mine road, there is an old railroad track tunnel that is pretty spooky inside. There are bats inside it and you can hear voices at the end of the tunnel.


Antioch - Empire Mine Road - Slaughterhouse -Fair warning - no trespassing you will get fined or arrested. - An old slaughterhouse stands in the corner of the road after the first bend. It is haunted by an old man who walks the grounds and

makes sure that everything is ok, and that no one gets hurt while there. Strange noises are heard inside the first building where they chopped up the meat. Clanking inside of the circle figured tubes towards the back of the property. Chains clank all around and you can hear footsteps behind you like someone is

watching over you. Just remember to watch your step!


Antioch - St. James Presbyterian Church - This old church, located on Leland Avenue in San Francisco has a history of hauntings. Late at night, footsteps can be heard walking up the stairs, doors shut, etc. Also, on more than one occasion, late at night, doors that normally open easily will be impossible to

open, as if a ton of bricks is on the other side of the door. Later, the doors will be found wide open.


Antioch - Vasco road - you can hear people if you get out of your car running around. breathing and invisible people is also reported. if you don’t feel like getting out of your car, it is scary just to drive through in the dark.


Apple Valley - The Neurology Rehab Clinic - Used to be the old Apple Valley Inn. Reported to have 3 ghosts, The man hung himself, one woman was murdered and no one really knows what happened to the third one. She is always dressed in white

and is seen only at a certain part of the old building. The man is sometimes seen walking across the parking lot, but then he disappears. None of the ghosts are harmful. The rehab center is now a private school for the mentally challenged. And there is a soil company there and an old barbershop.


Apple Valley - Jicarilla Rd. - Witnesses have seen a shape of a man run across the street super fast and it starts chasing you then it disappears at a certain point.


Arcadia - First Avenue Middle School - The school used to have a pool, but someone drowned in it and they covered it over. Teachers said they've heard footsteps at night through the halls, even after they've set the alarm, and if anyone was in the halls the alarm would go off. Loud banging on the lockers and girl's locker room doors have also been heard, and water goes on and off by itself, the toilets also flush by themselves. Lockers with locks on them are closed one minute and open the next even when there's no one else in the room. Some students have seen a figure of a little boy wondering through the halls

late at night with a "green glow" to him.


Arcata - Humboldt Brewery - The original proprietor of the building (and several others nearby) is known to haunt the pub and periodically cause it to be known. Employees report moving furniture, dishes etc. during their shifts and the ghost

is well known to established patrons.


Armagosa - Armagosa hotel and opera house - haunted by several ghosts who were residents during the borax mining. The hotel workers have pictures of orbs and many stories as well as some documentaries have been filmed on the hauntings.


Arroyo Garnde - Rose Victorian Inn - The Tower Room - Although it is no longer a hotel, but a wedding/special events business, the building is still the same. The tower room of this three-story pink mansion is thought to be inhabited by the ghost of a 9-year-old girl named Alice. She has been spotted on more than

one occasion and guests of the inn have heard the girl laughing, according to Ghosts of the Haunted Coast, by Richard L. Senate. In his book, Senate said that a psychic was taken to the inn, not knowing of the rumored ghost, and spotted her as she walked up the staircase. She said the girl had pigtails and was

wearing a long dress with a small apron. Apparently the ghost likes cats.. The owners told the psychic later that they had discovered a number of cats sleeping near the window in the tower.


Arroyo Grande - Rose Victorian Inn - The nursery - It is said that a young girl "Alice" haunts the old children's nursery in the Inn. Some say she died of pneumonia, others say that she died of allergies to bee stings, because when they tore down a wall in one of the bedrooms there was a bee hive covering the

whole wall. One eyewitness and Neighbor to the Inn for the last 20 years said she saw birds vortexing into the chimney. They say Alice is friendly and loved cats, they often find cats rest in the windowsill of the Nursery.


Artesia - The Red House - a couple that where to be wed had a fight and the bride was pushed down the stairs to her death. It is said that if you walk past her grave you will se her floating around.


Atwater - Castle Air Museum - Formerly part of Castle Air Force Base, it houses one of the nation's largest collections of aircraft. One particular craft, an old B-29, is said to be haunted by a former crewmember who died when a bomb exploded in the aircraft while on a mission. He's said to turn the landing

lights on and off and is known to make the propellers turn, though they are locked into place. Don't worry, he's friendly.


Azusa - Railroad Overpass Bridge - Haunted by a transient and his dog seen walking the tracks at night. Adelaida - Adelaida Cemetery - A ghost wearing a long white nightgown makes her appearance in this old cemetery every Friday night between 10pm and midnight.

This Mennonite ghost lays flowers on the grave on one of her children that died in the Diphtheria epidemic. She may have also committed suicide in her own life.- February 2004 update/correction: was formerly posted under Palo Altos –

It is actually located 20 miles outside of Paso Robles - a ghost researcher visited this cemetery in August 17, 2001 and even though they did not see any ghosts while taking photos, an apparition which may have been "Charlotte" showed up on their film/negative along with another one of a large orb. They had three witnesses with them that particular day and night to verify that there were no one else in that cemetery, except of course, the spirits. we are awaiting the link to the pictures they are referring to, this sounds fascinating.


Agoura - 101 Freeway near Las Virgines Road - Young man killed by drunk driver on that road. Driver was convicted and committed suicide. Accident appears to recreate itself, most strongly on the anniversary of the accident. CHP has had reports of accidents at that area caused by people swerving to miss the white car, although later investigations show that the white car was never there.


Alameda - Kaufman Auditorium - you can hear noises and people have sighted a female ghost walking around backstage.


Alameda - USS Hornet - Many ghosts reported being seen by those who are caretakers of the old aircraft carrier. Ghosts of sailors who perished on board are well documented.


Alameda - Washington Elementary School - Reports when people are alone in there they get cold chills, hear knocking and scratching when no one was around there is a ghosts of a young boy about 13 years old walking the halls at night.


Alhambra - Alhambra high school - a few years ago a girl hung herself on the bridge and at night people hear and see people running around the track at night even though there is nobody there


Alhambra - Phoenix Inn - Its is said that there is a woman figure ghost walks in and out of the kitchen and goes around the tables and watches what people order and sits there and admires what you eat.


Alhambra - Ramona Convent Secondary School - Students have reported seeing a "white nun" roaming the library. Many girls have claimed to have heard the piano in one of the school buildings being played while no one is in the building.

After a student drowned in the school pool stories surfaced of the victim tugging at the swimmers legs.


Alhambra - Ultrazone - Workers have reported hearing whistling in the arena after closing. The arena has also been reported to fill up with fog long after the fog machines have been shut off. The light located near the back exit has been seen to mysteriosly change colors.


Altadena - Angeles National Forest/The Haunted Forest (Cobb Estate) - Screams can be heard from these people, and strange lights can be seen from the flashlights they once carried.


Altadena - Loma Alta street - Gravity Hill - on this hill you are facing downhill and if you stop and you place the car on neutral you will go backwards up the hill. finger prints are reported to be found (According to legend... a girl took her parents car for a wild ride with friends and on this hill lost

control and spun out of control and killed herself and her 3 friends. now they try to push you back up the hill.)


Altadena - Zane Grey Mansion. - owners noticed that the house had very cold spots near the fireplaces, library, kitchen and pantry. The kitchen clock would cease working when certain people entered the kitchen. From time to time you can

hear someone walking across the butler's pantry floor to the formal dining room.



Amboy - Amboy School - The Teacher and students, K-8 , have experienced someone coming in the front door but when looking out into the hall from the classroom, there is no one there. Also, on windless days, the swings out on the back playground would swing on their own. Down in the gym, at night, when students play basketball, items would relocate themselves; a broom, standing against the wall, would be seen standing against another wall. This of course unseen by the students until they looked to see the broom was in a new location. The teacher,

working down in the school at night, on numerous occasions, experienced something watching her and one night has to abandon her lesson preparations and beeline it out of there was said that several Indians working on the nearby railroad (1868) died and that their ghosts roam the town. The school was

closed in 1999.... there is the Amboy Cemetery located down by the tracks with approximately 15 souls buried there. Amboy currently is up for sale.


Anaheim - Anaheim Fairfield Inn By Marriott - This motel is right next to a freeway and it is said to be haunted by a couple that died in a car accident that took place on the freeway.


Anaheim - Anaheim High School - There's a bomb shelter under the school from World War 2. You could here constant banging on the old locked steel door on certain nights usually after football games.


Anaheim - Anaheim High School - Theatre/Auditorium - Voices have been heard in the auditorium and deep laughter in the balcony , erratic footsteps have been heard on the roof.


Anaheim - chain reaction - employees report talking and laughing late at night in back alley and in bathrooms upon investigation no one is there also. A bum was found dead in the back alley and the venue was converted to a club from a Mexican restaurant which was formerly a biker bar where their were many reported



Anaheim - Disneyland - The Disney Gallery - which is above the Pirates of the Caribbean, use to be Walt Disney's in park apartment. Workers have reported that after park closing and in the early morning, they see a figure of a tall man walking around in the Gallery. He is believed to be the spirit of Walt himself. Cold spots are also reported by numerous visitors.


Anaheim - House of Blues - The area behind the mosh pit on the first floor is where the hot spot is. People have been brushed against, touched, and pushed by something, but when they look there is no one there. It happens so casually that you don't even realize it the first time.


Anaheim - Kmart on Euclid - Employees have reported things falling off of shelves after closing. Some report seeing a girl. Her name is supposedly Isa or Isabel.


Anaheim - Performing Arts Building (Formerly a senior home)- Reports of feeling a presence, the feelings of being followed, cold spots, & hearing footsteps & whistles can be experienced on the second floor.


Anaheim - Red Cross House - It is said that it is haunted by the original caretaker. When you get to the room where the children lived you feel a strange presence. In the first room at the entrance if you look at the picture while your going up the stairs you see the eyeballs on the picture of the caretaker

you see them watching you. Also when you go up to the second story people mostly females get pushed at a male if they seem to be a perfect couple.


Anaheim hills - Esperanza High School - whenever on campus, if you look, spit, stand next to a certain teachers door, you are determined to have a bad day, suicidal feelings are common. In 1978 a teacher died in that class room. Rumor

is He was brutally murdered by some other teachers, including the current head football coach. Every so often you hear screams during the day, and pounding in the empty classroom.


Antelope Acres - Rosmond - Burnt down insane asylum - Strange feelings, weird occurrences, burnt rubbish, human remains, human sacrifice materials, and extreme temperature difference from outside.


Anderson - City Hall - The Anderson City Hall used to be a dance hall during the 1800's. An Indian woman and her child were murdered on the site. Workers have heard sounds of dance music and the cries of a child late at night.


Antioch - Black Diamond Mines - These mines are haunted by the White Witch. In life, her name was Mary. She was a nanny in the 1800's when there was still coal mining in the mines. All of the children died of illnesses and she was accused of Witchcraft, then executed. She guards the mines and when people see her, she

is all white.


Antioch - Black Diamond Mines - The Rosehill Cemetery - haunted by Sarah Norton, also known as the "White Witch". She was a midwife and on her way to deliver a baby her carriage fell over and she was crushed. She is seen in the graveyard floating around the tombstones.


Antioch - Black Diamond Mines - Somersville - Sarah Norton - Sarah Norton was a midwife who died on the way to deliver a baby when her carriage over turned and killed her. Sarah was not a religious woman and told her kids that she did not want a funeral. So when she died the town s people of Somersville wanted to give her a funeral. The first time they went to give her a funeral a fierce storm struck up and cause the towns people to delay the funeral till the next day, the next time they tried to give her a funeral another storm came out of no where and the live stock started charging thru town, at that point the towns people stopped trying to give her a funeral and just brought her to Rosehill Cemetery, From that day her sprit has been seen around Somersville and the other locations

where the mining towns use to be know as The Black Diamond Mines in eastern Contra Costa County and other locations off of marsh creek rd. Her ghost has

been known to be called the White Witch.


Antioch - Brentwood - Gravity Hill - In the 1950's a school bus was driving kids home from a field trip. It skidded into a wash and all the kids drowned. If you go there, put your car in neutral around the turn, you get pushed up the hill.

It's supposedly by the kids who died in the bus crash and they want to keep you from the same fate.


Antioch - Empire Mine Road - Gates of Hell - Fair warning - no trespassing you will get fined or arrested. Possibly torn down - In the middle of Empire Mine road, there is a Stuckko wall with a bunch of spray paint on it. If you like to take hikes, this is the place to go. There is a rumor of an old Insane Asylum at

the very end of this road. You will come to another gate then behind their lies this old decrepit Structure of a hospital. Many people were killed brutally in this place, and it is VERY haunted by not so nice spirits. Things have been thrown at people, they have been pushed and screams have been heard from the people being tortured by themselves or another. - October 2003 update: Reports of it being a golf course now.


Antioch - Empire Mine Road - Rail Road Mine - Fair warning - no trespassing you will get fined or arrested. Possibly torn down - At the end of Empire mine road, there is an old railroad track tunnel that is pretty spooky inside. There are bats inside it and you can hear voices at the end of the tunnel.


Antioch - Empire Mine Road - Slaughterhouse -Fair warning - no trespassing you will get fined or arrested. - An old slaughterhouse stands in the corner of the road after the first bend. It is haunted by an old man who walks the grounds and

makes sure that everything is ok, and that no one gets hurt while there. Strange noises are heard inside the first building where they chopped up the meat. Clanking inside of the circle figured tubes towards the back of the property. Chains clank all around and you can hear footsteps behind you like someone is

watching over you. Just remember to watch your step!


Antioch - St. James Presbyterian Church - This old church, located on Leland Avenue in San Francisco has a history of hauntings. Late at night, footsteps can be heard walking up the stairs, doors shut, etc. Also, on more than one occasion, late at night, doors that normally open easily will be impossible to

open, as if a ton of bricks is on the other side of the door. Later, the doors will be found wide open.


Antioch - Vasco road - you can hear people if you get out of your car running around. breathing and invisible people is also reported. if you don’t feel like getting out of your car, it is scary just to drive through in the dark.


Apple Valley - The Neurology Rehab Clinic - Used to be the old Apple Valley Inn. Reported to have 3 ghosts, The man hung himself, one woman was murdered and no one really knows what happened to the third one. She is always dressed in white

and is seen only at a certain part of the old building. The man is sometimes seen walking across the parking lot, but then he disappears. None of the ghosts are harmful. The rehab center is now a private school for the mentally challenged. And there is a soil company there and an old barbershop.


Apple Valley - Jicarilla Rd. - Witnesses have seen a shape of a man run across the street super fast and it starts chasing you then it disappears at a certain point.


Arcadia - First Avenue Middle School - The school used to have a pool, but someone drowned in it and they covered it over. Teachers said they've heard footsteps at night through the halls, even after they've set the alarm, and if anyone was in the halls the alarm would go off. Loud banging on the lockers and girl's locker room doors have also been heard, and water goes on and off by itself, the toilets also flush by themselves. Lockers with locks on them are closed one minute and open the next even when there's no one else in the room. Some students have seen a figure of a little boy wondering through the halls

late at night with a "green glow" to him.


Arcata - Humboldt Brewery - The original proprietor of the building (and several others nearby) is known to haunt the pub and periodically cause it to be known. Employees report moving furniture, dishes etc. during their shifts and the ghost

is well known to established patrons.


Armagosa - Armagosa hotel and opera house - haunted by several ghosts who were residents during the borax mining. The hotel workers have pictures of orbs and many stories as well as some documentaries have been filmed on the hauntings.


Arroyo Garnde - Rose Victorian Inn - The Tower Room - Although it is no longer a hotel, but a wedding/special events business, the building is still the same. The tower room of this three-story pink mansion is thought to be inhabited by the ghost of a 9-year-old girl named Alice. She has been spotted on more than

one occasion and guests of the inn have heard the girl laughing, according to Ghosts of the Haunted Coast, by Richard L. Senate. In his book, Senate said that a psychic was taken to the inn, not knowing of the rumored ghost, and spotted her as she walked up the staircase. She said the girl had pigtails and was

wearing a long dress with a small apron. Apparently the ghost likes cats.. The owners told the psychic later that they had discovered a number of cats sleeping near the window in the tower.


Arroyo Grande - Rose Victorian Inn - The nursery - It is said that a young girl "Alice" haunts the old children's nursery in the Inn. Some say she died of pneumonia, others say that she died of allergies to bee stings, because when they tore down a wall in one of the bedrooms there was a bee hive covering the

whole wall. One eyewitness and Neighbor to the Inn for the last 20 years said she saw birds vortexing into the chimney. They say Alice is friendly and loved cats, they often find cats rest in the windowsill of the Nursery.


Artesia - The Red House - a couple that where to be wed had a fight and the bride was pushed down the stairs to her death. It is said that if you walk past her grave you will se her floating around.


Atwater - Castle Air Museum - Formerly part of Castle Air Force Base, it houses one of the nation's largest collections of aircraft. One particular craft, an old B-29, is said to be haunted by a former crewmember who died when a bomb exploded in the aircraft while on a mission. He's said to turn the landing

lights on and off and is known to make the propellers turn, though they are locked into place. Don't worry, he's friendly.


Azusa - Railroad Overpass Bridge - Haunted by a transient and his dog seen walking the tracks at night.


Bakersfield - Bakersfield Californian Newspaper Building - This old building is haunted by a few ghosts. A German Shepard Dog who can be seen, waiting patiently for his master to come and pick him up. An old security guard who can sometimes be seen in the lunchroom. Finally, the former editor of the Californian can be seen walking through the hallways of the building.


Bakersfield - Bakersfield High School - Reports of apparitions of a young couple, they look to be 16 to 18 years old. The girl is wearing a prom dress and the guy is wearing a football jacket with "BHS" embroidered on the back. The area has a strange chill to it, and a feeling of being watched. Where they are seen is up near the top of the bleachers.


Bakersfield - Bakersfield High School - Harvey Auditorium - Supposedly, while they were building Harvey Auditorium, a worker fell from the rafters all the way into the basement. They say that the Auditorium is haunted by his ghost, as well as some others.


Bakersfield - Bakersfield High School - the Quad - The Quad is supposed to be very haunted. There used to be a hospital on the grounds of BHS and they would bury body parts from the operations in the area of the quad.


Bakersfield - Central Park - A lady with the flowing robe seen wafting along the

canal at dawn. A lifelong resident of this city was told the ghost belongs to a woman believed murdered. Her bones were found buried in the old foundry across from the park. The bones, discovered when the foundry's floor was torn up, had bullet holes in them.


Bakersfield - Club Paradise - Reports of apparitions, locked employees in the storeroom from the inside, pushed people in the bar room hallway, grabbed,groped customers, objects move.


Bakersfield - East Bakersfield High School (auditorium) - it is believed that years ago a janitor stayed after hours to fix some lights up on the ceiling, he fell of the ladder and broke his neck. if you go really early in the morning

before school you can sometimes hear someone hammering something or something fall instantly.


Bakersfield - Garces Circle - People have reported that right before a major car accident at the circle (there's been quite a few) people can either see the hands of the statue moving or they hear him muttering in prayer for them.


Bakersfield - Highland High school Theater - Westley Anderson Hall - There is a spirit of an older man that likes to play tricks on people. He will turn the

stage lights off when people are on the stage but never during a performance where he just sits and observes. He also likes to whispers in peoples ears and rummage through the costumes in the costume loft. Also reported the figure of a 16/17 year old girl walking around the stage dressed in a '50s style outfit.


Bakersfield - Melodrama Musical Theatre - The theatre is located at the northern most end of the city in an area called Oildale, a community grown out of the oil industry. The building was constructed in the early 1970's, originally as a toy store. The owner went bankrupt around 1975, and having lost everything he owned trying to keep his business afloat in this impoverished area, closed the doors for a final time. Haunted by Harry. He has been felt passing people in the stairwell. He has been seen breaking mirrors. His apparition seen crossing the stage during performances. Also, the women's dressing room seems to have strange occurrences: the sequin dresses on the clothes racks "rattle" on their own violation, and shadows can be seen where no one is standing.


Bakersfield - Norris School built in 1882 - now Kern County Museum - Witnesses report hearing the tapping of chalk on the chalkboard, but saw nothing.


Bakersfield - The Padre Hotel - one of the city's landmark buildings is so haunted you can feel it the moment you walk thru the foyer doors. You should contact the owner for specific details. - March 2004 update: they might tear it

down but as of now they are just remodeling to open up a new building there.


Bakersfield - Pioneer Village - Reportedly, someone witnessed a ghostly birthday party in the Weill house. Others have seen children in front of the 1882 Norris

School Building.


Baldwin Park - Baldwin Park High - Early in the morning strange sounds can be heard in the basketball gym. Also footsteps and thumping noises can be heard behind the stage. It is said to be the ghost of Gary Cooper.


Banning - Payless Shoe Source - There are reports of a little boy that appears in the break room at the back of the store. Legend says that the little boy came into the store with his mother and wanted a pair of shoes really bad. His mother didn't buy it for him and he was quite upset. Ran out the store and was hit by a car. This store has not kept employees for long because each time a new employee sees the apparition, they just quit without telling anyone. It is said that the

boy appears right before the store opens and right before it closes at night.


Banta (Tracy) - The Banta Inn - Haunted by the former owner who died of a heart attack behind the bar in 1967. He likes to knock things off walls, stack the coins inside the cash register, open and close doors.


Bay Point - Riverview Middle School - A jogger reported a hanging kid after running a few laps. He told officers that a kid was hanging from the basketball hoop. He said he saw it from the top right corner on the bleachers.Officers say

that the kids name was ryan that hung himself in 1978 when the school was once a highscool(pacifica high).more reports of the hanging kid from other students who walk home late at night.


Beaumont - Sunnyslope Cemetery - There are various types of encounters. Some are cold spots, noises, and eerie eelings, also sometimes you can feel a hand touch you. The cemetery is not visited heavily and sometimes when alone you can see a groundskeeper walking around. However when you try to approach him, he walks into one of the sheds and isappears. When you approach the shed, the door is open and you can knock or call out and you get no response. On one occasion 2 witnesses to this stepped inside to find nobody there. Also, if going at night be sure to go in groups, the residents see to be more forward then. The cemetery

is located at the south end of Pennsylvania street, past the railroad tracks. - As we always state, please have respect for the cemeteries, and the families that visit them, check with local authorities for permission before



Bell Gardens - Bell Gardens Park - In 1972 their was a men with a little girl at 12 at night and the guy kill her and took her head out and he dig a hole by the baseball field and he put it their.


Bell Gardens - John Anson Ford Park - the small forest - Sometime between 1972 & 1973, two boys from Cudahy were killed in the park. Apparently, they had gone night fishing at the pond that was located in the park and were murdered by someone who was never caught. They were found in the morning by the pond with their throats slashed. It was told by word of mouth and in the newspapers that is was a grisly scene straight out of hell. It could be the ghosts of the two boys that haunt the park. By the way, this park is located right next to Suva Intermediate School in Bell Gardens you can hear distorted voices of people when no one is around, if you go there at night around 9 to 4 in the morning you will be followed by glowing balls of light, and fog, and they flicker different colors, and then you will be followed and hear footsteps and some people go

because they do not believe in it, and they experience it for themselves that after the situation they call the local police and report being harassed by an unseen assailant, it has been reported that a little kid with spiky hair and

blue eyes is always there at night, and is very friendly, but when you try to approach him he disappears.


Bell Gardens - Suva Elementary School - People have reported there names being called in one of the bathrooms, also they say you can see a little girl riding on one swing always the same one once a person got thrown off the swing and crashed in the fence behind him.


Bell Gardens - Suva Intermediate - A janitor committed suicide on the third floor of the big building he has been see roaming the school and mostly the top floor.


Bellflower - Bellflower High School - Theater - A girl killed herself because her boyfriend broke up with her and she didn't make the play she tried out for. She hung herself over the stage. A prop phone would ring when unplugged. When students are rehearsing spotlights would flicker on and off. When the radio would be unplugged it would turn on, but the station would be changed.


Bellflower - Kmart - A woman has been seen on several occasions in the stockroom areas. She always appears to be working. As of this date she has not been identified.


Bellflower - St. John Bosco High School - A boy named Tyler was a student in the 1960's, and he was kicked out of Bosco for personal reasons. He later then died of a drug overdose. It is said that he roams the campus (mainly the senior square) searching for a senior whom he can borrow a lighter from.


Belmont - Waterdog Lake - One day a little boy was walking up on Waterdog, alone, unprotected. He never returned home. People say the ghost of Waterdog killed him, others say the ghost is bogus. When they go on Waterdog to prove

it...they don't return either. Now people say they here screams & gun shots, they don't return


Benicia - Benicia Old Town Theater/ Portuguese Hall - Reports of footsteps on the back stairs, a ball of fire that flies around, lights flashing, cold spots, & an apparition of an old woman.


Benicia - Captain Blythers - This is a very old home now a restaurant. The former owners have had picture jump off of the walls and alarms go off. The

town's police have even experienced this happening.


Benicia - The Union Hotel - During the 1800's, a young woman hanged herself in one of the rooms of this hotel. To this day, people report seeing her apparition in the window that faces the street. Other guests claim to see lights going on and off and someone talking or crying when no one is around.


Berkeley - Faculty Club - room 219 is haunted by a ghost of an elderly man.


Beverly Hills - Barrymore Estate - ghosts of John, Lionel and Ethyl haunted the estate.


Beverly Hills - Doheny Mansion - Night-shift groundskeepers will not stay employed, due to sounds, and screams inside the house. There are some sections that are gated and padlocked that have not been kept up in the home due to this.



Beverly Hills - Pickfair Mansion - According to the previous owners, there were at least two other ghosts who haunted the place as well. In the beautiful entry way was often seen a ghost who was thought to be Douglas Fairbanks.


Bloomington - Bloomington High School - Rumors that Late at night in the Auditorium, Screams, footsteps can be heard. Also that Janitors would get pushed down stairs Unexpectedly. The story behind this is that a Drama Teacher working alone(supposedly) fell into the pit area and died(a mere 5 feet drop). Police said it was accidental. But her wrist's were broken, indicated she'd been pushed. The Auditorium is now dedicated to that Drama Teacher.


Bloomington - Green Acres Cemetery- Its been reported that on Halloween every year there is said to be blood on the table found between the three marble chairs in the southeast part of the cemetery.


Bodie - Bodie State Park - Reports of walking up and down stairs in any building there. Curse on Bodie if anyone takes anything as a souvenir.


Bodega Bay - - Reports of a Vortex here, strange unexplainable things happen to people as well as animals.


Boulder Creek - Brookdale Lodge - A girl in a formal dress runs across the lobby, then disappears into thin air. In an empty Mermaid Room, voices and music are softly heard. Hidden rooms and secret passages are mysterious vestiges of

Brookdale Lodge's rich past.


Boyle Heights - Linda Vista Community Hospital - It is an abandon hospital there is green light that is always on. the reason they shut down the hospital was because the doctors would kill their patients and there is a very strong order that comes from the 3rd floor.


Brea - Breas Best - Employees have reported that during late hours, frozen food would get launched across the kitchen. After about 15 minutes, a loud laughter would come about scaring the employees. One night, the refrigerator door flew open and someone or something threw out all the food on to the floor and also weird shadows were seen on the walls.


Brea - Brea Olinda High School - Performing Arts Center - one student had been sweeping under the seats and by the time she had finished a row the two end seats would be down, and this happened in every row. Also one student said when she had been there late one night with only 3 other students that there had been a figure of a man standing on the stage staring at them. Many strange noises come about also during the later parts of the night, especially after a rehearsal or performance.


Brea Canyon Road - Diamond Bar - Since the road is very dark at least 4 deaths are known of. You can see two crosses next to each other, if you go further there is another cross, and as you continue you see a tombstone. The 3 crosses were of people that died there from car accidents because it's so dark and the tombstone. It is said that at night you can see hikers trying to get a ride. When you look back they are gone. Another freaky thing is that there are many cars that have been on the side for who knows how long. They appeared to have been broken down there for a while. And if you stop by the crosses there is a spine tingling feeling that makes you want to scream.


Brentwood - Mount Saint Mary's - Brady Hall - there have been students "oppressed" by spirits. Doors open by themselves. With a whole English class present, the poem "the Living Hand" was being read. During the poem, the door

open and then slammed. The teacher checked and no one was there. The doors are designed so that you have to turn the knob to open them and they are difficult to slam.


Brentwood - Mount Saint Mary's - Carondelet dormitory - there are nuns seen walking and doors open mysteriously.


Brookdale - Brookdale Lodge/Brook Room - There is the story of a little girl who drowned in the brook that runs through the restaurant. She comes back to the Brookedale Lodge and sits by the fireplace in the lounge and roams the grounds.

A wonderful place to dine and stay, mysterious, but friendly and beautiful. (near Santa Cruz, Felton area)


Buena Park - Knott's Berry Farm - Many employees have claimed to have heard noises and cries inside the "Peanuts Playhouse" in Camp Snoopy. The employees feel chills on their arms and shoulders and upstairs they hear voices and

someone following them. Also claim to have lights go on and off, even when the power is off. Also the "kingdom of the Dinosaurs " ride is claimed to be haunted by a former male maintenance employee who fell to his death in a fire many years ago and a young boy is seen in several areas of the attraction, especially the ice-age area, many employees are afraid to be in position there.


Buena Park - Knott's Berry Farm - Virginia's Gift Shop - While up on the 2nd floor (employee break Room),noises, cold air and breezes, and closet doors opening up by themselves.


Burbank - Woodbury University - This previous monastery is now a college. Mother Cabrini now haunts the campus. She was once one of the nuns that resided here.Her face is even sculpted into one of the buildings. The bell in the bell tower has been known to ring late in the night.


Burney - Black Ranch Road. - A little girl dressed in white will walk in front of a moving car if the driver has been drinking. Bartle House - roof glows green at night (check with the local fire department, they have responded to numerous calls of the house being on fire), cabinet doors open by themselves, lights and heaters turn on, figure of Mr. Bartle is seen in the hallway.


Byron - Hot Springs Hotel - This hotel is located on the right hand side of the road about a quarter of a mile back down a long drive way. There is an old orange hotel from the late 1800's that remains are still intact. Legend says

that this place is haunted by many who lost their lives in there. So far all that has been seen is an old man wearing white rags, and a young boy who runs up and down the halls. dragging noises have been heard on the first floor towards

the main entrance. Dark shadows were seen from a distance and then disappeared after seen. Very active spots. You could tell this wasn’t a happy house.


Calabasas - Leonis Adobe - an old house/ranch from the1800's is said to be

haunted by the original owner/builder of the house.


Calavares County - Murphys - Murphys Historical Hotel - Instant feeling of

something different there as soon as you walk in. It is said that a bookkeeper

was shot and thrown over the balcony. the ghost is still there and roams the

second floor. Feelings of being watched, and feeling a presence.


Calico ghost town - Calico mines - Behind the actual "ghost town" the pitted

landscape of tunnels and pits, there is a small road that ends at an open area.

On the Winter solstice (Dec 21 or 22 depending on the year} a bizarre collection

of ghosts, animal and human act out what seems to be a ritual of some kind.

First a slowly moving bear crosses the length of the open area, to seemingly

clear the stage for the others to come.


Calexico - Calexico High School - At night there are noises heard, and things

seen. People have reported to see a girl walk around at different hours of the

night. A group of teachers reported to have seen her at a pep rally in the 80's

at the football field. Another claim was made by construction workers who were

building the new gym, they saw a girl walking to the football field early in the

morning, when they called out to her it was as if she didn’t hear them. Other

encounters are doors slamming, windows shutting, lights flickering and turning

off. The story is of a girl who was killed in a car accident coming back from an

away football game, she was a cheerleader and now apparently it is said that it

is her that haunts the school.


Calexico - El Charro - Old burned down restaurant. Ghostly apparitions have been



Camarillo - Old Camarillo State Hospital - now Channel Islands University This

large enclave of buildings in Camarillo is now a university, but were originally

built in the 1920s as a state mental hospital. They changed over to a school in

the mid 90s. There have been many stories of ghosts over the years of all kinds

due to the fact that patients previously lived and died there. Some of the

buildings are in the process of being turned into dorms and some students have

experienced all kinds of unexplained events. The sounds of children's voices at

the children's center, by the Bell tower an old woman walking and asking for

directions to the chapel and old woman wearing white wondering the hallways in

the daytime. In the restrooms the voice of someone saying, "SSSHHHHH" in parking

lot A figure that looks like a man spinning around until it disappears near one

of the street lights. objects seen with the corner of the eye and then when

people turn they disappear. Many people have had encounters with ghost at this

site, during the day and at night the ghost don't have a preferred time. Some

complaints from students and staff are headaches, nausea, feeling of being

watched, feeling unsafe, threatened, and extreme tiredness. Also, there have

been numerous sightings of at least a dozen different entities in the Bell

Tower, Police Station region. (Currently, only very few buildings at the site

are used- most are abandoned.) Entities seen range from a beautiful woman in

white who wanders both night and day in the hallways in and around the Bell

Tower, a man by the bus stop, and a rather nervous entity in one of the women's

restrooms in the Bell Tower who not only chatters but makes some kind of

rustling sound.


Cameron Park - Bass Lake Road - girl in white gown near the reservoir at the

bend where the water sometimes over flows onto the road.


Camp Pendleton - 41 Area - Second story room in one of the barracks is haunted

by the ghost of a Marine. He shot himself after finding out his fiancé left him.

The ghost moves furniture, hums the song to "Jeopardy", and has struck another

Marine sleeping in the room. People in the room feel the ghost is there watching



Campbell - Securitas Security - Feeling of not being alone in the building after

hours. Out of the corner of your eyes at night, you see something run down the

hall and around the corner. Sometimes in the hallway where you see the figure,

you get major chills and your hair stands on end. Also you can hear doors

slamming in different areas of the first floor after it been closed.


Canoga Park - A Jack in The Box on Topanga Cyn, - Numerous sightings of a man

standing at the drive through window, wearing all red, the milkshake machines

turning on for no reason, and furniture in the dinning area moving by themselves

at night and the frozen food on the floor.


Canoga Park - Canoga High School - Reports of a ghost who messes with the lights

and audience.


Canyon Lake - The Condos on Indian Beach - The sinks in every bathroom would

turn on by themselves at the same time. Also when in the shower, sometimes the

shower curtain would open up.


Capitola - The Capitola Theater - Reports of hearing voices and all kinds of

racket going on in the theater as if there were a theater-going crowd.


Capitola - Soquel Drive - This old house marked "20" on the entrance is

extremely haunted. There are lots of active orbs and sounds being heard inside

of the house while venturing around the exterior of. Upon getting inside of the

house things had been moved after going from room to room and noises heard in

down below quarters of the house. On the balcony there is a ghost of an old man

who stands on the balcony and guards the home from the 3rd story. The only way

into this place was to climb.


Carmel - Blue Sky Lodge - The upper suites, very cold at night and feeling very

uneasy in the master bedroom of the two bedrooms.


Carlsbad - Plaza Cinema 4 - In theater 3 a female usher was scared out by a

rolling trashcan rolling up the hall way while cleaning. The girl also heard a

name being whispered in the theater. when she came out to see if it was another

employee doing the whispering everyone else was busy. She then started crying

and then quit the next day. In theater 4 (the big theater) an usher was cleaning

the theater when a large piece of ceiling almost hit him and fell a couple feet

from him.


Carson - Alameda/Wilmington Blvd. - A Spirit of a man who is dressed in the

style of the 1800's has been seen in the area of Alameda and Wilmington/Del Amo

Blvd. It has been rumored that when the Dominguez Ranch house was used as a

Stage Coach stop over after the Civil War, the man was beaten and killed on that

area where those streets connect.


Carson - Carson High School - at the track field at midnight you can see a boy

running around the track and if you get close to it, it’ll disappear.. or right

before the sun comes up it’ll disappear.


Carson - Del Amo Blvd. and Wilmington Blvd. -haunted by a man who had been

hanged and robbed. It's also been told that he's dressed in the style of the

19th century.


Carson - Dominguez Ranch House - The Rancho Dominguez Adobe Ranch House is now a

museum. This house was one time used as a stop over for people coming to the San

Pedro seaport to Los Angeles back in the late 1800's. The site of the house is

also know as "the battle of Rancho Dominguez" of the Mexican-American War back

in the 1840's. Rumor has is that you can see "orbs" or flashes of small lights

moving very quickly around the park site late at night where the house sits.

Also rumor has it that a man was beaten and robbed and left to die just about

100 yards from where this historical and supposedly "haunted" site is located.

The ghost of the man is rumored to be a "guest" that stayed at the house when it

was used as a stop over for travelers.


Carson - NW corner of Pacific St. and Banning Blvd. - a man that was stabbed to

death around his mobile home, is said to be seen walking around between 10:00 &

before midnight.


Castro Valley - Chabot Theater - Employees have heard a mans laughing and have

seen shadows moving up and down the isle late at night


Castro Valley - Redwood Rd. - Almost at the very end of Redwood Rd., there's a

haunted preschool. In the early 1980s, a man, with a knife, killed all the kids

at the preschool. The building no longer remains. All that remains is a swing

set and the foundation of the building. From time to time, you can hear the

children playing or running around and you can see the swings actually moving by



Catalina Island - Two Harbors - The Banning Inn - A specter dubbed the "White

Lady" has been seen here as well as the smell of tobacco and fish from the

spirit of a fisherman. Rumors of Natalie Wood's ghost have also been talked

about in the area where she drowned.


Cerro Gordo - Belshaw House - Beautiful semi-ghost town in the Inyo Mountains

east of Lone Pine. The Belshaw House has shapes that are seen aut of the corner

of the eye and electrical effects like TVs, lights flickering, etc.


Cerro Gordo - Bunkhouse - said to have a ghost that appears as a glowing mass in

last room on the left. Main kitchen has ghost/lights and there are photos on

display of this.


Chatsworth - Chaminade Middle School - Formerly Saint John's Military Academy,

there are reports of young male spirits roaming the campus. However, most

incidences supposedly occur in one of two large science buildings, where strange

noises and unexplained happenings (opening and closing of lockers, faucets

turning on, etc.) have been observed in the bathrooms. Most students and faculty

members agree that there is a strong presence that can easily be sensed walking

through empty corridors and across open fields at dusk..


Cherokee - Cherokee Cemetery - It is history that the town sweetheart was

murdered in the 1800 and her murderer burned alive in his home across the street

from the cemetery. If you visit the cemetery during the evening hours, you can

hear stomping in this extremely deserted area. Also there grave of a child that

passed the same day as his father. If you place flowers on that tombstone,

locals say he will visit you that evening and thank you.


Chico - California State University Chico - Laxson Auditorium - supposedly the

spirit of an older woman has been seen by performers on stage, sitting in one of

the balcony seats. She always sits in the same seat but of course is gone when

anyone goes to investigate.


Chino - Chino Hills - Story is a man who escaped prison stalked a family killing

the mother, father and sister and just cut the boy’s ears. They say if you go to

the house you will see blood prints and the ghosts of the family


Chowchilla - Chowchilla library - bowling alley - A few years back the Bowling

Alley of Chowchilla caught on fire. It started in the kitchen, and spread

through out the building. Unfortunately the cook never made it out in time. He

was burned to death, and soon after it was turned into the Chowchilla library.

there has been many reports of this man and you can see a flash of flames and

the man run by. The check out center is over where the kitchen used to be and

you can sometimes feel the heat of the fire, and see the man standing there with

his spatula and apron on.


Chowchilla - Chowchilla Union High School - Chowchilla Union High school has had

many students in the past years who have passed away. There have been reports of

the students who have passed away still roaming the halls, at the lockers, in

the gym, the cafeteria, and in the classrooms. You always get the feeling that

someone is watching you in the classrooms. Some students have said that a girl

with long blonde hair will ask them what time it is then disappear, and some say

the girl goes by "Michelle".


Chowchilla - Minturn Cemetery - Reports of ghostly apparitions chasing cars down

the dirt road, A woman screaming, children crying or laughing, and a man ghost

picking up trash around the graves.


Chowchilla - Save-Mart Supermarkets - Staff of Save Mart Supermarkets in

Chowchilla California have reported A woman who used to work the Graveyard shift

for janitorial stated that on the nights that she was alone with the night

stockers that she would feel a presence through out the aisles, or in the

upstairs break room. One young man who used to work there stated that he had the

same feeling, but he worked the swing shift and only felt the presence in the

break room. The young man said that every Saturday was when no one worked the

grave yard shift and the store is totally empty....well, not all the time. Some

people have said they would see someone walking around the store on Saturday

nights, around 2:00am. They would also see shadows from a distance as if there

is someone walking around inside.


Chualar - The End Of Chualar Road - Many times a night when you drive home you

can see a woman walking on the side of the road. When you pass her she

disappears. One report states, “One time I was at the end of my road (which is

at the End of Chualr road) I was riding my motorcycle and I was masterly thrown

off by something. When I hit the ground I passed out and when I woke up I saw a

black hair woman above me staring at me. I blinked and she was gone. I am almost

positive it was the lady on the side of the road.”


Chula Vista - Hilltop Road - You can hear screams at night, children crying, and

playing. Allegedly A sailor Came home from seas crazy and killed his wife, son,

and daughter. When near the property you feel chills and a sense of dread. The

house burnt down a few years back but the haunting is still there. All you can

see now is the chimney standing in the middle of the fenced in yard.


City of Industry - The Sheraton Hotel - Please do not attempt to trespass.

Security guards that patrol the grounds in the late night hours have reported

seeing two shadowy figures running through the golf course. Noises can be heard

in the back end of these apartments where a wall separates the complex from the



City of Industry - Tropicana orange juice plant - In between the hours of 3am

and 5am the upstairs office area is where most of the activity is. Captured on a

surveillance camera there has been white orbs and figures moving around.

Security officers have heard fingernails tapping on a desk as if a spirit was

awaiting something. Stomping footsteps heard coming up stairs when the facility

is completely vacant. There also has been activity at the security office at the

entrance of the facility. Security officers have heard moaning from the empty

yard felt cold spots in the office and heard children playing around the

entrance gates.


Claremont - Botanical Garden Girl - there is said to be a small girl, maybe five

to six years of age, who sits by a pond and watches the fish while crying. She

is said to be wearing Native American clothing, most likely she is a Cauhillan,

(pronounced Kaheeya), a tribe of Native Americans who once lived on that land.

Incidences include, cold spots, sudden strong gusts of wind, and crying sounds.


Claremont - Claremont High School - In the old gym of CHS, many have heard

legends of the spirit of a former student. Some stories involve numerous reports

of "troubled/desperate whispering", one entire P.E. class claims to have heard

prolonged screaming from under the bleachers, but finding no source, and some

students have been physically pinned by the ghost. There is a name burned into

the floor of the gym, students believe it is the name of the ghosts.


Claremont - Griswold’s old school house - there are several ghosts that haunt

this old school house, several people have heard children’s voices when no one

is around and others have seen a white mist walking around. Doors fly open by

themselves. Also there is always a feeling of being watched.


Claremont - Thompson Creek Trail (east path) - while walking this path in the

late evening hours, strange noises that sound like scratching and footsteps

coming from bushes on the sides of the trail have been heard. Also there have

been reports of cloud formations forming skull-like shapes. Also, when no one is

around you, sometimes shadowy figures can be seen walking behind you, sometimes

hiding behind bushes. The crackling sounds from the power lines overhead don't

help the experience too much, adding a deeper eeriness to this location.


Claremont - Thompson Creek Woods - reports of, "levitating boulders, invisible

walls, short hideous visions of violence, and flying people that follow you

until you leave." Also reported, There is also strange symbols on the trees and

cabin which are said to bleed, and there are even reports of invisible walls

which sometimes block entrance to certain parts of the forest.


Clayton - Contra Costa - Pioneer Inn - The Pioneer Inn has been around since the

1860's and is known to be haunted by the ghost of the past. The Pioneer Inn has

Gone thru a lot over the years from having the second floor collapsing then

having it rebuilt and having it burn down. The Ghost have been know to carry

things around and touch occupants on there shoulders and hands.


Clayton - Eagle Saloon / Clayton Club - The Eagle Saloon (now the Clayton Club)

was a Building that was brought up river from San Francisco to the town of

Clayton back in the 1860's at that time this was one of the 5 saloons in the

Town of Clayton and it was one of the places that holds the most history of

hauntings in Clayton. Things have been know to move about, cold spots, glasses

moving, and the lights to go on and off on there own.


Clayton - Keller Mansion - The Keller house is a house built in the early 1920's

and was one of California oldest cattle ranches up to the 1970 s the house was

built on a old Indian Grave yard. to this day you can still find bones if you

are to dig around in the basement of the old house. It is said that the ghost of

the Indians still haunt the old house and tend to move things around. the house

is now Property of the city of Clayton in down town Clayton behind the library


Clayton - La Crokett Restaurant - The Restaurant has been around since the time

the town was founded in 1857. The story goes is that during the day a miner from

the black diamond mine area of Somersville was in Clayton and got into a

argument in the old Eagle Saloon across the street. The argument turned into a

shoot out and one of the bullets went thru the window and stuck a little girl on

the street. The people on the street brought the little girl in to the

restaurant where she died. In a pool of blood on the floor. to this day her

sprit can be seen from time to time playing in the street, and the Blood stain

can not be removed from the floor of the restaurant. Everything they do to

remove it does not work and the stain returns to this day it is still there

under the carpet.


Clayton - Morgan Territory Rd - Morgan Territory Rd is a old logging road that

was built back in the 1800's to bring wood from Santa Cruz to the Eastern Contra

Costa County, the road cut thru between Livermore and Clayton, since this is a

very isolated road there has been a lot that has happen on this road. one of the

Legends is of Joaquin Murrieta California Bandit El Dorado, it is believed that

Joaquin has buried his loot some where in the Morgan Territory area under a oak

tree. and in the 1950's a woman and her husband were on there way home from

Livermore when they saw a spirit standing next to a oak tree off the side of the

road, not knowing the story about the loot at the tree they just thought that

they were just seeing things. Due to the darkens of the road and being tired.

once they started letting the story out to there friends and family they found

out the story about the loot of Joaquin Murrieta, from time to time people still

report seeing the ghost on Morgan Territory Rd. but they can never find the spot

again when they go back to look for the loot that is believed to be buried



Clear Lake - Modoc County - Fiddler's Green - A pioneer woman who was said to

have lived there was killed by thieves while her husband was away. They threw

her body down the well that is still there. At night you can see her apparition

walking along the shore of the lake with a lantern. Also, you can hear her

playing her fiddle faintly in the night wind.


Clovis - Andleberry Estate - This was a mansion with an adjacent asylum for

woman in the 1800's. Many horrible experiments were performed on the patients,

so the ghosts are frightened and angry, you'll get feelings of fear and dread if

you venture near the house. The mansion is on Clovis Avenue, almost across the

street from Sierra Vista Mall, the asylum is in the back. At Halloween, the

owner runs a Haunted House attraction; this is an opportune time to visit.


Coachella Valley - Coachella Valley High School - The backstage of the

auditorium is known for its strange noises of pages being flipped and books

being knocked down which are stared behind the stage so reported from drama



Coloma - Bell's General Store - Built in 1849, the brick building was the center

of activity for the large community of gold miners that settled around Sutter's

Mill. Modern visitors have reported hearing the ringing of a nonexistent bell as

the ghosts of former customers walk through the doorway.


Coloma - Marshall's Monument - On June 24, 1848 James Marshall found 2 nuggets.

They were caught in the tailrace of the waterwheel at the logging Mill operated

by him and his partner John Sutter. It was the beginning of the California Gold

Rush. Between 1847 & 1860, the population of Ca. grew from 15,000 to 380,000

largely because of that single event. Fanatical gold seekers followed Marshall

wherever he went, thinking that he had a magical gift for finding gold. He died

broken and destitute August 10, 1885 and was buried here. His restless ghost has

been seen as an indistinct shadow following visitors to his monument.


Coloma - Pioneer Cemetery - 8 miles No. of Placerville/hwy 49 to Coldsprings Rd,

turn left, the cemetery is up the hill on the left across from the Vineyard

House. The Phantom of a lady in burgundy watches over the Schieffer family plot

in the old settlers graveyard. According to the markers, William Schieffer died

1861 at age 2, Charles Schieffer died 1864 at age 42 and May Schieffer died 1890

at age 27. The ghost is a woman whose hair is parted in the middle and pulled

tightly into a bun. She is wearing a long, flowing, burgundy dress and can be

seen from the roadside beckoning passersby to come up to the grave site and

visit with her.


Coloma - Sheridan - Lincoln - Manzanita Cemetery - Reported by a local

firefighter while fighting a wild land fire, the fire had burned up to the back

of the cemetery. Appeared to stop at the back fencing, then parted going around

the cemetery and continued around the perimeter of the site with no logical

explanation. Also strange sounds can be heard coming from the site from about

dusk late into the early hours of the morning as well as seeing blackened

shadows moving across the grounds. The locals do not frequent this 1800s

cemetery. Perhaps that's the reason the cemetery is so active.


Coloma - Sierra Nevada House - A mischievous spirit inhabits this hotel which

was established in 1850. Co owner Gail Masi says her employees named the ghost

Christopher and blames him for moving pots and pans, hiding knives and forks,

and turning off the teakettles and other harmless pranks. A malevolent spirit

named Mark haunted room 4 according to psychic Jeanne Smith. He shot his

girlfriend in that room.


Coloma - The Vineyard House - In Coloma, CA, there is a famous Victorian house

called the Vineyard House, which has been reputed to be haunted by its original

owners for many years. The house was built some time in the late 1800s, and was

used over the years as a jail, an inn and restaurant, and, as its name implies,

a winery. It was also at one time supposedly the site of where some executions

took place. According to records, the original owners who built the house

suffered one tragedy after another. Several of their young children died, their

winery was eventually ruined because of a blight, and the husband contracted

syphillis, which over time caused blindness and mental illness. Because he

became violent from being mentally ill, his wife had him chained to a wall in

the basement of the house, where he reportedly died. The entire family is buried

directly across the street in a graveyard that overlooks the house. Reports of

seeing ghosts in the graveyard have also come forth in the past, but most of the

stories took place inside the house. Ghost stories of the encounters where told

by employees and guests of Vineyard House. One intrigueing story was told by a

couple who were staying in one of the upstairs bedrooms. It was late at night

and all was quiet, when suddenly the couple was awakened by the sound of drunken

men coming into the hallway downstairs. They were very loud and were singing and

laughing and making a general raucous, so the husband upstairs stuck his head

out the bedroom door to tell the loud men to quiet down. But upon doing so, he

saw three men dressed in Victorian clothing ascending the stairs, and then they

faded right before his eyes. Another story from a different couple who decided

to stay at the inn was that something frightened them so badly that they packed

up and left in the middle of the night. They reportedly refused to say what had

happened that scared them so badly. The basement was used as a bar, and it was

late at night after closing hours. The owner was cleaning up and wiping down he

bar. He said that there was one last glass at the far end of the bar, and as he

was cleaning, the glass suddenly began to shake, and then it slid all the way

across until it finally stopped right in front of him. He admitted that he had

no rational explanation for what he'd seen. It is believed that the things that

go on in the bar are the original owner who died down there while chained to a

wall. Other things that have been reported are sounds of rustling skirts, and

there is apparently an area near the kitchen that is constantly cold. A woman

having dinner in the restaurant claimed that she was approached by a young child

who asked her to mash his peas and carrots for him. Another scary incident

occurred in the restaurant when a large chandelier suddenly came crashing down,

barely missing some of the guests. It used to be that when the restaurant and

inn were still in operation, you could pick up a pamphlet that gave information

about the hauntings. It was a famous place because it had been there since the

Gold Rush, and there were pictures of famous people, such as John Wayne and

Dudley Moore, hanging on the walls. The hauntings were so well-known that the

house was featured on That's Incredible! and Ripley's Believe It Or Not. Sadly,

the house has been closed to the public for quite a few years. If you are ever

visiting old Coloma, the site of the famous Gold Rush, be sure to drive by the

old Vineyard House, and know that you are seeing a house that has been famous

for its hauntings for many years.


Coloma - Wah Lee Store/Museum - Eerie waves of murmuring voices have been heard

inside this general store. The ghostly sounds of years gone by seeming to rise

and fall like the ocean waves. Chattering by the sound of hitting a meat cleaver

on a butchers block..


Colton - Agua Mansa Road/Cemetery - a woman walks the road in search of her



Colton - Carrows Rest - hunting of a little boy and 5 other girls in the 'BIG'



Columbia - Fallon House Theater & Hotel - Years and years ago it burned down.

They rebuilt it into replica of the old one. Now there has been many reports of

noises, voices, overwhelming stench of smoke, in one room you can smell whiskey,

and in room 9 and 13 a female ghost is seen quite often. In the theater lights

go on and off, and shadows of people are seen.


Commerce - Veterans Park - Place is known to be haunted by a man name Martin who

once worked as janitor at this park. People have claimed to talked to a Martin

when they have called the park office before it has even opened. Lights go off

and on for no reason doors will open and close and the radio will change on its

own to a local Spanish station.


Concord - Brendan Theaters 14 - in theater 12 you can her little kids talking

and laughing in the middle of a movie.


Concord - Mount Diablo High School - Reports of the apparition of a male

teenager hanging by a noose from the roof, over a balcony from the second floor

part of the English Building. Supposedly a depressed student who committed

suicide there a long time ago. Also cold spots and voices and noises at night

near the balcony and staircase where the student committed suicide.


Corona - burn site-end of main street - up in the hills of corona on a dead end

street there is an old signal tower. past that a small trail leads you to a

walkway and a burn site. the story is that there was a house that stood there in

the 60's. two parents lived there along with two children. one week the parents

decided to go on vacation and hire a nanny to watch the kids. on a windy night

the nanny became drunk and locked the children in the basment. the nanny then

knocked a lamp on the floor before passing out. later that night the house

burned down with all three people in it. stange happenings occur such as cold

spots, items moving from the time you travel up the trail to the time you travel

back, and toys appearing and dissapering in the basment.


Corona - Gravity Hill - A girl got dumped by her boyfriend and was driving real

fast. There is a big bump in the street and she hit it and crashed into a tree

and died. If you turn around and stop on the bump her spirit pushes you UPHILL.

Handprints can be seen if your car is dirty.


Corona - Horse thieves Canyon Road - Reports of eyes burning, dizziness, and the

feeling of being pulled to a wooded area where reports of black floating

apparitions. A trail goes past water towers after an hour of walking a place for

campfire is found a circle of trees is present when all lights are off black

apparitions can be seen going from tree to tree. They do not like bright

flashlights, those who possess the brightest are pushed, kicked, dust is kicked

up, other noises are heard. Going in a small group is recommended due to long

walk. on other parts of the trail a blonde woman can be seen run between the

trails, it never happens in same place twice. Extremely cold breezes flow past

you at certain points.


Coronado - Hotel Del Coronado - Various hauntings occur in this hotel and has

been depicted on famous hauntings programming


Corona - J J Live Oak Steakhouse - February 2004 Update: formerly listed as El

Cerrito - Live Oak Inn - As the story goes, back in 1988, a young waitress named

Michelle was strangled to death and left in the trunk of an old car behind the

back patio of the inn. Rumor has it that although the dishwasher is still doing

time for her murder, it was actually the cook that committed the crime.

Regardless of who killed Michelle and why, she still haunts Live Oak. The new

owner doesn't mind and comments that, "People say she is a really nice girl and

even shy." He has never seen her, but has had many complaints from customers

that she continually flushes toilets close to closing time. Perhaps even more

spine tingling than Michelle's story is the fact that in the Inn's earlier days,

people were often hung from the twisted oak tree in front. If you look closely,

you can see the tree growing around an old noose!!!- February 2004 additional

info – a bartender / waitress reports she is a witness to the rumors of Michelle

the ghost, and of the old owner "Larry" who shot himself in the office. She has

worked there for almost a year and Michelle has stopped flushing the toilet and

started ringing the food bell constantly during all hours. She has seen shadows

of her out of the corner of her eye when she is there alone. one of the cooks

son's talks to the ghost but it is supposed to be a secret and he can't tell us

who he is talking to. he also sees a man in black who walks around. the noose is

visible in the tree and she says she has touched it to see what it was made of.

it was almost rope like wire and it is grown into the tree.


Corona - Marie Callender's - There are many stories, one night in the kitchen

area a few of the workers were doing side work and a few others were in the bar

after closing and a big metal pie cutter flew off a shelf onto the counter on

the opposite side of the room a few feet away. There were now many witnesses who

believed that strange things were occurring at our store. Servers reported trays

flying at their heads in the dishwasher’s area and salt and peppershakers once

empty were full. The spookiest always happened to the vendors who cleaned the

restaurant. The carpets would be cleaned on a monthly basis and they would

always come in pairs. Something would always happen, strange sounds, floating

balloons, TV’s being turned on, etc. All of these things could be explained by

scientific methods: electric currents and helium filled balloons losing air.

Whatever was going on in that building after the employees left was bad enough

that the carpet cleaners would never come alone. On the occasions that they

would come alone, they would come right at closing and be done before we would

finish closing the store. On one occasion a lone carpet cleaner decided he would

do it by himself after the employees left the building, saying that all the

stories were hogwash. The next morning the opening manager found him in his

truck in the parking lot with all of his carpet cleaning materials left inside

of the building. He refused to step foot into the restaurant and complete the

job. He wanted to get his equipment and get out. Seems while he was in the

building the entities played with him more than they played with any one else.

As he was shampooing the carpets things were being written by a nonexistent

finger in the soap, chairs were moved in the dining room and salt and

peppershakers flew at him. The carpet guys from then on always came promptly at

closing and no one was left alone in the building.


Costa Mesa - Estancia High School - Faculty has reported strange smells and

being touched when no one else is in the room in the early morning. Night

cleaning crews have told of flashlights beams being restricted to only a few

feet in front of them in seemingly clear hallways.


Covina - Zelda's Lagend - In the Early 1900's a young girl arond 15 was kidnaped

and taken to an underground tunnel by a colt. The cult sacraficed her latter

that night in the end of the tunnel. No-one has ever made it to the end of the

tunnel and if they have they never came out. The legend is of you make it to the

end the girl Zelda will sacrafice you to.


Crescent City - Sutter Coast Hospital Old site and new ICU ward - The old site

of the hospital always gives passer-bys eerie feeling now a hotel is being

constructed right on the site,(that is sure to be haunted) but the new

hospital's ICU ward is definitely haunted. A worker at the hospital was in ICU

when it was closed down due to lack of patients, so therefore it was empty. They

were minding their own business when the patient call light and buzzer went off

when they walked to the empty room the buzzer stopped and the buzzer in the room

two doors down went off, so they walked back to the nurses station and the

buzzer stopped. (The buzzers can only be turned off from the nurse’s station)

They thought someone was playing a trick on them but when they investigated the

whole place was empty.


Crescent City - Tsunami Lanes - old family owned bowling center was sold. new

owners report during remodeling they could here footsteps on wooden walk space

behind pin-setters.


Crescent City - Walker Rd. - At the end of Walker Rd. there is an old swimming

hole. Around the 1950's a couple of teenagers went there and were never seen

again, all their belongings still sitting on the bank of the pond. During the

day you can hear laughter and splashing around when no one is in the water. but

at night the "feel" of the place is scary and you can hear screams and footsteps

all around you.


Crockett - Old road between Rodeo and Crockett - Every summer if you are driving

on this Rodeo / Crockett old road late at night a woman in a white dress runs

out into the middle of the road and tries to wave you down. But when you go to

look in your rear view mirror, she is no longer there. It is said that her car

broke down and she got hit by a car while trying to wave someone down.


Cypress - Cypress College Photo Department - A benevolent wraith called "Photy"

lives in the main darkroom most often seen standing by the northern-western-most

enlarger. Usually the most sensitive students see his outline, which appears

lighter than the surroundings. Sometimes moving into the photo-finishing room

after closing and violently shaking the pictures hanging from the wall. Students

report a feeling of calm and well-being during sightings. A marked change from

the early days of the apparition when meter readings would be thrown off and

equipment would explode in the studio. Students reported have also reported

wildly unlikely results in the color and black and white darkrooms. It all began

in the late 80s when a student brought in a human skull with a bullet hole in it

to photograph in studio 3. One night the chair of the department was alone late

at night and heard pounding on the stockroom door when there was no one there to



Cypress - Cypress High School - Preforming Arts Building - In the Performing

Arts building in the attic use to be where they stored the play outfits. It was

said that a high school student was up there getting something and fell through

the floor boards to her death.(which was not a very big fall). Whenever you went

up there you could feel that someone is watching you. There was also a prop that

was use in most of out plays and whenever you looked into it you could see her.

She would look at you like she was mad. Because of what was going on up there

they had to move everything down to another room and sealed off the attic so no

one else can go up there. There was a time that someone was pushed and almost

fell down the ladder (which was used to get up to the attic) and cause of this

no one likes to be left alone in the Performing arts building.


Daly City - San Mateo -intersection of Skylin blvd and Hickey blvd - There are

stories that a lady in white is seen at the intersection in their view mirrors

when foggy.


Davis - Old City Hall/Police Station - Davis PD moved to a new building

recently, after having been in the old City Hall that was built in 1938 or so.

Downstairs, after it was vacated, in the Women's restroom, there was seen a wild

haired redheaded woman rushing toward the 2nd stall door in an 'attack' posture

with outstretched arms and claw-like hands towards a person's face.


Death Valley Junction - Amargosa hotel - Anomalies such as ecto-mist and orbs

recorded on film.


Del Rey - Del Rey Cemetery - Reports of cold spots, moaning heard, the third

tomb in light up at night, EMF detector was used and it went off like crazy


Delano - Browning Road - browning road in Delano is known to have "ghost



Devoure - Gravity Point - You take a road called Glen Helen until you pass a 2

consecutive train tracks. When you pass a 3rd set or tracks you will have a stop

sign about 100 hundred feet in front of you. You have to go passed to the stop

sign and stop on the line. When the car is in neutral it will roll up hill

increasing in speed.


Devour - Treehouse Fun Ranch - the place was being cleaned because of new

owners. A worker desided to stay the night to get a very early start in the

morning. That night he heard noises, the fire pit turned on all by itself, the

lights flickered and shook, he desided to stay outside on the cement. the next

day the other workers heard the story when they where cleaning up and in the bar

and they found an urn of an old truck driver who visited frequently.


Disneyland - The Christmas Shop - Some of the stock crew has reported an strange

feeling when alone stocking the store for the morning. There is an old photo

from the 19th century of a young woman up on one of the shelves. It has been

documented several different times that a stock person will noticed the photo

frowning (her photo is taken with a straight face) at them along with a strange

wind in the room.


Disneyland - Fire Station - some employees heard foot steps at 2nd floor at

night and someone knocked the door. The 2nd floor is not open for public and

it's been an empty room for several years.


Disneyland - Haunted Mansion - There are 3 spirits that are in the place all the

time, elderly man (who died of a heart attack in Aug. of 1970 before there was a

first aid station on the west side of the park), an elderly woman and a young

man who has quite a sense of humor. There is also something nasty in the attic

just before the omni-movers exit into the graveyard. Witnesses report having

hair pulled in the crypt (exit) area with no one in sight, touched on the back

by a hand in a car that ended up having no one in the car, seen people walk up

the portrait hall or grand staircase, stop and vanish, faces peer from behind

the corner at the top of the grand staircase, heard footsteps on the false floor

behind the load area when there is no one else there, been touched on the face

by unseen hands, seen a man in the exit mirror.


Disneyland - It's a Small World - Lights have turned themselves off/on by

themselves, as well as the all the dolls moving without power.


Disneyland - Matterhorn Mountain - The ghost of a woman named Dolly, she was

crushed to death after she fell out of her sled and was hit by the sled behind



Disneyland - Pirates of the Caribbean - The story goes that a young boy and his

mom loved the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. The boy got cancer and his last

wishes was that his ashes be spread over the Pirates ride. Disneyland rejected

that for health reasons but his mother did it anyway. At night the ride

operators can sometimes see a lone boy riding one of the boats on the video

monitors, but when they check it out there is no one.


Disneyland - Space Mountain - both the ride itself and the women's (employee)

locker rooms are haunted by the ghost of "Mr. One-Way", a guest who died on the

Space Mountain ride back in the 1970's. On the ride, he is described as a large

man with reddish hair and a red face, and has been seen by guests getting into a

car with a lone rider, but he vanishes before the end of the ride.


Disneyland - The Star Trader (4th floor stock room) - Cast members have felt a

cold, eerie wind on the 4th floor of the stock room, when there are no doors,

vents, or windows up there.


Disneyland - the old "People Mover Ride" - Reports of operating, girls

(especially those with long blonde hair) would sometimes feel an unseen someone

pull viciously at their hair. The boy died a few years ago on a Grad Night when

he jumped out of the cabin of the People Mover, got caught and dragged

underneath the car. He grabbed desperately at his girlfriends long blond hair to

save himself.


Disneyland - Tom Sawyers Island - The ghost (s) of one or two people have been

seen on Tom Sawyers Island. At least three boys (all Grad night victims) have

drowned in the Rivers of America.


Disneyland - Tomorrow Land - Reports of a menacing presence accompanied by cold



Dorrington - Dorrington Hotel - The original owner, Rebecca Dorrington Gardner

can be seen walking through the dining room. She frequently rings the motion

detector. One year the owner decorated the rooms with fake Christmas trees and

Rebecca knocked them over every night. She once warned the owner of a gas leak

in the kitchen. There are also several other ghosts including those of children.

There are a lot of very curious customers at the restaurant and wait staff

encourages it by turning off lights when customers go to the restroom.


Downey - Hollydale - Metal Hospital - In Downey behind the court house there is

an abandoned metal hospital, but for some reason there is light shining thru,

When all the power has been shut off for years now. When you pass by, you see

one curtain closed but then there is also one curtain that will close when you

pass by. There has been People who have gone inside and gone down stairs, when

they went down stairs it was pitch dark, and suddenly books where being thrown

at everyone there.


Downey - West Middle School - Noises heard in boys locker room. You can hear

locker doors slamming when all the boys leave to physical education, and showers

turning on and off. Every once in a while you can hear the bathroom stalls

flushing when no one is a round.


Downey - Rio Hondo Hospital - This building was closed down about 5-7 years ago.

Extreme hot and cold spots felt, screams heard, doors seem to open and close on

their own accord, and apparitions of people.


Downieville - Downieville River Inn Resort - Room #1 - is supposedly haunted by

one of the former boarders from when the Inn was a boarding house. Reports of

the water turning off and on by its self. Others have reported someone getting

into bed with them, or laying on top of them, only to find no one there.


Duarte - Spaghetti Factory - Employees of the Spaghetti Factory claim to hear

children playing in the rest room areas in the basement, dishes also fall to the

floor, said to be the children playing games. - Update & additional info. - the

building that is now the Spaghetti Factory was for years a Catholic elementary

school. The building dates from possibly the '30's or '40's, and what is now the

parking lot was once the playground.


Dublin - The Outback Steakhouse - Cold spots reported. There is a report of a

police officer being killed there; possibly either right before the restaurant

opened or right after the grand opening, there was a botched robbery and

shootout. - March 2004 addition: The Dublin police officer that was shot there

on the night of Dec. 11, 1998 was named John Paul Monego. Please visit his

memorial page. Three men from the San Joaquin valley, which is just over the

Altamont hills to the east of the Tri-Valley where Dublin is located, robbed the

newly-opened Outback Steakhouse and held patrons and employees hostage. Monego

was responding to a 911 call made from employees at the Outback when he was shot

several times by one of the three men upon entering the restaurant. A short

while later he died on the scene. His murderers were arrested and tried for



Dunlap - Dunlap Cemetery - Cold spots felt around some unmarked graves.

Footsteps heard behind witnesses while walking through middle of cemetery

towards entrance. Three tall shadowy figures of people seen standing by some big

oak trees within the cemetery. Witnesses have recorded a strange voice chanting

something over and over and another voice that sound like an elderly man telling

them "’Leave us alone’ all of these activities happened all in one night, the

voices were only heard on a tape recorder.” Reported the witnesses.


Echo Park - Charlie Chaplin Mansion - This affluent house sits upon a hill

overlooking Echo Park. It resides a neighborhood called Hathaway Hills. The

story behind the house is that Charlie Chaplin used to own the house and sold it

for whatever reason? In any case, a man moved in with his family. And soon after

the house would lead to his and his family's demise. He came home from work one

afternoon and killed his mother, his wife and children. People describe the

house as a spooky and haunting location. Curious kids went to the house and saw

the same Mercedes Benz crashed into the garage with "police tape" stuck to the

side of the house and front porch. It has been reported that one can see a

mirage of the grandmother and hear the children screaming. There have been other

reports of eerie sounds and sightings of wild animals, for example, a lion.

Lastly, the house has a dark side and lighter side. Today one can see a single

window with a table lamp on shining noticeably. The house is an old Victorian

style, also it looks like the Psycho house used in the actual film.


East Highland - The Bethany House - The Bethany House is an old abandoned Insane

Asylum. Since it is far back in the orange groves, many teenagers used to use it

as a place to party around the asylum but never inside. There have been many

stories of hauntings there. One high school boy once went in to explore the

asylum by himself & never came back out. A ghost of a middle-aged woman has been

seen on numerous occasions. She is extremely violent & known to do harm to

people that cross her path inside the insane asylum.


East Los Angeles - 4th St. School Elementary - There was a ten year old boy who

got locked in the little boys room and left there over night, found the next day

strangled. His unexplained death still haunts till this day. There have been

sightings of him playing in the monkey bars late at night. You can also hear him

in the restrooms (boys & Girls) crying, screaming trying to open the doors,

screaming "please let me out".


East Los Angeles - Calvary Cemetery - Basement of Mausoleum four slabs of marble

create demonic vision please research.


East Los Angeles - Casa Del Mexicano - care taker of the place tells that there

are nine ghost ,and at nights when he stays at his room up in the second floor

he hears somebody knocking at the door, foot steps coming up from the bottom and

that lights turn on by themselves. Two people in a Christmas play saw a Mexican

man with jeans, boots and a squared shirt sitting on top of one of there play

house looking at them, they said that it felt cold in that part of stage but

that they continued with the play.


East Los Angeles - Evergreen Cemetery - Witnesses say that things moving around

at night and voices.


East Los Angeles - across from Evergreen Cemetery - it was a apartment now its

reconstructed, but apartment is still there. Chairs move TV, radio turns on by

it self water does also. You can hear footsteps as if you were jumping off a

bunk bed you can see a black shadow with red eyes it changes figures, you can

feel things its a scary unwanted feeling you feel a lot of cold spots.


East Los Angeles - Linda Vista Hospital - Old abandoned hospital across from

Hollenbeck park on Chicago St. People who go there have reported seeing lights

and hearing a little girl laughing and playing around in there. Screams, cold

spats, noises, cries, moaning, lights coming on and off, noises could even be

heard from the street at night with no one inside. Hospital is sometimes used

for filming by production companies. A doctor has been seen on the main

building, corner window, top floor looking out through the window. He was

wearing a doctor's suit and a tie. Lights go on and off throughout the whole

building. There is a room full of cages and a group of people claimed seeing a

mentally ill patient(ghost) roaming inside a cage in that room. Strange noises

are heard around the buildings. Cold and warm spots are felt in certain places.


East San Jose - Mt. Hamilton View Restaurant- This restaurant over look the

entire Silicon Valley and has been known to light up on its own when nobody is

there. Guest and employees have seen lights flicker on and off in the dining

area and known to see a young girl standing out on the look out balcony.


East San Jose - Quimby Road - This road is haunted by the Quimby Jogger. He is

said to be the ghost of a jogger that only runs at midnight.


Eastlake - Chula Vista - Proctor Valley Road - Haunted by a ghostly figure of a

woman wearing a long white dress is occasionally seen walking along the side of

the road. People who have pulled over to offer a ride, look back to discover she

has disappeared.


El Cajon - Chase - Balls of light strange smoke smells. This is so real ghost

hunters will flock. The pictures the submitter recorded may not amaze you but

they invite you to see what they see every night. The balls of light show every



El Centro - Central Union High School - Gymnasium - Witnesses have reported that

the High School's gym is haunted. Many times after school, a basketball being

bounced as if someone was playing, and accompanied by the sounds of fans

cheering. No one really knows the origin of the basketball game.


El Centro - Central Union High School - Library and Library basement - Inside

the actual library building itself it is almost impossible to go a night without

hearing doors slamming, soft to hard footsteps, and people talking in the rows

in the back of the library. Also, the basement of the library is a dark, damp,

maze of rooms and hallways that was once used for detention back in the early

and late 80's. It was affectionately called the dungeon for footsteps, crying,

and laughing were often heard.


El Centro - Crest Theatre - at night the employees would be spooked by voices

talking to them. some nights when the sound system would be turned off they

would become alarmed by the sound system blasting music. There would also be

many cold spots felt in this theatre.


El Centro - Dogwood Rd. - It is said that if you drive along this road after

midnight occasionally you will see a girl walking alongside the road. If you

stop to give her a ride she will get in, sit down, remain silent and eventually

dissipate. However, it is also said that if you do not give her a ride, she will

sit on top of your hood and try to make you crash. Stories say she died in a

grisly accident along that road.


El Centro - Imperial Valley Arts Council - The Imperial Arts council formerly

the old Post office Pavilion now head of the Imperial Valley Arts Council. This

building is located on the center of the city of El Centro between the 5th and

Brighton streets. The building has a beautiful architectural baroque Italian

renaissance construction style built back in 1920 housing the valleys local

cultural events. A wide 800 square foot basement is found underneath housing

possibly a ghost or unexplained disturbance according to the buildings employees

whom claim at that at early evenings loud noises are heard from the basement

like slamming of doors regardless they are fastened with heavy sand bags

impossible to be "opened" and scratching noises on walls. It is claimed also

that these disturbances may be the cause of hearing the tapping sound of an old

typewriter as well. This would be a interesting story to investigate to prove

its authenticity and determine if there is a haunting or if it is a poltergeist.

The building is recorded as one of the most historical buildings in the state to

be served. For more information it is recommended to get in contact the local El

Centro Chamber of Commerce or City of El Centro Business Council.


El Centro - Old Fox Theatre - it was said that a man had died there and when you

would walk down the aisle you could feel cold spots at about aisle 8


El Dorado - El Dorado Cemetery - After dark you can SEE orbs, ectoplasm, etc.

There is a child’s voice that is frequently heard. One report is of a teen

couple who were just " trying to get scared." The young man looked in the rear

view mirror of his car and saw a elderly man leaning on the car looking in. The

young man sped off stopping later to find handprints drug across the trunk of

his car


El Monte - El Monte High - it is said that a young man hung himself in the

schools auditorium in the early 1900's, late at night it is also said that the

piano plays in the band room, in the day time strange happenings occur during

drama practice.


El Monte - Lambert Park-Gymnasium - There have been numerous accounts from

employees and other people of a ghostly little girl in the attic of the

gymnasium. Also, reports of an apparition of a man in the locker room.


El Monte - Mountain View High School - Late at night people see shadowy figures

running the track, and playing football and if you look carefully their is a

figure hanging from the goal post in the football field.


Eureka - Eureka High School Auditorium - stories have been told of a two

restless ghosts that wander the auditorium. The first is of a man who fell from

the balcony during the buildings construction during the 20's and was

decapitated. The second is of a young girl, who after losing the leading role in

the school play of 1954, hung herself in the lighting booth in full view of the

actress on stage. The actress took no notice of the wide eyed corpse in the

balcony, and continued the show.


Eureka - Fort Humboldt - Large, heavy objects moved across floor overnight.

Sighting of former post commander who died of malaria in 1859 looking out window

of old hospital building. Lights going off, objects falling. Occurrences

regularly during 1993 and have been reported sporadically since 1950's.


Fair Oaks - Sailor Bar - American River - A drowning victim, in wet clothing,

approaches visitors. Many drownings have occurred here. Park Ranger was locking

the restroom for the night when this ghost Appeared, wearing wet fishing

clothes, then vanished.


Fairfax - Camp Both in - It used to be an Indian reservation, then early in the

1920s, became a hospital for tuberculosis patients. Now it is used as a Girl

Scout camp, but it still has the original sinks from the hospital. You can hear

a ghost of a nurse pushing her cart up and down the halls, moaning, screaming,

appearances and disappearances and some ancient Indians spirits too.


Fallbrook - De Luz - Santa Margarita River Bridge - Many Stories haunt the

bridge, during the California Gold Rush, a small wagon train was killed at the

river near the new bridge. In the early 1900's, the same year Fallbrook Union

High School was first established. On the first Prom night three pairs of teens

disappeared and were later found in the river. More than a dozen strange

occurrences are in police reports regarding that area of the river. Once the sun

drops below the mountains there, your life is in danger.


Fallbrook - The Enterprise Newspaper Press Room - Back in 1962, in the press

room, a sick daughter of one of the press workers was pushed into the presses by

an unknown force. To this day an apparition of a small girl will pull on your

pants if you get to close to the presses.


Fallbrook - Jack in the Box - its said that back in the 60s a bunch of hippies

went crazy and brutally attacked and killed the workers. Now when the store

closes you can hear the hippie’s music and also the workers. Then really late at

night when no one is there you can hear and smell the burgers grilling. Also the

bathroom door open and shuts forcefully. When you look out the window you can

see an appropriation of a worker cleaning the windows. If you pass by at 4:34 am

the lights go on and you can see the people who died there.


Fallbrook - Fallbrook High School - Recently Fallbrook Union High School weft

through a thorough remodeling. Guess what made the front page news? A gravesite

of what is believed to be a native Indian Chiefs grave was uncovered just to the

right of the new library building. This happened in September 1999. Since then

at night there have been numerous sightings of an orb, or orbs, howls in the

wind, the sight of a pack of coyotes running from the area towards the ditch

just past the portable buildings, even sightings of a teepee. In 2002, there

were 14 reports of smoke on campus. Never was there a fire. No one has been hurt

by anything, a couple was shaken up by a pack of coyotes one night after the

2004 Sadie Hawkins dance though.


Fallbrook - Masonic Cemetery - People have reported to touch some of the trees

in the cemetery and they get "a strong surge of heated energy" as they put it.


Fallbrook - Silvergate Retirement Center - During construction of a new wing in

the center, along w/ voices of children there were a few minor occurrences.

There were also reports from guards of a powerful being, presumed to be male.

This spirit was very violent. One guard reported that it tried to force him over

an opening from the second floor to the first floor that now houses a fountain.


Ferndale - The Hart Theatre - The ghost that haunts Hart Theatre is called

Bertha and is often seen late at night. One report claims she takes the form of

a phantom cat who strolls down the aisles during performances. Bertha also

performs other tricks such as locking the bathroom door from the inside and

answering the phone at night when no one is there.


Fillmore - Sycamore Tree - while driving at night around midnight; a woman

dressed in white floats right next to you for about 1/4 of a mile right when

you’re driving by the sycamore tree. Legend has it she was hung there during the

Mexican-American war.


Fontana - A.B. Miller High School Theater - Strange blue lights and many other

occurences. Sometimes there is banging from within the walls and tools ending up

in wierd places and no one knows how they got there. Many people say they have

seen figures dissapear and re-appear and voices in the catwalk when no one is up

there. Legend says that a teenage actress went up into the catwalk trying to fix

a light (for a tech buddy) and fell off the ladder and died instantly.


Fontana - BIG LOT'S - formerly Pic "N" Save stores - This is the BIG LOT'S store

located off Sierra and Foothill Blvd. this store is haunted by several ghost or

spirits. Many employees claim to have experienced hearing noises in the men’s

and women’s restrooms things like something falling on the floor while being

inside the one toilet stall and no one else inside the restroom and also the

lights being flicked off by them selves inside the restroom while in use. There

have also been noises and voices heard coming from the break room when the

lights are off and no one is in there. Another area which is considered to be

the area with the most activity is the stock room or warehouse in there several

voices have been heard and noises of things falling inside and things like a

former employee who was taking the trash to the back claims she walked into the

warehouse and the light was turned off and as she was walking back out she felt

something or someone pull her hair out of the bun when she walked out of there

her hair was all messed up and her face was pale that was her last night working

there. Several employees claim to be scared or nervous of walking into the

warehouse at night. All these things happen at night when the store is closed

and employees are cleaning up or late at night when graveyard employees are

there. Non of the managers will support these accusations.


Fontana - Etiwanda Intermediate School - In the old auditorium, next to what is

now a cafeteria, there is a narrow staircase leading up to an upstairs dressing

room. The room contains one window and you will sometimes catch a glimpse of a

young Indian girl standing at that window. The story states that this young girl

of the 70's committed suicide by hanging herself and was found when someone of

the staff spotted a body hanging through the window.


Fontana - Foothill Boulevard - Formerly part of Route 66 - Between the cross

streets Cherry and Citrus, a young man will appear wearing a striped shirt and

carrying a long stick. He then crosses the street right as cars approach. When

the car hits its breaks, the man disappears. Witnesses also claim to see the

ghost walking along the right side of the road. He has a black dog at his side.


Fontana - Mary B. Lewis Elementary - the hauntings take place between 11pm and

4am. You can hear footsteps when there is nobody there and in the bathrooms for

both boys and girls you can hear the distinct sound of a toilets overflowing and

even a conversation going on when both the bathrooms are locked. There are loud

bangs in the night and the whispering and the strange feeling of another

presence is felt.


Fontana - Tokay Elementary - Sounds of construction work at the school. Rumor is

that a construction worker died when it was built.


Fontana - Sequoia Middle School - In the quad by the lunch tables there sits a

little girl crying bouncing a ball. She'll ask you to play with her and if you

say no she will cry blood and start to follow you. This happens at sun set when

there are no employees.


Forest Falls - Fallsvale Elementary School - Many sightings of the "Ghost

Children" have occurred over the years in the forest that surrounds the school

and the fenced old school that remains on the same property. Most children who

attend the school seem to accept their presence. It's not uncommon to hear the

children address them by name. The old school a great historical landmark, is

securely fenced and prohibits any public admission.


Fort Bragg - The Entire Area - supposedly haunted. Custer was supposedly to have

passed through Fort Bragg and they say that he and his army traveled up a steep

cliff at pudding creek there’s been sightings of he and his army to have been

seen going up the cliff at Pudding Creek and there is a path that leads to wood

walkways head towards the ocean that you can walk to Macaracktor State Park.

That has claimed be have seen a young lady in medieval clothing walking about

searching for her lost lover who died in the civil war and they say she’s been

seen wandering around asking if anyone has seen her lover.


Fort Bragg - Glassbeach Inn - has a chair that has had eerie happenings the lady

that owns the inn has said that people had died mysteriously and not long after

they had sat in the chair.


Fort Bragg - Green Acres Park - Witnesses report hearing humming like a person

was singing they kept humming the same verse over and over several times on

different nights They felt a strange chill.


Fort Bragg - The Gold Coast Hotel - has a ghost 3 the people who work in the

hotels bar area say that things like glasses have moved by themselves



Fort Bragg - The Grey Whale Inn - is said to be haunted by a lady she is often

seen roaming around in their garden areas and there has been the sightings of a

man who apparently appears in one of the windows.


Foster City - Foster City Levee - About a year ago a man was being chased by the

police because he had just shot his co-worker and then he stopped at the levee,

probably the area across from Beachpark Plaza. He shat himself and died there.

Cold winds have been known to brush past people, leaving the area around you

absolutely clear. Gunshots have been heard late at night and strange shapes and

shadows have been seen in all parts of the levee.


Fountain Valley - Fountain Valley High School - Sometimes at night in the 100

building. Screams of children are heard. Also, some days when opening the doors,

the janitors find lockers open and all the students belongings on the ground. 5

teachers have left the school since the poltergeist. Many students have seen

apparitions of mutilated dead students in the bathrooms.


Freedom - Hawthorne Lane - Back in the 1950's a man murdered his wife, and then

supposedly disposed her body in Pinto Lake. Authorities never found her body and

the house she was murdered in remained an untouched murder scene well into the

late 1970's. The piano would play itself and while inside the house you could

hear a door or trunk slam and a car start but when you went outside there was

nothing except the two cars there since the murder, which could not possibly run

as grass was even growing up through the floorboards. The house had cold spots

near the closets where the woman’s clothing still hung.


Fremont - Bay Street Salon - When two of the stylist were the only ones in the

salon, the bathroom door would lock somehow, and they would have to retrieve the

key and unlock the door. The toilet would also flush automatically, and it is

not an auto flush toilet. salon was previously a fire station, and a slaughter



Fremont - Lord Bradley's Bed & Breakfast Inn - Noises in the dead of night,

heavy footsteps and apparitions. The former owner's daughter would see figures

wearing Victorian style clothing.


Fremont - Morison Canyon Road - When you go down The Canyon road you will find

an off ramp that will lead you down to a creek... That is if you can drive all

the way down the road... As you go down the road you begin to hear knocking and

at about half way down the road you will start to hear a small boy laughing...

Story tells that a young boy was killed in the basement of a cottage at the end

of the road...he was found by his parents hanging from the rafters, when his

parents called the cops they told them that there was no body in the house but

mass amounts of blood washing up at the creek banks... Legend tells that if you

make it down the canyon you can still see blood washing up on the creek banks

and hear a young boy laughing...No Trespassing


Fremont - Mission San Jose - Built in the late 1700's, Mission San Jose has had

a lot of curious history. A fire destroyed the original Mission, and the 1906

earthquake leveled the old church. Both have been rebuilt, the church about 12

years ago and the mission in the 1800's. There are cold spots and mists in the

mission itself, uncanny feelings and mists in the courtyard by the fountain. An

old cemetery adjacent to the church is the site of many disturbances, including

unexplained whispers and crying (several Fremont pioneers are buried here, as

well as countless Natives). Also in the church itself, where there are graves in

the floor in the Sanctuary and in front of the altar. Severe cold spits are felt

near the graves. Across the street from the mission sits an historic tavern,

where witnesses say they have seen several Native looking people in old clothing

cross the street and disappear as soon as they enter the courtyard of the



Fremont - Ohlone College - In the women's bathroom in building 3 there is the

ghost of a woman wearing a blue '60s style dress. She appears in the mirror.


Fremont - Washington High School - old Senior Hall - the rest of the school was

recently rebuilt, but the senior hall is part of the original plan. Students in

there at night including myself have reported hearing more than one set of

footsteps in the hall, even though they are the only ones in the hall.


Fresno - Adorable Poodle Salon - This shop had alot of poltergeist activity when

she was there. Large heavy plants that needed two people to move would be moved

when the owner arrived in the morning, when no one but her had access to the

shop. She hired a young woman to wash dogs for her and the "entity" really took

a liking to her. One day my mother was taking a break when she noticed this girl

working on a dog and periodically brushing her hand away from her neck as if

shooing away a pesty fly. The owner watched for a while as she continued to do

this, not seeing anything there, when suddenly, quite annoyed, this girl said,

"would you please knock it off?!" The owner asked her what was wrong and she

replied, "Your damn ghost won't stop kissing me on the neck!" It stopped kissing

her after that. The owner reported cold spots, lights on and off, doors opening

and closing by themselves and a general feeling of being watched when alone in

the building.


Fresno - Muex Home - This museum is claimed to be haunted by several spirits. It

is believed that most of the haunting is done by the Meux family. There are

others whom state different.


Fresno - Pindale Ave - This street is haunted by the SANDLADY of Pindale who has

been seen at night and believe to for no apparent reason throw sand in the eyes

of people walking by. When they clear their eyes they see that she has vanished.

The spirit is believed to look like an old Spanish lady carrying a small tote



Fresno - Raymond - There is a haunted (seasonal) fire station in the town. The

station was closed and lights came on inside. A door that would constantly come



Fresno - San Juaquin River - This ghost pretty much have been sighted along the

whole river but mostly the highway 99 overpass by Herndon. A lady and her 2 kids

were swimming in the river back in the 1950's when her kids were kidnapped. Not

too long after she died of allegedly died of sadness. Now her brightly white

colored spirit can be seen walking on top of the water in the river calling for

her children. Some say she has the voice of the wind and the Mexican American

community named her the IBRONA.


Fresno - the Vendo Company - this is a building that has existed for at least

one hundred years. Before it was Vendo it was Pinedale military base and before

that it was a lumberyard and in the beginning it was Japanese concentration

camp. In the mezzanine you get the feeling of someone putting their hands on you

grabbing you ankles, near the cooling tower a Japanese woman with half of her

face rotted off has been seen sitting on a green bench that is by a plant

entrance, the main building is where they were held and tortured. In what now is

receiving is were they were processed and killed there are many body’s buried in

the ground that were never removed. Sounds of choking whispering calling out for

help. there is a bathroom up stairs that a Vendo employee hung himself in 7

years ago is still there as a ghost till this day no one will use the restroom.


Fresno - Roosevelt High School - This school has 2 ghost, one boy committed

suicide in the boys restroom in the east hall. Then a boy felt to his death in

the auditorium while doing a presentation. These two boys haunt the school.


Fresno - Tyler Street House - This modest home has been the seen of terrifying

poltergeist activity since the mid 80's and continues to this day. This house

has had over 22 different occupants since the phenomenon started. Some have

reported seeing red eyes peer out through closets and darkened bedrooms. Objects

fly off countertops and there has been a bludgeoned body of a cat has been found

time after time in the upstairs closet found by each resident that has lived

here even if they do not own a cat or any animals.


Fullerton - Albertsons - Sometimes, when all workers leave, cans of food come

flying off the shelves leaving a huge mess for the workers to clean up. Also

there has been sightings of a old man with a cane who moans and groans. As it

stares you in the face, it fades away.


Fullerton - Cal State Fullerton dorm - Saw small green glowing balls around 2am

sometimes. Heard tapping on the wall adjoining to the room next door when

everyone in the apartment was gone. Heard noises (such as dishes clattering,

taps/knocks, "voices") when nobody else was home. Always had the feeling that

someone was watching you from behind but nobody was ever there.


Fullerton - Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity House - The spirit of a little girl who was

murdered in the ravine next to the house has been said to wander the house at

night, sometimes turning on water taps, turning on and off lights, opening and

shutting cabinets. Sometimes her laughter is heard in summer afternoons.


Fullerton - Plummer Auditorium - The tunnels that run underneath Fullerton are

accessible from Plummer Auditorium as well as other spots in Fullerton. Many

people will tell you of the "Tunnel Ghosts". These people are from many

different eras. One gentleman from WWII is said to follow visitors towards the

exits, when they reach the final exit lights, he vanishes.


Garden Grove - Garden Grove High School - Rumor has it that the ghost of a girl

named Lizzy haunt the Heritage Hall in the E building. It was reported that in

1933 while Lizzy was exiting from the building, the Long Beach earthquake took

place and pieces of the building fell on top of her. Lizzy was crushed and died

instantly. Janitors and teachers of the school reported hearing voices, doors

slamming, even apparition of a girl in a dress while working there at night.


Garden Grove - Midnight Adult Books - Supposedly a man was stabbed during a bad

drug deal back when the property belonged to a nightclub. Three Adult bookstores

all owned by one company sit next to each other where that club used to be.

Employees have reported sightings of a man in a cowboy hat who has a tendency of

entering occupied video booths and not being there when the clerks react, since

no more than one person is allowed in a booth at a time. Also the stores

experience odd noises at night and have the odd object fall off of shelves as

well as shadowy shapes moving about every now and again.


Georgetown - American River Inn - haunted by the ghost of an old miner.


Georgetown - Georgetown Fire Department Station 61 - A man from the Mining Days

of Georgetown was captured on digital camera, standing near the historic Fire

Department building. He smiled happily and pointed at the map on the buildings

side while volunteer fire fighters practiced ladder drills.


Georgetown - Georgetown Hotel - Woman who lost her lover committed suicide in

the miner days and jumped from the upstairs balcony. She is still reported to be

seen in the upstairs rooms.


Geyserville - Warm Springs Fish Hatchery - Reports of an elderly Indian couple

roaming the grounds. The main building was haunted by a ghost (woman) who called

the employees names and changed the radio station. four houses there had their

own encounters with ghosts. The shower came on all times day or night in one

house. One of the other houses reportedly had a spirit of a child that climbed

in the bed them.


Gilroy - Bonfante Gardens - At night after the park is closed, workers have seen

a small carousel in Claudia's Garden turn on all by itself. Lights, music,



Gilroy - Chictactac-Adams Interpretive Park - Chitactac-Adams Interpretive

Center, on Watsonville Road, is the site of an Indian burial grounds now buried

under the asphalt parking lot, drivers have reported that at night while driving

by, that their air conditioners in their cars will suddenly turn on & blast cold

air upon them. There are trails to take through the park to see ancient rock

carvings made by the once native Ohlone tribe. This was once the main village

for the area.


Gilroy - hwy 152 (blood alley) - There have been numerous sightings of a woman

searching for her child, hearing the sound of a stage coach and the snorting and

breathing of horses, and a rumor that a woman was killed by a truck driver and

she appears in the passenger seat of the truck, screams" and then vanishes.


Gilroy - Mt. Madonna State Park - Mansion ruins and surrounding area are Haunted

by Former owner Henry Miller and Daughter, Daughter has been seen in open fields

riding a horse, She was killed on site while riding a horse, she fell and broke

her neck. There has been ghostly visions on horse back in mist seen floating in

Hills for decades. Also reported, an unidentified man called the kiask at the

park to report this strange sighting to park employees. He stated that he and a

companion were driving down Pole Line rode which runs through the park at about

midnight, along side the wooded road a girl in a long white prom dress was



Gilroy - Old Gilroy Hotel - There are 2 ghosts that haunt this building. A woman

in her 20's and a little girl. Story goes, when the building was a hotel a man

went in and raped and killed 2 people. The woman is seen at the top of the

stairs, and the little girl is seen in the hallway. footsteps are heard, the

electric piano's keys are struck when it is not plugged in, lights go on and

off, the little girl is sometimes seen looking out the window, one employee

recalls being touched on the back of the neck by one of the ghosts. Doors rattle

as though someone is locked inside and can't get out.


Gilroy - South Valley Jr. High School - Inside old ROP building in the hallway

footsteps were heard by the nightshift employees. Upon investigation no one was

located in or around the area.


Glen Ellen - Wolf House - Jack London's House - The feeling of the place was one

of dread. Visions of seeing the house in flames and hearing cries for help.


Glen Ellen - rail road crossing - It's said that in Glen Helen by the rail road

tracks if you put your car in neutral with your car not facing the rail road

tracks and wait two through three minutes it is said that the ghosts of six kids

will start to push your car slowly at first, then with a rapid speed they will

try to get you to the tracks, if you try to stop, it is difficult if they have

gained their full speed! You can verify this by driving to the nearest gas

station and if you look closely you can see their little hand prints!


Glendora - Bennett Home - It belongs to the Daughters of the American Revolution

and after having purchased the residence in 1982 at their first monthly tea,

they all reported having seen the apparition of a lady whom was a former

resident, in the early 1910s'.


Glendora - Wal-Mart - This Wal-Mart is said to be built on an Indian burial

ground, and the story appeared in the local newspaper. An employees working in

the garden center heard the door alarm went off about ten times and felt cold

gusts of air through the room. There were only three workers there with the

doors closed and all of them experienced the same thing at the same time.


Gorman - Gorman School - Rumors that a little girl had died on the land some

time ago. When they built the school, they built the cafeteria over where she

was buried. The exact spot where she was buried, it is said that the cement

never dried and is always wet. She also has fun with the kids and teachers

there. Sometimes ahe has been seen running around the school.


Granada Hills - 118 Freeway eastbound - Apparitions of a family of 4 (mom, dad,

2 kids) standing at the side of the freeway, all looking lost and forlorn, but

with no broken-down car in sight. When you pull up to help they are gone.


Grass Valley - The Holbrooke Hotel - The downstairs reception hall is said to be

haunted by spirits that drag chairs across the floor, turn lights on and off and

voices are heard when no one is down there. The hotel was built in the 1800's

and has hosted presidents, actors and was at one time a brothel. Arletta Douglas

supposedly haunts the dining room named after her. Many of the hotel rooms are

haunted by former guests who made the hotel a second home.


Grass Valley - Jack in the Box - People that had worked there for years say that

odd things happened at night there, but the submitter to the haunted place

passed it off as "hazing the new girl." There's one ghost they call the "Miner".

He liked to turn off the soda fountain at the drive through during busy times.

They have also heard children's laughter in the lobby after the doors are

locked. Offerings of toys left on the tables are moved or disappear. They also

looked up one night and saw their reflection in the window, along with the

indistinct reflection of someone standing behind them, but no one was there when

they turned around. - February 2004 Update: The Jack in the Box has been leveled

and rebuilt.


Grass Valley - North Star Mine Lodge - Was converted into a Christian boarding

school in the 1960's. It was shut down in the mid 80's. Doors opened and closed

by themselves drastic temperature changes pictures flew off walls windows

opening and shutting these events were witnessed by quite a few of the other

students often by groups of us at one time the temperature changes and things

flying off the walls seem to occur at the same time.


Grass Valley - the Round Room - proceed past the fairgrounds 5 miles to the

dump, left on next road (Wolf Mountain) and take it to a 1/4 mile before you see

it dead end at the top of the mountain, sharp left on short dirt driveway, you

will reach the round room. Supposedly an old water tank, this place has been a

local legend for many years. Cold spots and apparitions reported. The acoustics

inside will amaze you. Story goes that Dr. Anton LaVey (founder of church of

Satan) moved his commune here in the late sixties, and held séances and rituals

in this room for several years. All inquiries made by the submitter of this

haunted place to validate this through the church of Satan were denied, and was

told they had no knowledge of such events. However, the locals that have been

here forever swear it to be true. Whatever the veracity of its history may be,

the round room has a deep and pervading negative presence, and be careful, there

have been several murders there over the years, reportedly by people in white

robes. Blood found but no bodies. Truth taken to the grave. please be safe.


Groveland - The Groveland Hotel - The Bed & Breakfast is haunted by the ghost of

an old miner named "Lyle". Lyle died in his sleep in his own room and hasn't

left since. You can stay in "Lyle's room" at the Groveland and possibly have

your makeup thrown off the dresser or the water faucet turning off & on

mysteriously. Lyle does not like people, especially women, in his room.


Guerneville - Mays Canyon Road- The stories began around June of 1991. One night

a young man was driving along Mays Canyon Road when he thought he spotted a

woman standing in the middle of the road. She appeared suddenly; at first he

believed he'd hit her, but later realized he'd passed through her figure with

his vehicle. Not long after -- perhaps a few months -- a girl (who had no

knowledge of the previous sighting) was walking along the road at twilight when

she encountered a woman walking the opposite direction. The woman asked the girl

if she knew some of the other boys who took walks down Mays at nighttime, and

the girl replied that she did. They chatted briefly and parted ways. Later, it

was discovered that her description of the woman matched that of the woman who

had been "run over." Because so many people have described dangerous or

frightening experiences on Mays Canyon Road, many of the detailswhere chosen to

be left out. - The submitter realizes this is frustrating, but they believe Mays

can be a dangerous place and don't want to cause anyone else to become hurt by

visiting the site and playing with the energies that are present. Always use

extreme caution.


Half Moon Bay - Highway 92 - When driving up 92(near Skyline Cemetery) at around

3:00 A.M you will feel a cold hand on your shoulder. When you look in your

rearview mirror you'll see a woman sitting in your back seat. It is said that

she was killed in a automobile accident in the 70's. They say she's looking for

a ride home.


Hanford - Bastille - Now a bar, used to be a jail. People died in there and now

tend to haunt the bar and frighten the cooks in the kitchen. New stairs leading

to the bathroom become old and frail on occasions.


Hanford - Calvary Cemetery - there is a mausoleum in that cemetery that opens up

every Friday people and tourists come to see this strange building they come to

visit friends family and to look around the building there has been some

feelings of strange entities in the mausoleum some people claim to hear voices

and others claim to see strange sightings of spirits that have been there for

over 47 years there has been a strange lady in a white dress circling the

building since the early sixties if someone can come and check it out and take a

picture you wont know what you will catch.


Hanford - Hanford Civic Auditorium - When first entering the Civic Auditorium,

there can be felt very cold breezes that pass by even when all windows are

closed. In the boys bathroom, there can be heard men talking about legal issues

when no one is around and occasionally, a lawyer in a older style brown suit and

rugged briefcase can be seen on Christmas day. Windows with latches come undone

by themselves, and the windows will open and close and re-latch on its own.

Within the Auditorium itself, ghosts can be seen on the upper balcony watching

an invisible show. The most noted person was a man in a black suit with a white

shirt on; he has dark brown hair and brown eyes, with a black mustache. He is

often seen applauding for an invisible show, and once done applauding he



Hanford - the old Hanford Sentinel Building - not much is known about the old

Hanford sentinel building now but it is said that a ghost inhabits the building

people said they sometimes hear noise in the building.


Hanford - Irwin Inn - Now a restaurant, the Irwin Street Inn is home to at least

3 ghosts. There are occasional slamming of windows, moving of bed sheets,

switching on and off lamps. Sometimes ghosts can be seen in the dining area and

on the second floor.


Hanford - Irwin and Bush intersection- sights of an old man in a chair back in

the hallway booming and laughing sounds and flickering lights creaking on stairs

when your not around them. If you go to the second floor you will see and hear

ghost and feel cool winds.


Hanford - Kings River Bank - A ghost has been seen by the workers.


Hanford - Old Mental Hospital on Irwin St. - The ghost of the head nurse can be

seen pacing on the front porch. If you sit on the front steps, she will come out

and talk to you and then ask you to leave. There is no power going into the

house, but a white light can be seen thru the front window and a red light thru

the back porch window (these windows are not aligned, so it is not the same



Harbor City - Harbor Park - aka Duck Pond - Its been said that at this park you

can sell your soul to the devil and as a matter of fact its been also said that

there was a "rap singer" that sold his soul and became real famous. They say

that the devil comes to you in the best of manner and has a very pleasant smell.



Hatward - Southland General Cinema - A former employee named George is said to

haunt the upstairs and theaters 4 and 5. Children sometimes come out crying

saying they saw someone when there was no one there. The theater is no longer



Hawthorne - Hawthorne High school - In Nyman Hall you sometimes see an old woman

in black wandering around there. And also lights go off an on mysteriously. In

the girls bathroom by building seventeen you can hear the sounds of a girl

weeping. In the same bathroom the toilets flush and the water turns on and off.


Hawthorne Blvd - Redondo Beach - General Cinema Theater I - It is no longer

used. The stock room could not be kept clean; boxes would always be opened,

overturned, and/or dumped on the floor. The faucet would turn on and off by

itself. Behind the concession stand, you could feel someone brush past you and

bump into you as you were working and the cabinets would be padlocked at night

and would be open in the morning, with the contents disheveled and strewn about.



Hayward - Cal State University - Ghosts are seen near Robinson Hall around 10pm.

A male & female who are not shy. The female is said to wear a "little bo peep"



Hayward - General Cinema Southland - The theater is haunted by George. He haunts

theatre 4 and 5 and the upstairs.


Hayward - Hayward Plunge - In the late 1960's a swim coach who taught at the

indoor pool next to the memorial park kidnapped all of his kids that he was

teaching and led them to this creek that is along side the trail in the back of

this park and left them there, told them to wait that he'd be back. The kids

stayed there all night until there were no more people around. The swim coach

returned and murdered them in the woods and left their bodies in the creek. It

is said that if you walk through the park at nighttime up the trail about 200

yards, you will witness many strange things. Mini- rockslides will occur in

strange spots, you will find yourself in cold spots and see dark shadows, as you

reach the circle clearing, stop and listen for a few minutes. You will hear the

children’s footsteps all around you, some laughing and running, some crying and

pleading for your help.


Hayward - Lone Tree Cemetery - Faces have been seen in the bushes. Strange

noises heard inside the graveyard. Things have been moved from headstones to

unexplainable places. Whispering and thumps heard when walking through the main

part of the cemetery. Lights flash and bells chime. Strange movements and dark

shadows in the distance. A few orbs have been seen with the naked eye. Many came

out on the camera. Strange noises heard on the video when played back.


Hayward - Vic Hubbards - An Employee was killed by a dropped engine block, some

employee's say he haunts the warehouse behind the shop. Haunting includes

"clowning on ricers", "stealing altezza lights"


Healdsburg - Madrona Manor - This Victorian era hotel is the home of a ghost

that lives in one of the ground floor rooms. A little girl does no harm and her

history is unknown.


Heber - Old Heber School House - Noises such as stomping and eraser banging are

heard especially at night. Before the windows were completely broken off, there

was one front window that was broken in the shape of a women.


Hemet - Hemet High School Theatre - The resident ghost of the theatre,

Christine, has left messages on the walls and on the roof. She has also been

seen onstage and in the backstage areas. Usually she is personified as a white

blurry figure that people see wandering the stage.


Hermosa Beach - Prospect Street School - Now used as storage for the city,

witness have reported hearing little children's voices but the school has longed

been closed


Hesperia - Main street Hospital - IT is told that a little girl named Sara once

lived where the hospital stands. She lit her house on fire and she died. So now

she haunts the top floor and is seen by employees at night.


Highland Park - Franklin high school - Reports of the apparition of a girl in



Hollywood - Laurel Canyon - There have been numerous reports over the years

regarding an intersection on Laurel Canyon. on several occasions at the

intersection of Laurel Canyon and Lookout Mountain Dr. people have witnessed an

old carriage pulled by white horses that seems to dart out onto the canyon road

from Lookout Mountain as though the horses are at a full speed gallop only to

disappear causing car accidents.


Hollywood - All Star Cafe - There have been many sightings of sprits in the All

Star Cafe. In the Ladies Vanity Room, there have been cold spots and lights

flashing out of no where. There were also a few sightings of a little girl and

boy running around the cafe and suddenly disappearing.


Hollywood - Beachwood Drive Apartments - Ghost of an old man is seen walking the

central staircase.


Hollywood - Chateau Marmont - Famous hotel from the 20's that has been home to

every legend from Howard Hughes, Marilyn Monroe, Boris Karloff, Jim Morrison and

of course is famous for site of John Belushi's death. Every kind of phenomena

has been witnessed here.


Hollywood - El Capitan Theater - suicide in balcony from suicide

seat felt. Weird evil feeling in downstairs lobby at night, old manager died in

office (now gone) Disney cannot get rid of sighting of ghost of

they walled off window where ghost was seen from the street, above entry way

doors. Projectionist died...ghost seen.


Hollywood - El Compadre Restaurant - There have been sightings of two ghosts who

walk near the piano after closing. The bar is also haunted by some unknown

presence by the large mirror in the wall.


Hollywood - Hollywood Forever Cemetery - This cemetery is mainly used to bury

old stars of the silver screen. One such star, Valentino, is visited by a "lady

in black." She has been reported to take Valentino, the heartthrob actor of the

silent 20's era, exactly 2 long-stemmed red roses. She is never disturbed and

walks into the mausoleum at night, every night. This is one ghost that can be

counted upon to be seen.


Hollywood - Hollywood High School - A young boy that goes by the name of Toby

committed suicide after his girlfriend left him for someone else. Many teachers

and students have reported hearing doors open and close by them selves, loud

hammering, objects moved from one place to another, a shadow roaming around the

auditorium (where he hung himself from) and unexplained sounds coming from the

second floor. Another young man reportedly drowned in the pool and has been seen

walking around the gym hall and pool.


Hollywood - Hollywood Mann's Chinese Theatre - Noises heard near the employees

locker room, flickering lights. People believe it to be the spirit of a worker

that hung himself in the early 1900’s.


Hollywood - Hollywood sign and Griffith observatory - Two people have committed

suicide of the Hollywood sign and there have been many sightings of weird

looking figures and lights by the sign late at night. From the Griffith

observatory, you can see the sign very well and employees there have reported

sightings of ghosts by the sign.


Hollywood - Immaculate Heart High School - Sometimes individual students see the

shadow of the nun when the closet's open In the drama room. The sound of

footsteps on the stage has been reported. One technician has claimed to feel a

cold breeze sweep across his neck while on the cat walk.


Hollywood - KCET studio - It has been said that a woman and two children haunt

one of the studios. My father used to work there. He would come back for lunch

and things would be moved. For example the big rolls? of heavy wire that cannot

be moved by even one or two people. They came back one time to find a of wooden

beam props moved from one side of the studio to the next - impossible. He also

said things would drop dangerously close to his head.


Hollywood - Mann's Chinese Theater - The Ghost of actor Victor Killian, roams

the sidewalk here, looking for the man who murdered him. There were odd things

that happened in the main theatre. Between shows when workers would be cleaning

the auditorium, they would often see out of the corner of their eyes black

shapes that would "fall" from the ceiling. Upon investigation there would be

nothing there. Also random times women and employees wouldn't want to go down

into the women's restroom. They would begin to feel odd and then change their

minds about going down the stairs.


Hollywood - Mullholand Drive - Errol Flynn's Former Estate - Residents in the

neighboring homes have reported lights of all shapes and colors on the property.

And noises of that of a social gathering or gala party going on. The most active

month is usually August, when these noises are heard on almost a nightly basis.

Very amusing considering that all that is left of the home is the foundation and

a tennis court.


Hollywood - Roosevelt Hotel - A stop at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a must,

as at least two famous, and several not so famous ghosts reside there. The

hotel's most famous haunting concerns a mirror which sits outside the elevators

on the hotel's lower level. The mirror originally was part of the furnishings in

a room which was frequently used by Marilyn Monroe. Several people have reported

seeing the tragic actress' image reflected in the glass of this particular



Hollywood - The Comedy Store - Was once a famous nightclub and restaurant in the

30's/40's and the basement is said to be haunted with an evil entity.


Hollywood - Todd A/O building - Apparently a worker back in the 70's committed

suicide in the building. Lights turn on and off. Things move on desks sometimes

even disappearing when no one is watching and chairs roll around on their own.

Security guards for the facility confirm that some nights a figure can be seen

roaming the halls and a quiet mumbling voice is often heard through out the

facility. Todd A/O is a final dub stage for the film industry and has been

around since the 60's


Hollywood - Universal Studios - Lon Chaney Sr.'s ghost is often seen running in

the catwalks above the stage, he is often wearing a phantom-like cape. He

usually lets his presence be known by opening and closing doors, flickering

lights off and on. One strange event that happens is the tinkling of a

chandelier that was removed from the set years ago, one of the original props

from the movie.


Hollywood - Universal Studios - Back to the future ride -Employees will clean

the area and close doors to the ride rooms. A few minutes later they will go

back to find candy wrappers on the floor and doors opened. Employees also

experienced cold spots. An employee stated a little girl died on the ride due to

an illness.


Hollywood - Vogue Theater - Built in 1935 and opened as an 800 seat movie

theatre in 1936. Nine entities have been documented since August of 1997. Six

children, an adult female and two adult males. Entities are extremely active and

communicative. allegedly including one particular spirit identified as "Fritz,"

a projectionist at the theater, who died in the projection booth. Other ghosts

here include a maintenance engineer, as well as a school teacher and her

students who were killed almost a century ago when Prospect Elementary School

(which used to stand on the site) burned down. The Vogue has been featured on

numerous network TV broadcasts, and it is claimed that most film crews have had

paranormal experiences inside the Vogue. (6675 Hollywood Blvd., east of



Hollywood - Wattles Mansion - There used to be a bus stop right in front of the

property, but it had to be moved because there were many complaints of

screaming, and mysterious sounds of horses galloping and whinnying all night

long. An apparition of a woman has also been seen on the grounds at night.


Hollywood - Wax Museum - during a trip to the museum, there were people there

that were saying that they felt cold spots, lights going off and on and voices,

right by the last supper.


Humboldt - Eureka - Granada convalescing hospital - at night toilets flush by

themselves and lights turn on and off. the buzzer and call lights come on at the

end of the hall when no patients are in them. once a wheel chair rolled across

the room by it's self. and in the middle of the hall around 12am to 4am you can

see an elderly man slowly walking in the middle of the hall but when you go to

help him back to his room he vanishes the closer you get. also creepy feelings

over come you some nights it's hard for cna's to finish there work.


Huntington Beach - Bolsa Chica Wetlands - An apparition of a boy about 11 to 13

years old dressed in all white has been seen around a bomb shelter, and when

spotted he will run around a corner and disappear.


Huntington Beach - Edison High School - At night when driving by the Edison

track on Magnolia Street strange lights can be seen dancing around the baseball

field. As well apparitions of what to appear to be people on the back soccer

field. In the boy’s locker room in the early morning showers turn on and off on

their own plus lockers rattle and bang.


Huntington Beach - Ethel Dwyer Middle School - is said to be haunted by the

ghost of Ethel Dwyer, a woman who went to school there as a girl and was then a

teacher there as well. When one drives by the school they can often see lights

on in various rooms where none should be on and strange, paranormal sounds are

sometimes heard coming from the school boiler room.


Huntington Beach - Huntington Beach High School - Young man named George hung

himself in the middle of a play in the auditorium. If he doesn't know you will

be performing, he will play tricks on you or hurt you. Performers must sign a

paper and put it where his rope is. If the rope is removed, the next play will

be ruined. Sets have fallen, been broken, and disappeared with no way to take

them out in the first place. People forget lines, lose their voice, are hit with

falling sets or lights (never fatal). Nooses used in a play will undo



Huntington Park - St. Mathias Mission House - it use to be the home of an

elderly couple who also died in here many years ago. Many people have seen an

old person at the mirror in where their living room use to be. A lot of people

have herd footsteps, weird moans and sounds, things fall and lights turn on and

off when no one is in the room.


Idyllwild - Idyllwild Arts Academy - McNeale Hall - The main boys dorm at

Idyllwild Arts Academy has been reported to be haunted. Some of the occurrences

have been: hearing running in the hall after lights out, hearing strange voices,

items being moved, as well as being touched by something when no ones there.


Imperial - Imperial Historic Cemetery - If you go out there late at night, you

get the feeling of being watched, It Feels so much colder once you enter the

grounds, there are really weird warm and cold spots in the graveyard, seems kind

of unnatural. It makes you want to leave right away. Stories of people taking

photo's out there and getting weird lights in them. Also of a monk like figure

by the entrance. Sometimes 1 to 3 shadow hooded figures, are seen late at night

by the front entrance to the left by the brick triangle, there are cold spots in

the same area. You get a eerie feeling of impending doom and of being watched

and not being welcomed. Weird lights have been seen there floating across the

graveyard from greenish blue to fire like red. A flame like mist has been seen

coming out of grave sights and then going back into the ground. Camcorders

sometimes turn off even though fully charged. It is very unsettling.


Imperial - Sunset Ranch Estates - Cemetery - A light from the cemetery is seen

every night. At some angles it is green, others its orange. It looks like its

moving - like someone is carrying it.


Imperial Valley - Along the canals and streams - The canals of the Imperial

Valley are said to be the home of La Llorona, which in English means The Crying

Lady. She was said to be Malinche, the wife of the Spanish conquistador Cortez.

An Indian maiden who was taken by lust during his stay, who also bore him 2

children. It was when Cortez was to return to Spain and told Malinche that he

would take the children and not her back to Spain that she temporarily went

insane and killed her own 2 children to prevent Cortez from taking them. She

then disposed of their bodies in a nearby river. It is said, that after death

she is supposed to walk along the canals and rivers crying looking for her lost

dead children. Reports describe her as a long slender ethereal woman dressed in

a white tattered dress. Reports have come from all over the Imperial Valley.


Indio - Indio High School - Indio High has been around since the early 60's. A

former caretaker reports many experiences. One occurred late one rainy night in

the front entrance of the school, it is an open space with a once fountain

turned garden in the 90's. One Rainy night he was out doing his job cleaning up

classrooms and campus when from the corner of his eyes he saw two figures in the

distance sitting at the fountain talking and kissing. He thought this was odd

considering its near midnight, it's raining, and at the time the school was

practically in the middle of the desert. So with out taking his eyes off of them

he began to approach them to ask them if they might need a ride or shelter from

the rain. As he got half way near the fountain the male figure wearing a varsity

jacket turned to him, the girl wearing a pretty prom like dress stood up and

turned towards the caretaker, that's when he realized they hadn't been affected

by the rain... there clothes were completely dried and puffy! They faded away

and disappeared. In the late 1970's or early 80's a group of students were

returning home from prom night, the driver didn't see a ditch in the road and

hit it, the car flipped killing 2 girls, 2 boys, and leaving the fifth person in

the car in coma for several years when she finally came-to she was left a

vegetable. Later she died at the age of 27 in her home. If you want to research

this info your welcomed to do so at the Indio Library, and Indio High School



Inglewood - Inglewood Park Cemetery - sightings of supernatural beings and

noises heard throughout the large cemetery.Employees have seen strange and

somewhat supernatural ocurrences.One such incident ocurred when an employee

tried to approach a woman who seemed lost but dissapeared before he could

approach her.


Irvine - BlackStar Canyon - It's located behind Irvine park and the signs that

say "no authorities will help you beyond this point" is a main reason why people

don't go in. It's supposed to be home of the "KKK" and strange sightings and

noises are heard such as running and screaming. Also lion type figures are said

to be walking on the mountain tops. "Warning" If you do plan to go take

flashlights because it's is freakishly dark (a sort of weapon would also be a

good idea)


Irvine - Irvine High School Theatre - A very talented drama student died

suddenly back in the 1970's. To this day, people working in the theatre at night

say that the friendly spirit often sits in the center of the house and can

sometimes be seen as a green faintly glowing region of the seating.


Irvine - Orange Tree patio homes - Oriental Man walking his dog, and practicing

his golf swings walks by the pool areas almost every night at 10:30pm.


Irvine - University of California Irvine - Campus Dr. - when driving alone at

night your car will stall and a woman will stand at your window. she asks you

for help to find her daughter but for some odd reason, her mouth doesn't move,

you just hear her subconsciously. you cant refuse because well, she ends up in

the passenger seat anyway. the story behind it is that a woman was looking for

her child after being kidnapped and she found out that her daughter was raped

and killed. she was in denial about it so she kept looking for her. she was

walking along campus dr. and went down to the ditch and never came back up.


Jamestown - The Willow Steak House - The Willow Hotel reportedly has been

haunted since the 1800s. Under the Hotel an old gold mine caved in and killed 23

miners, and now the hotel is haunted by these miners.


Joshua Tree - Joshua Tree Inn- Objects shake, move by themselves and sometimes

disappear only to reappear later.


Jamul - Jamul Indian Village - 100 year old church and cemetery. Located on the

Jamul Indian reservation. It’s said that on cold night you can hear the cries of

restless souls.


Jamul - Train Tracks - Around the 1950's a school bus full of children broke

down and stalled on the tracks. Suddenly a train came barreling toward them and

somehow the bus' door jammed so the children and driver could not get. The train

totaled the bus and killed everyone in it. Now if you go and park on the train

tracks at night strange things will happen. Such things are that you can hear

children laughing and crying, hear footsteps of children running, and hear the

children tapping and sometime even banging on you car. Also, it is a good idea

to keep the doors locked because the children will even try to open the doors.

Finally, if you put baby powder on your car when you leave you can see

handprints in the powder and sometimes the children even try to push your car

off of the tracks.


Keddie - Paluma County - Keddie Resort - The unsolved murder of a family took

place in cabin #28, and that writing appears on the walls of the cabin, along

with chairs moving and other phenomenon. The once deserted resort is being

renovated by a new owner, although cabin #28 has supposedly been demolished

after being condemned. A reader reports being there on Jan.24, 2003 and cabin

#28 still stands.


Keene - Keene Hospital - The old abandoned hospital can be found off dirt roads

in the back of the small town of Keene. It was once a huge TB hospital that

housed so many victims that it was eventually forced to close. Legend has it,

that in the children's ward you can hear kids laughing and talking. In the rest

of the building, strange voices and noises can be heard.


Kerman - Kerney Mansion - In this small town there is a historical place called

Kerney Mansion. Built around 100 years ago Mr. Kerneys mansion is surrounded by

trees. Railroad tracks near this mansion are definitely haunted. Seen by many

eye witnesses, if you cross over these railroad tracks at night you will

definitely see the Kerney witch who lives near by wearing all white pleading for

the cars to stop. Legend has it that she will follow your car or you as you pass

her, and if you look into her eyes, you'll die.


Kerman - Kerney Park - Witnesses have heard the laughter of children as if they

were playing when none are present at 1:30am.


Kern - Arvin - Arvin Mortuary - There's a ghost in the mortuary that they refer

to as the white lady, She has been seen many times, there’s also been many

sightings of a white light, there’s been many times when the PA system was off,

and you could still hear choir music clearly.


Kern county - Lone Pine - Recreation park off hwy 395 - a little girl sliding

down the slide wearing a pink jacket and a white shirt with pig tails small

maybe 3 or 4 years old scene at night 12/05/03


Keyes - Single T Canal - A mysterious lady with a bluish glow has been seen

roaming the banks of this canal. She has even been known to chase people until

they get off the canal bank. Legend has it that the woman died trying to save

one of her children caught in one of the irrigation pipes. She is known to

locals as The Blue Lady.


Kingsburg - Bangor St. - The old church on the north side of Bangor St. has been

the place of many unnatural occurrences. Lights have been seen in the building

even though it has no power. Doors lock and unlock on their own. People have

been seen in the windows at night, but during the day the building was boarded

up. An old man could be seen on the porch standing against the wall. He would

turn and walk through the front doors of the church. Humanoid figures with wings

and tails would stand on top of the roof. Something would swing from a rope in

the bell tower. You could hear the bell in the bell tower, even though the bell

was removed years ago. Windows that were nailed shut would open and close on

their own. Children have been seen playing in front of the old building. Glowing

orbs have been seen, and strange figures with no faces and no legs below the

knee have chased people off the property many times. - NOTE: the building was

torn down about four years ago and a house built on the property. The house took

an extremely long time to build, much longer than it should have taken.


La Habra - Estelli/ the hills - when going back sometimes you can hear voices

yelling. some foot prints of animals that have 7 claws, and loud wooshing noises

when getting close to the hills, but goes away when u get a little bit farther

away, creatures that move incredibly fast and make high pitched growls, with

spikes on their backs and dark clouds gather above and follow you back to

estelli. you get feelings of fear and the feeling ur not welcomed


La Habra - Friendly Hills Medical Group - building is now abandoned from

bankruptcy. Reports by security people of cold spats, toilets flushing by

themselves. Voices in hallways. Heart monitor heard in cardiac room. Some EVP

phenomena recorded. Feeling of not being welcomed. - UPDATE: The building is now

torn down.


La Habra - La Habra Depot Theater - Loud footsteps in theater. - Amtrak train

(used as a dressing room): Loud banging noises, vision of young girl peeking

around wall, vision of couple in Victorian couple walking (seen in mirror).


La Habra - Serria Vista school - people have seen goshtly things up around the

class room areas and on the street right next to the back of the school, people

run away from the school and when they look back there is something chasing them

( sounds like a lie but it has happend to many people) when you are there by

your self the swings starts to swing and there are creaking sounds all around

the school many sightings of a little girl in one of the girls restrooms


La Habra Heights - Hacienda Golf Club - This 80 year-old golf club has many

elderly members and a lot of these members passed away while at the club.

Strange occurrences at the club include noises, lights that come on by

themselves, and especially, there are dark shadows that move in the corridors

and on the golf course.


La Jolla - Muirlands Middle School - As you walk down the halls you can

sometimes hear people talking behind you an when you turn you find that there is

no one. In the auditorium you can sometimes the lights turn on and off by



La Mirada - Bristol Drive - In an old abandoned house down the street by the

park, a family used to live there and had a teenage son that died in the house.

The family moved out soon after. People claim to see the son at night in the

window, and claim to hear someone thumping down the stairs.


La Mirada - Creek Park - Late at night when you are walking down the stairs by

the horse trail or on the horse trail, people have heard a little girl screaming

for her mom. If you walk by the opening in the trees closest to the stairs

people claim to see the little girl looking at them


La Puente - Hurley Elementry School - Tetherball courts - They said two kids

were playing tetherball after school around 7p.m one of the kids hit the ball

and the chains wraped around one of the kids throat. The other one didn't know

what to do while his/her friend was choking. So the kid ran home.They said the

kid choked on the chains. Late nights residents say you could here a chain

hitting the pole on the court and a sound of someone choking.


La Puente - Nogales burgers - the father of the owner walks around at night

there have been many accounts of this happening. the owner has seen it many

times. so have security guards. this man died many years ago in a grease fire.

where he burned to death. there's also a wall with photo's that was once throws

across the restaurant.


La Puente - Nogales High School - Nogales is haunted by a spirit that wanders

the quad late at night. It is said to be the spirit of a young student who was

killed on the near by train tracks.


La Puente - Puente Hills Mall AMC - workers claim to see little kids running

around the theater and then they suddenly vanish into thin air. - Update & a

little background info: The Puente Hills Mall AMC theater was attached to the

mall until 1996 The Broadway Department Store was known by employees to be very

haunted. On the third floor, stock workers were frightened by music coming from

a locked and empty stockroom, and the area of the freight elevator was quite

simply a terrifying place for me to work in. Workers had feelings of panic and

chills. On the second floor, employees heard their names called by someone

unseen (this was a very common occurrence, experienced even by non-believers),

clothing would swing on racks as though someone were walking between the racks,

cool breezes and the sound of breathing were felt and heard in the stockrooms of

the Children's Department, and several times before the store opened employees

heard the sounds of someone straightening the racks in the Lingerie department,

and see two legs wearing black pants standing behind a tall fixture (on which

were hung bathrobes, etc.), but the sounds and legs disappeared when they went

to see who was working. All of this occurred both before, during, and after

store hours. Also, in the second floor freight area, they would see people

passing the door of the room in which they were working, but no one was present

when they checked the hallway. This, too, was a common activity. The first floor

had similar activities, but employees working after hours in the freight dock

would see what we thought were customers passing the windows of the dock doors,

but when investigated, the store was empty. One dock guy quit after he

experienced this a couple of times. The store was closed and torn down in 1996,

and the theater was built. Reportedly only one person ever died on the store

property: a manager had a heart attack while at work, and died while they were

loading her into the ambulance. A child was severely injured once while playing

on the escalator from the second to the first floor, and his blood stains had

soaked into the tile at the foot of the escalator and remained until the store

was destroyed.


La Quinta - Wal-Mart - Employees claim to hear a little girls laughter late at

night when the stores closed and they've also heard toys falling off the



La Selva Beach - Tyler House - What is now a teenage recovery house is the site

of the Leonard House were a family lived during the gold rush in the mid 1800s,

but moved to Aptos after a while. There was also a Jesuit Mission in the area,

both have since been torn down and the Tyler House stands in it's place. The

beach near by is also haunted by a boy who drowned there in the 1960s. The Tyler

House residents have experienced noises and objects moving as well as reports of

windows opening and closing on their own, a very haunted house.


La Verne - Damien High School - Towards dusk a large, fast moving white

mist-like cloud can be seen moving across campus in the direction of the

football field. It has also been observed moving across the football field. The

400 building towards the south of the school nearby by the gym is rumored to be

haunted by an unknown spirit. Late at night, it's rumored you can see the

hallway lights turn on by themselves and then see a shadow walking the hallway,

but there's nobody there when one tries to look.


Lafayette - Lafayette Park Hotel - Guests complain about a little girl calling

for her mommy and jumps on the beds. Apparitions, Pictures fall of the walls

vending machines dispense soda on their own, cold spots & doors slam.


Laguna Hills - Top of the World - Story is that a little girl that ran away from

home to her school because her parents where fighting. She sat on the swing

crying. The next morning the custodian found her, evidently she had died of

hypothermia. Reports of hearing and seeing a little girl in the play ground at



Laguna Woods - formerly Laguna Hills - Leisure World - Theater - Footsteps are

heard in the booth by staff in the offices below, especially when there is no

one in the building. Technicians have reported someone looking over their

shoulders during shows. Opinion has it that this is 'Bud', a former printer who

moved to Leisure World in the mid 60's and worked in the theater as its first



Lake Elsinore - The Abandoned Country Club - burned down - Reports of an eerie

feeling of not being welcome there. The place is in shambles on the inside and

is always unusually cold in the hallway to the right of the foyer. Strange

things are said to happen here frequently. **Update - has recently burned down.

very negative place it was when it was standing and the land and ruins that are

now left have not changed that cold place one bit... on one interesting note...

the country club burned down in a huge fire and didn't so much as singe the

properties surrounding it.


Lake Elsinore - The Chimes - Reports say it is currently being restored- People

have said that they have felt cold spots where the china dolls are located. The

spirit of the person who drowned in the pool has been seen roaming around in the

basement area.


Lake Elsinore - Divider Field (reflections) - Supposedly, 3 or 4 workers plowing

out the area for construction, were accidentally killed by some of the

machinery. Strange hot and cold spots have been recorded.


Lake Elsinore - Elsinore High School - In the early 50's, a freshman hung

herself in the back of the stage in the theater. She had been hurt and

embarassed in a hazing by the Soccer team. On several occasions, people have

claimed to hear a girl choking when there is no one in the theater.


Lake Elsinore - Main Street abondoned Hotel - On Saturday nights, It has been

said by many and also the mechanics shop that they often hear screaming inside

the hotel. The whole place is boarded up. Also they see a man in a janitors suit

looking down off the roof at about 1 am in the morning.


Lake Forrest - Best Western Hotel - Employees have felt uneasy around the bottom

floor rooms. EVP has been recorded and Photos have been taken in one of the

rooms. Cold spots in the kitchen area of the room.


Lake Tahoe - Periodically there are reports that a young woman has been seen

floating below the surface of the lake. She is dressed in fine clothing from the

late 1800s.


Lakewood - Saint Joseph high school - It is reported that at St. Josephs high

school located in Lakewood, CA, a young girl who killed herself her freshmen

year due to cruelness from upperclassmen and classmates, haunts the classrooms

every year on April 7, the date of her death.


Lancaster - Antelope Valley Hospital - Staff on 5th floor report hearing noises

and seeing doors move, eerie feeling when on 4th and 5th floors.


Lancaster - Cemetery - You can see a little girl dressed in old fashioned cloths

looking at you if you walk through the cemetery at night.


Lancaster (I & 90th) - Demolished Insane Asylum - Concrete slabs of cells still

remain. Voices can be heard late at night, along with screaming, and banging

noises on metal. People have even complained of being chased.


Lancaster - Lancaster Performing Arts Center (Lancaster Blvd) - It is said that

when the theater was first being built, an elderly woman was standing on the

stage during construction, and accidentally stepped back into the orchestra pit.

She landed on her head, breaking her neck, dying instantly. Actors who have

performed at the theater claim to have seen her ghost downstairs in the green

room and stairwell. Many see a black figure, other feel a strange sensation

causing them to want to get out of there immediately. No one has ever seen her

upstairs, they believe it's because there's nowhere to fall downstairs and she

feels safer there.


Lancaster - Shamrock Carpet Cleaners - Footsteps have been heard in the back of

the building and a telephone and carpet rolls have moved them selves a ghost of

a man has also been seen he is reportedly named George


Lathrop - Mossdale Bridge - A young man is said to have committed suicide by

jumping off the Mossdale bridge into the San Joaquin river below in the 1970's.

His ghost has been seen on the bridge at dusk wearing blue jeans and a red

checkered Flannel.


Lemongrove - Kentucky Fried Chicken - After an employee named Rudy died during

his shift, strange things started happening are security backdoor would open by

itself after closing. Feeling of not being alone. Dishes being cleaned when no

one was around. Other reports such as flickering lights, cold spots, and items

disappearing then reappearing somewhere else.


Lemoore - Kings River on Elgin - It is said that a woman had two of her kids

drown in the river there. She attempted to try and save them but in turn lost

her own life. Since then it is said that she can be seen walking in the bushes

with a lantern calling for her kids and asking for someone to save her kids, and

if anyone enters the water in an attempt to save them she then takes them under

in return.


Lemoore - Lemoore High School - Auditorium/English Building - Reports by many

students include shadows that move by themselves, two girls laughing in the

fifth row sixth and seventh seat, and the presence of a man on the balcony

wearing a bolo hat.


Lemoore - Lemoore High Theater - The theater is haunted by two ghosts. One is an

old man who died from a heart attack, he is said to be sitting in the last row,

his seat always stays cold. The other is a boy about 16 or 17 who fell from the

balcony when working spotlights for a play. People have said that they can hear

his screams....


Lemoore - Oddfellows Lodge - Each year on Halloween the local Drama Club puts up

a haunted house, The Spirits of the family that used to live there seem not to

like this. Since during the haunts People working there report Sighting Shadow's

of people wearing Victorian era Clothes, Cold Spots, Spots of Extreme Heat, a

Hallway that seems to be Unnaturally Dark, and when in there for long amounts of

time you hear voices call out your names and hands push you. A deep male voice

Telling us to LEAVE US TO REST, and sightings of Strange green, and Red Lights

on the roof. The Spirits are generally Menacing and People would find themselves

with a feeling of deep dread after spending long times in the building


Lennox - Buford Elementary school - right when you go inside the school there's

a tombstone of a teacher that died. They say that they seen her walking around

the school into he night. They also say that people hear voices by the

bathrooms. It just happens in the night.


Lennox - Hawthorne High School - Nyman Hall - reports of a former drama teacher

seen looking for his students. & there is a lady that only comes out when you go

up to the stage. You can see here up where the lights are.


Lincoln - Teal Hallow - Very few people have seen the ghost of a 4 year old boy

on a big wheel.


Livermore - Paterson's Pass - Supposedly, a class of children were taking a

field trip. On the way, the bus broke down. Everyone got out of the bus and

tried pushing it. The bus then rolled backwards and crushed all the students.

Now, if you go to the marker(157) put your car in neutral the students try to

push you. While they push you their finger prints appear on your car and you

hear footsteps on the gravel beneath.


Livermore - The Sanitarium - One night in 1789 a groundskeeper for the

tuberculosis hospital went crazy and shot all the children. They are screams can

be heard constantly.


Loma Linda - Monticito grave yard - Witnesses report a ghost dressed in white at

2:00 am and don’t look at the gate but you will hear something behind you like a

voice. But if you turn back at the gate it disappears and at Halloween you see a

fog at night.


Lomita - Fleming Middle School - The students share a legend of a haunting by

saying that one of the bathrooms is haunted. Someone supposedly died there and

now you can see her face in the mirror.


Lompoc - Burger King - long ago an boy went and hung himself in the ladies

restroom. When the store is about to close, a seat ends up in the bathroom the

very spot where he hung himself, but tipped over as if he kicked it so he could

be hanged. A worker saw a white ghostly figure standing in and staring at the

other workers who were closing up. When the last person leaves you can hear a

loud banging on the bathroom door, then when check it no one is there. There is

said to be cold spot when you sit at the table behind the straw despiser.


Lompoc - Mission La Purisma - The large chapel definitely has two separate

presences. One is of a priest. The other chapel presence is a young girl. She

was more than likely baptized at and lived at the mission. Her presence is

strongest in the back by the baptismal font. It is one of happiness and a

youthful playfulness, she was possibly a pre-teen.


Lompoc - Tahitian Village - Supposedly built on an Indian burial site (Chumash)

there have been voices and strange occurrences. Including hearing a faint voice

in one of the apartment closets of a man playing guitar, two men 'stealing'

goods from the pantry, and scratches on resident’s faces in the middle of the



Lone Pine - Train Depot off 395 - Eerie darkness in the baggage compartment. And

reports of a little girl behind the ticket counter with a doll in her arms.


Long Beach - Brooks College - The college was built on the site of an old Navy

hospital that existed during WWII. The hospital took in all the soldiers that

were wounded in the Pacific. The hospital was torn down and the dorms for Cal

State Long Beach were built. Many students report seeing men in Navy garb. A man

in a Doctor's coat is also reported.


Long Beach - Casa Bonita - Downtown on 6th St. - Casa Bonita is an extremely old

building that's recently been refurbished and restored in Downtown Long Beach.

It used to be a hotel a long time ago. Residents and visitors share stories of

strange noises being heard in the basement where the laundry room is located. A

woman screaming in the hallway where there was no one there for the screams to

have come from, cold spots in apartments and hallways. Hanging lamps swinging

when there is no breeze.


Long Beach - DeForest Nature Trail - Black Figures seen floating

around...moaning heard and children laughing...cold spots and screaming heard.

Especially by the end towards the riverbed trail.


Long Beach - Deforest park - There’s cold spots. Voices saying help me and

saying peoples names. Rapid footsteps. Spots where there are no sounds and then

all of a sudden a whoosh of extremely cold air. Whispering of more than one

voice at late night there is thick fog with in the forest and a beam of light

within the fog...


Long Beach - Edwards Cinema's 26 - Some of the employees claim that sometimes in

screen 1, they hear someone kicking the seats. Rumor is the morgue was where

theater number 1 was built on. Also projectionists claim that theater 13 has

paranormal activities going on and around the area. The vicinity of theater 13

is where most of the projection problems occur.


Long Beach - Long Beach Job Corps - Many people who live on campus have seen an

older woman wearing a white wedding dress walking the halls of there dorm rooms

late at night.


Long Beach - Los Ceritos Ranchos - Close to 300 people died there of a plague,

and it is haunted by the founder and builder Don Juan Temple, the bathroom is a

hot spot of activity with many cold spats around it, and a lady in white has

been seen in the Men's bathroom.


Long Beach - Marriott Hotel - Room 217 - Several tries more than necessary to

turn the television off; on several occasions while sitting on the bed you can

feel something or someone tugging at the bedspread; the feeling of being touched

by someone's hand at the top of your back as well as the sense of a presence in

the room. Very eerie and experienced by several people on different occasions.


Long Beach - The Queen Mary - It is said that a male ghost has been seen in the

engine room where he was killed while the ship was still in service, there have

also been reports of the sound of children playing in the pool; sounds of

splashing water in the empty pool area, accompanied by wet feet prints &

apparitions around the surrounding pool area. The most accessible haunted area

is near door 13 in the engine room, where a young man was crushed trying to

escape a fire. Another haunting area is the front desk of what is now the hotel

portion of the ship. Sightings include a mysterious woman in white & and a

couple walking though the hallway.


Los Angeles - Ambassador Hotel - Last year, during the filming of VH-1's "Random

Play" several crewmembers reported seeing a ghostly figure appear in a fourth

story window, lean and out and then disappear. Also, lights would inexplicably

turn on and off. Strange cold spots were felt and "shooting lights" were seen in



Los Angeles - Angel City Brewery - Formerly Pabst Blue Ribbon, this complex

houses one of largest artist colony in the world. Upon ascending the stairs in

the main building leading up to the rooftop, many voices could be heard. It

sounds like a hundred muted conversations going on at the same time. The sound

of trains and freeway traffic are audible until reaching the rooftop. Once on

the roof, even the visible freeway traffic and rail yard is dead silent.


Los Angeles - Bancroft Middle school - Late at night or in the morning, teachers

and even some students claim that in the main building on the third floor they

hear whispers and footsteps behind them and when they look back there is no one

there. Also, in the gym during physical education the lights suddenly go on and

off. Besides that, the janitor claims that all of a sudden the ropes to climb

will move by itself and the volleyball nets outside shake very hard.


Los Angeles - Bell Gardens - Suva Intermediate School - A Janitor who committed

suicide is said to haunt the 2 story building also one the art class there are

many cold spots and out of the corner of your eye you can see someone standing


Los Angeles - Belmont High School - The spirit of a young girl by the name of

"Arabella" haunts the Belmont auditorium. She has reported to follow actors and

crew around the stage during rehearsals, flickering lights, moving curtains,

turning on and off the faucets in the dressing rooms, and occasionally is heard

opening and shutting doors. Legend has it, she is the spirit of a young girl who

attended the once "Private Belmont School for Girls" during the 1900s and died

there shortly after a fire destroyed the school.


Los Angeles - Birmingham High School - It was a hospital in WWII. Reports

include voices at night and cold spots.


Los Angeles - Boyle Heights - Roosevelt High School - R Building - biggest from

all the rest and the building is 3 stories high and it long, a couple decades

ago the building wasn't 3 stories high it was four and it was to believe that

there was a fire and some student's the story, three students were

in a class room and it was a dance night in Roosevelt and one of the students

was spying on his girlfriend because he believed that she was cheating on him,

so he was just looking out the window down into the other students, and his

other friends the one's inside the classroom with him left and one of them was

smoking a cigarette and when he was going out the door he threw the cigarette in

the trash and the whole floor burned and one student died the one that was

looking out the window and that's what people believe that cause the

to this day teachers claim that when they stay late at night in the 3rd floor of

the "R" building they will hear footsteps, doors opening and closing and TV's

turning on and off by themselves and the same with the auditorium it's apart of

the "R" building as well...some students will say that they'll hear claps and

whispers when trying to skip classes eventually run out of there.


Los Angeles - Cal State L.A. Phase II - In the phase two section of the dorms at

CSULA, there is a storage room that is haunted. Once a room till the year 1999

it is has been known to emanate loud moans and screams, as well as residents in

that dorm and the dorm next door, being disturbed at all hours of the day and

night by persistent knocking and voices. The ghost of a blonde lady has been

seen in the area and has been known to ask residents of "her" dorm "Do you think

I would not know." The story goes that she came in to find her roommate sleeping

with her boyfriend, distraught and emotionally exhausted from midterms she

hanged herself in the hallway directly outside her roommates room for an eerie



Los Angeles - Cathedral High School - The Cold spots near the senior patio. In

the Yearbook/Newspaper room, the staff has heard noises on floor above them,

even though they were the only ones on campus. The yearbook newspaper room used

to be a chapel (still has the stained glass windows), said to have a negative

energy in the room. School was built over a graveyard. Coffin nails are still

being found in the football field. When it rains, there is a spot on the field

that never gets wet. Strange occurrences during theatre productions held in the

gym have also been reported, including a chair flying across the floor.


Los Angeles - Chinatown - Apartment on Centennial St - Footsteps in the living

room -doors opening with out the wind blowing and noises by the baby's crib and

it feels like someone is standing right next to you when your sleeping in the

living room by yourself.


Los Angeles - The Coliseum - In the 1960s a man fell off the top floor of the

sports complex to his death. Many people thought that he had been pushed, but

the court ruled it an accidental death. On night games towards the end of the

game an apparition of a man is seen on the top floor of the complex as well as

the sounds of screaming and a loud CRUNCH.


Los Angeles - Cypress Park Branch Library - This library opened in 1924,Over the

years several ghost sightings have been witnessed by numerous people. A ex

worker there once spotted a translucent male floating near the old fireplace.

Ghostly whispers can sometimes be heard in the men’s room. Cold spots can be

felt near the occult section and fireplace.


Los Angeles - Downtown - Cabin The First Interstate Bldg. (now called the AON

building) - The building on wilshire burned down on may 4, 1988. An engineer was

riding the elevator when the doors opened on the 12th floor, the place where the

fire was taking place. When they found his body it was shriveled and burnt.

Janitors have reported hearing noises and lights switching on and off on the

eleventh floor as well as the 32nd floor. Also, a couple of people commited

suicide by jumping off the top. One man jumped 'cause his wife left him. Another

lady a couple of years back, in the 90's. Her intestines were hanging off the

trees. But many claim the entire building is damned.


Los Angeles - Fairfax high School - in the rotunda shadows have been seen and

cold spots have been felt. A number of students felt the urge to jump off the

3rd floor balcony "when I walked past the entrance to the 3rd floor balcony, I

felt the sudden urge to brake through the gate and jump off". two people killed

by hanging themselves and jumping off. Cold spots have also been felt and light

flicker in the auditorium. One person died falling off fixing lights.


Los Angeles - Figueroa hotel - Sometimes the elevator will stop on certain

floors for no reason. When the doors open no one is there. Strange sounds

throughout the hallways and in the rooms. Televisions turn on in the middle of

the night by them selves and will not shut off.


Los Angeles - Fremont High School - The stage in the auditorium. - Strange

shadows and feelings.


Los Angeles - Golden Gate Bridge - One day, a young, 6 year old girl and her

mother were walking along the bridge. Later that night, a boy had been at his

girl friends house. They had been drinking, and he was still drunk. As the

mother daughter couple was walking, the drunk driver came speeding out of

control towards the mother. She had been around 6 feet in front of her daughter

to take a picture. The car came ramming into her, and the mother fell over the

edge of the bridge, and died. The little girl started crying, and yelling at the

driver, " Where is my mommy?" To this day, you can see a ghostly figure walking

along the bridge looking for her daughter.


Los Angeles - Griffith park - this old park known to a lot of people is known

for its tragedy history. History has it that previous owners of the park were

dying mysteriously. Today the parks camp road has been closed because of strange

happenings. Some people report to see sacrifices and other witch like ceremonies

been held there. but when they go the next day they would find no sign of such



Los Angeles - Highland Park - Franklin High School - The ghost of a deceased

student haunts the auditorium and the surrounding classrooms. The student had

died in the 50's and continues to be heard and seen by faculty and students

alike. loud unexplained noises are heard.


Los Angeles - Houdini's Mansion - It is a abandoned Mansion of the magician

Houdini. Many people say it is haunted and have heard footsteps on the large

stairs of Houdini's Mansion. Many apparitions of a man walking also is seen

through pictures.


Los Angeles - I. Magnun/Bullocks building - On Wilshire Boulevard near Vermont.

Now part of the Southwest Law School, the old department store built in 1929 was

converted into a law library. A security guard working there during its

renovation could hear a little girl's voice crying from the elevator shaft. It

was rumored that a man had pushed the girl into the elevator shaft, killing her

back in the 1930's. Other strange happenings observed were lights coming on and

off, windows and shades being open and closed with no one in the building, and

footsteps being heard on the stairway. Some construction workers reported

finding secret passageways that lead from Mr. Bullock's penthouse in the

building. Several construction workers had quit during remodeling due to

unexplained phenomena taking place in the building's clock tower.


Los Angeles - J.F.K. Library Third - Floor South - The story is that some people

who had been getting stoned in the third floor bathroom, experimented with some

laced substances. Resulting in a loss of their sanity and the bludgeoning of one

of them and at least one other. On the evenings near closing time, after hours,

and in the early morning the faucets turn themselves on and off, as well as

locked doors being forced open. There have also been reports of cold spots in

the restroom and in the area surrounding the bathroom. There is an eerie feeling

in that area and sometimes you can hear stoned laughter.


Los Angeles - John Marshall High School - Students believe the fourth floor is

haunted because of it being restricted. any info please email Haunted Places


Los Angeles - Knott’s Berry Farm - Mrs. Knott’s Chicken Dinner Restaurant a

ghost in one of the empty, windowless back dining rooms. looked like an old

woman and the busboy claimed it was simply a fog.


Los Angeles - LA County - Walnut - City Of Indusry - St. Mary's Catholic School

- Since the school doubled as an orphanedge, the kids also lived there.When the

school was running,kids played in the small field behind the school.One night, a

couple of kids (unknown how many) snuck out of their beds and went outside to

play. Then the next day the nuns found the kids dead outside. No one knows how

they died (or some make up stories) But if you go there at night you can hear

running inside the building and the sounds of swings and other children's toys

moving. The are also devil worshipers who write anti-christ slurrs on the walls

in blood which can be found through out the school. There is also a story that

someone was killed in the bathroom facillities behind the school either by gang

members or devil worshipers.You can see the handprints in blood and other stains

in side the backrooms.


Los Angeles - LA County Museum of Arts (LACMA) - According to security guards, a

woman was shot by her husband because she was sleeping with other men. She is

now a very active spirit supposedly begging men who visit the building that see

her to (to put it nicely) have sex with her as well as playing with the

electrical system. Contractors doing work at the site have left in fear and

never come back.


Los Angeles - Le Lycee Francias (up hill campus) - in the uphill campus for the

boys locker room is haunted. The lights go on and of then turn of. The door goes

slam and is look but from the inside. Some times the locker open and close by

themselves. Last seen in yr 2001-2002.


Los Angeles - Lincoln Heights - Lincoln High School - Underneath the school

there are tunnels where they used in case of bombs in the early 1900's. In the

1960's a mother of one of the black panthers hid her black panther son there for

3 years. In those tunnels there is an abandoned shooting range and you hear

those guns going off during school hours. And early in the morning around 6:30

when the hall lights are off you see student apparitions in the distance of the

oldest building there.


Los Angeles - Los Angeles Airport Marriott - Many strange occurrences have been

reported over the years. Apparitions of different beings show up in the lounge

on the 18th floor & in the parking garage accompanied by feelings of terror,

strange smells & sounds. Rumor is that the front office is curse - 6 suicides of

people who worked in the front office since the hotel opened in 1972.


Los Angeles - Los Angeles Pet Cemetery - The Little Rascal's dog Petey, Hop

along Cassidy's Horse and Mary Pickford's dog are all interred here. However,

the dead animal that does the most haunting here is Kabar, a Great Dane that

belonged to Rudolf Valentino. The dog died in 1929 but it's playful phantom is

still reported panting or licking people that wander near it's grave.


Los Angeles - Los Angeles Senior High School - There is a man who sings to Frank

Sinatra songs wandering the theatre, sometimes he opens and closes the elevator

door or sits in the audience section clapping unexpectedly. Usually he is

around, students and teachers have said to feel his presence moving around.


Los Angeles - Loyola High School - Reported noises and movement at night in the

field house. A classroom, which used to be a dormitory for students in the 60's,

is haunted by a student who killed himself in a trap door located on the ceiling

of the room. Students and even the teacher who uses the room report an eerie

presence there. The living quarters for the Jesuits is reportedly visited by an

apparition of a nun. The school itself is over 150 years old.


Los Angeles - Loyola Marymount University - The Strub Theatre - Said to be

haunted by an old lady who sits in the back of the house watching the stage.

Several actors have seen her in the audience while performing on stage and stage

managers, while locking up the theatre after rehearsals or productions. have

reported seeing her staring intently at the stage.


Los Angeles - Loyola Marymount University - Rains Hall students have reported

seeing strange apparitions as well as the ghost of a girl who died there from

heart complications in 1998.


Los Angeles - Manual Arts High School - The school's print shop believed to be

haunted by the ghost of its first print shop teacher who worked there for over

40 years. Students have felt someone looking over their shoulder as they worked

developing film in the darkroom. Witnesses have seen a man out of the corner of

their eye, standing outside the darkroom near the film drying area.


Los Angeles - Norwalk - AMC theater 20 - Little children and screams have been



Los Angeles - Neutrogena, Johnson & Johnson Corporation - There is a total of

three ghosts here at Neutrogena. The original founders wife was shot execution

style here and so was his son. Workers and security officers working late nights

will see a woman in a white dress walking around, a child playing in the factory

and running (there are no children allowed in the buildings due to the hazards),

and a strange growl.


Los Angeles - Occidental College - Erdman Hall - A room in the center, front

side of the of the 2nd floor of the Erdman Residence Hall at Occidental College

is haunted by two spirits. One of a young person, who plays friendly tricks on

the living in order to solicit their attention and friendship. The playful

spirit has been known to turn the water faucets on and off (not a plumbing

problem - the knobs have been seen turning on their own), the lights are tuned

on and off, the chain on the door is taken on and off, and written messages are

found on the walls. The other spirit is a dark and heavy presence that resides

in one of the room's two closets. This dark being can be felt late at night

typically when a person is trying to sleep - it has been described as a large

dark man who stands by the door and watches as you sleep. It is clearly not

friendly, but it does no more than make its presence felt. No explanation has

been offered as to the source of these spirits, but they are accompanied by a

few other manifestations in other parts of the building (but are concentrated in

this particular room).


Los Angeles - Occidental College - Newcomb Hall - Years ago, a student who had

been having problems being away from home sank into a deep depression. She hung

herself inside the dorm on the second floor. Strange things setting of alarms

and presence felt.


Los Angeles - Our Lady of Loretto Elementary - There have been reports of a

woman with red heels walking down an empty hall on the 2nd floor. Students get

the urge to climb the roof stairs and jump off the roof; a 5th grader did this

in the 70s. Lights turn on and off inexplicably, and laughter is heard in the

auditorium girls' bathroom.


Los Angeles - Renaissance Los Angeles Airport - Mostly strange sounds in the

rooms and the feeling of being followed and watched.


Los Angeles - Roosevelt High School - "R" Building - Most of the staff members

and student have reported that strange noises can be heard in the a auditorium

and lights go off and on when no one is there!


Los Angeles - The Dodger Stadium - Ghost seen sitting in the seats.


Los Angeles - The over pass over Pasadena Free way - Reports of a residual scene

of a murder happening - A woman running, a man running after her, when they

reach the edge of the over pass he grabs her to strangle her and throws her



Los Angeles - University of Judaism - When the school was first being built, and

there, kids and students use to come and hang out at night on the soccer field

that was there. A girl was raped, her tongue cut out and murdered. It is said on

nights in September and October, she has been seen her wandering the soccer

field, trying to scream and call gut the names of her attackers, and that if any

males wander down to the filed on nights she is out, they will go mute while on

the field.


Los Angeles - Virgil Jr. High Auditorium - Reports of doors opening and closing

on their own, low moaning sounds emitted from empty rooms, and ropes hanging

from a pipe in a bathroom stall (where a student allegedly hung himself). There

has also been sightings of a glowing clown like apparition.


Los Angeles - Walnut - Lemon Ave - The Lady was killed by car accident you can

see her crossing the street by 9:00PM through 3:00 AM.


Los Angeles - Westchester High School - It is said that 3 ghost haunt the

school. There is a young man believed to be 16-18 haunting the school. Back in

the 70's the boy was playing basketball for his PE class, as he went up for a

shot someone took his legs out from under him and he crushed his skull and broke

his neck. Late at night after hours you can hear the young man playing and you

can encounter a ghostly figure walk up to you and ask " Do u got game "? then

laugh and disappear. The other two ghosts seem to be a couple. They are seen all

over the school every now and then. They will disappear when see by other

people. The couple will follow and mess with you until you leave.


Los Angeles - Westwood - Dykstra Hall - Supposedly there is a lively spirit

still hovering over the third floor of the dormitory, where a couple of years

ago a young student (overwhelmed by life) committed suicide by hanging himself

in the dormitory closet. It is said that the kid killed himself across from one

of the restrooms, where creepy noises can be heard during the night.


Los Angeles - Wilson High School - A running figure can be seen along the track

of the high school. This person was said to be running at a time late at night

when some gang members saw him, and chased him with their car, killing him. Now

this runner haunts the track. Another haunting at Wilson is in one of the dark

rooms in the photography class, reports of being pushed around and even locked

in the room. Also, a figure of a football player sitting on the bar near the

docks can be seen, it has been said that after a game, he was sitting there, and

fell back about 8 feet, hitting his head and killing him. Reports of the

apparition of a boy seen sitting from a window he was pushed from.


Los Angeles - Palace Theatre - The vaudeville-era Palace at 6th and Broadway is

said to be extensively haunted by spectral stage workers and theatre guests. One

of the seats near the front of the house supposedly is haunted by a man who was

shat there when discovered out on a date with the wrong woman. Two old stage

hands bicker in the wings. When a show stinks, the spirits make their opinion

known by lobbing invisible rotten eggs at the stage. Ghost hunters have

identified nearly two dozen individual hauntings in the building. There is some

mischievous activity, but nothing particularly scary.


Los Angeles - University of California - Dykstra Hall - Dykstra 10th floor

showers turn on by themselves. Not a drip, but a full force shower, when no

one's in the shower area. Residents will turn them off, and they'll turn back

on. RAs have been sent to investigate and the problems were reported to

Facilities who didn't find anything wrong with the showers.


Los Angeles - Venice - Venice high school - it has been said that auditorium

lights and sound turn on by themselves sometimes while events are taking place

also screams being heard in the control room also the place gets very cold

sometimes the auditorium and the school itself has a long past history of many

events and the decor itself of the auditorium is very eerie old style just a

weird feeling when you walk in there when empty it has been said that in fact

there is an entity haunting the place.


Los Angeles - Venice Beach - Westminster Ave. Apartment Bldg. - Charlie Chaplin

used to own several of the large buildings that sit near or along the famous

Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles. In the day, these buildings were commonly

used as bath houses or lodging for wealthy vacationers. Today, these buildings

have been converted to apartment buildings for the local artists, musicians, and

other creative types that now inhabit Venice Beach. Incidentally these buildings

cradle around the famous Building Number 26 on Westminster Ave. It has been

documented in print as well as Chaplin's films that during the early 1900's he

did much of his filming in and around these properties on Westminster Avenue. In

1915, during the filming of "By the Sea" Chaplin's stunt double mysteriously

disappeared from the film set. Production was put on hold for three days and a

full on man-hunt was instated. After turning up empty-handed, it was assumed

that the long time friend of Chaplin's must have quit and left on his on

recognizance. The studios that were financially backing the film, were losing

money. Under haste, Chaplin was forced to replace his stunt double and continue

production of the film. On the seventh day after the disappearance, Chaplin

returned to his dressing room after a day of shooting. His dressing room was

located in the basement of the now famous Building number 26 on Westminster. It

is documented that Chaplin, while accompanied by an entourage, entered the room

to discover his stunt double and long time friend lying dead on the floor, wet

and covered in seaweed. The man appeared to have been deceased for several days.

How he had ended up on the floor of Chaplin's dressing room after missing for

almost an entire week, is still to this day a complete mystery. The "now"

inhabitants of the famous building claim to still hear strange noises emanating

from the walls of somebody walking through shallow water. Other noises include

moaning, and sounds of someone distantly crying for help. In addition to the

assortment of disturbing sounds, there have been several sightings of what

appears to be an apparition of a man bound by the hands and feet standing in

luminous corners of the large building. Quite possibly the most blood curdling

detail of all these sightings is what the man is seen wearing. He's dressed the

same way he was the day he disappeared. A Chaplin-esque tuxedo coat with tails

and the proverbial black derby hat.


Los Angeles - Vista Linda hospital - the elevators, operate by themselves...

there are terrible odors in the third floor, the smell of sick people. cold

spots, and sudden chills. In the crematory there’s lack of air, its very dry and

eerie when you walk in.


Los Gatos - Beaux Cheveaux Hair Salon between North Santa Cruz Ave and Village

Lane - Reports of mirrars falling from walls.


Los Gatos - Green Valley Disposal Company - The ghost that inhabits this old

house where there is now an office is named Julius. He has played with the

electric calculator on one of the desks even while someone is sitting there. At

night you can hear a chair rolling across a wooden floor upstairs and the

upstairs is carpeted. There is also a cold spot in a room where things were

stored and also the office downstairs was so cold you had to wear a coat and

there was nothing wrong with the heating or cooling system. Also, upstairs, in

the cold storage room the filing cabinets would open and shut very rapidly and

then stop. At one time a new phone system was installed, and within a week it

completely shut down, the engineers could not even explain it and while calls

were being put on hold he would disconnect every call on hold!


Los Gatos - Opera House - A ghost is known to haunt the Opera House in downtown

Los Gatos. The ghost has been caught on camera and is known to pull instruments

from musicians playing at weddings in the banquet hall.


Los Gatos - The summit of the Santa Cruz Mountains - On Old Santa Cruz highway,

going toward Los Gatos, a young woman of about 17 or 18 roams around. She can be

seen sitting on the side of the road, or walking at twilight.


Malibu - Moonshadows Restaurant - In the women's restroom, the water faucets

have been known to turn on by themselves.


Malibu Lake (Agoura Hills) - Malibu Lake Island - The Lady of the Lake -

Believed to be haunted by Margaret Hersh Robertson. Margaret (1907-1993). Every

morning, as was known by many lake residents, Margaret would swim out to the

island. She did this early every morning. She has been sighted numerous times,

after her passing, swimming seemingly along side a startled couple in a canoe.

Her figure was just below the surface of the water in a bathing cap.


Manteca - Cinema 10 - The last theater in the hall way on the left of the cinema

is haunted by 2 ghosts, a young boy and an elderly man. A fire broke out

supposedly when the place was a drug store in the late 1950's, killing at least

3 people. late night workers hear voices and tapping on the upper level of the



Manteca - El Rey Theatre, Brewery - The old El Rey theatre in Manteca burned

down some decades ago the night "The Towering Inferno" opened, owners renovated

it and turned it into the Kelley Brothers Brewing Co. it is said that there are

still hot spots from the fire, and ghosts of dead firefighters and movie patrons

are said to wander the restaurant looking for a way out.


Manteca - Home Depot - An apparition of a girl has been seen twice by employees

working graveyard shift .Some nights after closing, music and laughter has been

heard. When workers go to check it out the music and voices stop. December

Update: The details of the story behind the murder have been removed out of

respect for the family.


Manteca - Psycho home - There was a home that every one called it the Psycho

home because the old lady that lived there was Psycho. She had 13 dogs and 13

cats. If one cat dies then all the cats die's. Then after she killed them all

she made a home for them. She kept all the body's. If someone came on her grass

she would go get a died cat a scare you. Now if you walk in the home you hear

the died dog's. and cat's.


Marin - Camp Bothin - The camp used to be an old tuberculosis Hospital and an

Indian residence before it was made into a girl scout camp. It is said that at

night you can hear and see the ghost of a nurse pushing her cart down the

hallways and patients who died there moaning and groaning. It is also been said

that Indian spirits have made appearances.


Menlo Park - Ravenswood - There is a woman in a trench coat, standing under an

old-fashioned street lamp, that can be seen at night waiting for a ride. But if

you look back, she disappears along with the street lamp.


Modesto - Ambulance Station on Granger - The building that now houses workers of

a local 24 hour ambulance service also holds the ghosts of former residents. It

is said that back in the 60's two parents killed their three children in the

house. Also, as recently as the early 90's, an old Indian man died in the house

alone while praying to a religious alter. This room, where the old man died is

avoided by the current occupants due to cold and ominous feelings of dread. The

employees of the ambulance service have witnessed; doors and windows opening and

closing at will, objects moving across the room, the shower turning off and on,

the sound of voices and children playing in the house, the sound of footsteps,

and recently while one employee showered she heard a voice yell "Get out!" This

sent the employee out of the bathroom, out of the house, and onto the front lawn

where she stood trembling under a wet towel. The house is not hard to find, it's

at the corner of McHenry and Granger right next door to a skateboard shop.


Modesto - Red Lion Hotel (formerly Holiday Inn) - Sounds of people talking

loudly in kitchen when no one is in there. Loud crashing of plates and trays has

also been heard. According to an employee who has been with the hotel for 27

years a woman was killed in the kitchen by an enraged boyfriend. There are also

rumors of more than one person killing themselves in the kitchen. Also while on

in the parking lot patrol security has heard the sound of breaking glass as near

as two cars away-upon investigation there is no cause for the sound. Rooms 420,

206, and 152 are also all reported by guests and employees to be haunted.

Especially in room 152 where all the electrical equipment in the room turns on

and off by itself. The room has been checked many times for electrical problems

and none can be found.


Montebello - Cantwell High School - while working on the second floor of the

main building for homecoming week. fellow students were working late on

decorations with a teacher. the intercom makes three beeping sounds to let the

room know that a message is going to be relayed through the front office. the

three beeping sounds were made and know one was working the front office. the

students heard whispering noises and went downstairs to check it out. one of

them saw a balloon in the middle of the hall and popped it. right when she

popped it the lights went out and screaming was going off all over the place.


Menlo Park - Coleman Mansion currently Peninsula private school - It is haunted

by the ghost of the original owner's wife who was accidentally shot by her

husband. Students and faculty have seen her in the "Big Building".


Merced - Applegate Skate Park - Reports of a headless skater appearing. The

skater is said to have tried a trick and fallen on his head and he broke his



Merced - Girl Scouts Island, Yosemite Lake - a lady and her daughter went out on

a small boat ride while the other girl scouts were sleeping. The daughter had

fallen into a whirlpool and the suction pulled the boat under leaving the mother

behind. After the mother died after grieving years, it is said she goes into the

girls tents now and look for her daughter and sings to the girls and strokes

there hair.


Merced - The Tower Theater - The Tower Theater is said to be haunted by the

ghost of a young women said to have killed herself by jumping off the tower peak

after being notified that her fiancé had been killed in the war. People have

said they have seen the women in the theater asking if they have seen "Johnny".


Merced - Yosemite Lake at the tower - The story is told that in the 1970s at the

boat tower. A mother had taken her two kids swimming and were jumping off the

tower. The kids had drowned from hitting shallow waters. The bodies were never

found. Every night the mother would drive her car out there and would look for

her kids. She had past away and still to this day you will see a car drive out

there and see a woman in a long flowing gown with her arms out crying and

calling her for her children.


Milpitas - Ed Levin Park Cemetery - The cemetery is now closed, but even in the

daytime, electronics will shut off, start on own, loud moans can be heard,

flashes of lights and car problems. Very cold in spots.


Milpitas - Marsh Road - In 1980, a Milpitas High School student raped and

murdered his girlfriend, leaving her body underneath the small bridge on Marsh

Road, high up in the hills, in the middle of nowhere. Underneath the bridge is a

very foul odor; electronic devices are drained of power. And when people go

there at night, a white truck tries to run them off the road. When people pass

by the bridge late at night, there have been witnesses who claim to have seen

the ghost of the girl. As the driver looks at the back view mirror, she will

appear in the reflection, but as you look back, she's gone.


Mission Hills - San Fernando Mission - Apparition of a lady in a white dress

with a white scarf on her head praying at the front row of the chapel that



Modesto - Acacia Cemetery - A very old cemetery, many people have heard a very

mournful crying/screaming while driving through the cemetery even in daylight

hours. Also, a very horrible feeling of foreboding often comes with hearing

these cries and screams. One couple, just using the cemetery as a short cut,

heard & felt it, ”The sound and feelings were very alarming in the fact that

they seemed to be all around us, as if inside the vehicle with us. It was a very

frightening experience due to the fact that it was indeed broad daylight when

this occurred.”


Modesto - Blockbuster Video - At one of the two Blockbusters on McHenry Ave in

Modesto, most employees have witnessed this entity. It seems to be male and has

a desire to make contact with the living. After closing, he will activate

battery operated toys that are sold in the store, open and close the locked

bathroom door, turn the lights off and on and then off again, and most

frightening of all, he speaks to the employees through the store sound system.

When all trailer tapes have stopped running and the satellite TV display has

been shut off, the ghost has been known to say things such as... "shh...

listen," and "you've been bad..." Another incident that took place was after

midnight when a manager and another employee went into the office momentarily

only to return finding over thirty movie cover boxes stacked neatly on top of

each other in the floor. This scared both people so much that they didn't

investigate until the next day. The boxes were stacked in a corner of the store

that the security cameras had no coverage of, so their story to their co-workers

the next day was not taken seriously.


Modesto - Dry Creek Running Trial - Joggers have claimed to see the figure of an

Indian man when running near this creek. Some say that the spirit of the Indian

is watching over the joggers who run the trail. Others believe he is protecting

the sacred land. There is also the spirit of a young man who haunts the bridge

on Clause Road. It was reported that he jumped off the bridge into the shallow

creek and died. Joggers have reported that while they are running in the early

morning or late at night, they can hear a shallow yell or scream along with a

splash. - October 2003 Update: This bridge is at the intersection of Claus Road

and Scenic Drive. About 1/4 mile north of Johanson High School.


Modesto - Modesto High School - The spirit of a young man paces the balcony of

the Modesto High Auditorium. There are also reports of knocking noises heard in

the main hallway---where the floor slopes by the sewing room---that are coming

from the tunnels that used to run under the school.


Modesto - Vintage Faire Mall - 4 girls said to have been raped and murdered

haunt a store in the mall.


Mokelumne Hill - Hotel Leger - Hotel owned by George Leger in 1880, He met an

untimely death, shot in gambling argument. Anyway odor of fresh cigar smoke is

still smelled in his upstairs room. Owners always happy to give a tour.


Monrovia - Azteca Building - Supposed noises are heard there, and an apparition

of a lady in gray white (not too clear, on that) is said to haunt the place.

This place is located on Foothill Blvd. near the corner of Myrtle.


Monrovia - Clifton Middle School - Band Room - its been known that a ghost walks

the band room late at night while the chorus girls are getting ready.


Monrovia - Monrovia high school - janitors and teachers have said that during

the night in the second floor of the main hallway you always feel like your

being watched and it sounds like someone is sneaking up behind when you are



Montebello - AMC Montebello 10 Theatres - This theatre is haunted by a spirit

who was stabbed and later died when the theatre first opened. Most of the

activity occurs around theatres 8 and 9. Theatre 9 is always eerily cold, even

with the heaters on. Upstairs in the projection booth above #9, lights turned

off by employees sometimes mysteriously come back on. It is also said you can

see a figure's shadow when movies are on against the wall in theatre #6.


Montebello - Bluff Road - Near the intersection of Washington and Bluff Road, at

the site of the Battle of the Rio San Gabriel that took place in 1847. Spanish

soldiers have been seen walking around and sometimes follow passers-by.


Montebello - DoubleTree Hotel -If you turn off the lights in the room before

going to sleep, you may find the lights back on in the middle of the night when

you wake up to use the restroom.


Montebello - Rosemead - Whittier Narrows Park - The figure of a Spanish

conquistador on horseback can be seen occasionally around the intersection of

San Gabriel Blvd and Lincoln Ave. It is said he drowned here looking for his

gold buried near the river's beach. Mysterious fogs roll in and out here a lot

as well.


Montebello - Temple B'Nai Emet - The halls of this building are virtually

covered by darkness for most of the time during services. Three children have

been known to cross the hallways from one door to another that are completely

adjacent to each other. It was once said that three children were taken into a

restroom stall by their father, and each were killed by slitting their throats

because their father was extremely sorrowful over the death of his wife, and

murdered his children to eliminate his memory of his love.


Monterey - California’s first theater- originally built as a boarding house for

whalers in the early 18th century, it was converted into a theater, the only

theater in California long before we became a state. is said to be haunted by

the ghost of JACK SWAN. his voice can be heard calling down from the attic where

all the costumes and props are kept. the voice has an electro magnetic effect as

if it were on an intercom or crackling speaker system. loud enough to startle

several troupers, ushers, bartenders, etc...they say it is JACK SWAN who built

the old wooden pews in the 19th century. he wants to compliment all the actors

on what a fine job they did with the show! they were really whooping it up or



Monterey - Robert Luis Stevenson House - The Lady in Black haunts the second

floor of this boarding house where famous writer Robert Luis Stevenson lodged

during his stay in Monterey. The Lady in Black is supposedly the proprietor of

the establishment and haunts the nursery where her grandchildren died of



Monterey County - San Lucas - Salinas River - Every Halloween night there is a

new report of the crying woman. She is mistaken as La Llarona. Each year the

kids go on dares to walk the river past the bend. One year, the kid never came

back. One year the first girl ever to do it was actually helped by the ghost.

She was walking too close to the edge when the ghost pushed her away. If she

would have fallen it was a 50-foot drop in about 2 feet of water.


Moorpark - Gravity Hill - after the road dips down a small hill, if you stop and

put your car in neutral at the bottom of the hill, your car will slowly drift

backwards uphill! It’s supposedly because ghost of children killed there in a

wagon accident are pushing your car.


Moreno Valley - Nason Street - Years ago, a bus occupied with children

supposedly broke down and was hit by a large diesel truck, pushing them over the

freeway overpass. There were no survivors. It is now said that when a car visits

this site, when shut off and put in neutral, the spirits of the deceased

children will push the car UP over the overpass. This only works when going

South. In addition, baby powder sprinkled/poured on the back of the vehicle will

allow handprints and footprints of the children to be visible. Sometimes

laughter and footsteps can be heard late at night.


Moreno Valley - Old Hospital/Elementary School - In Moreno Valley, off of Nason,

there is the old hospital. When the new hospital was built, the old one was

turned into a small school for only the lower grades. The story goes that a

deranged man came into the school with a gun where he took the students and

teachers hostage. In the back, there is 2 sheds, one big and one small. It is

said that he took his hostages here and killed many of them and then turned the

gun on himself. The old school is now closed and many have been inside since.

Inside, people have said they see figures of children and hear the cries.


Moreno Valley - Priest Hill - if you put your car in neutral on 'Priest Hill'

the priest who had broke down on the road, he will push your car up the hill,

with your foot not on the pedal. if you put flour on the back of your car, you

will see the handprints.


Morro Bay - Morro Bay High School - have been reports of strange occurrences in

both the "old" gym and "new gym" lights turning on and off, cold spots, etc.

supposedly a young boy died while falling off the bleachers in the old gym and

is said to haunt it.


Morro Bay - Pirate Ship Playground - Reports of two boys playing on the pirate

ship in the playground late at night.


Moss Beach - The Moss Beach Distillery - Unusually shaped building is the

current home of the "Blue Lady". Building used to be a speak- easy during the

prohibition. A woman who worked at the establishment was married to a seaman,

but had an affair with a piano player. When the husband returned from Alaska and

found out, he then murdered her on the beach below. The Blue Lady is a friendly

and mischievous spirit.


Mount Baldy - Ski Lifts - has a ghost of a man wearing all white. He seems to be

from back in the mining days. He is wearing a white suit, with a white hat. He

has a mustache as well.


Montebello - Montebello high school - back in the late 80's a woman was hung in

the c building. Now if you walk by C building late at night it is said that you

can hear a woman struggling. In the auditorium when the lights are turned off

and you are by yourself you can hear people laughing at you and hear mysterious



Mountain View - Moffett Field - There are several building on the old Naval Base

that are reported to be haunted. One is the old infirmary, which was built in

the 1930's. When the base was still operated by the Navy, Security Police

Officers would check the building at night and reported seeing a little girl

dressed in old style clothing inside staring at them.


Murrieta - French Valley - Boston Scientific Company - Witnesses report a ghost

of a young girl around the office area between the cubicles. There are no kids

allowed or anyone allowed in those spaces would have to officially check in the

front office area. Also, in the woman's restroom next to the lunchroom, people

have sighted the faucet turning on and off on it's own. If you are there alone

in the restroom, you can hear in the last stall someone unrolling the toilet

paper. In the clean room, items coming out of the bio machine have been thrown

straight across the room and you can also feel someone blowing in your ear.


Murrieta - KEA Milling - All the windows and doors on ground level are cemented

up, so you cannot enter the building, and there are no stairs inside. On some

nights you can see a girl about 15-18yrs old sitting on the ledge of the middle

top window wearing a light blue dress. If you look up at her a feeling of

sadness comes over you and your eyes get a little teary.


Murrieta - Murrieta Valley High school - Apparitions of kids and equipment



Napa - The Napa Cinadome - is said to be haunted by two ghosts that look like a

couple. There is one spat in the last theater room in the building that gets

cold enough to shed ice aver your coke, when you sit there you also feel like

someone is watching you


Nevada City - The National Hotel - Apparent hauntings occur here. Built in the

late 1800's the building was restored recently with the exception of the left

wing. Lights flicker, cold spots and creepy feeling in this wing of the

building. The hotel has hosted miners and tourists who come looking for



Newberry Park - Stage Coach Inn - The Stagecoach Inn is an original stage stop

and hotel. Pierre was killed in the original Inn. When the Inn burned to the

ground in 1969, or so, it was re-built in another location using the original

blueprints. It seems Pierre moved with the Inn. Pierre's room is colder than the

rest of the upstairs, the docents have opened the Inn in the morning to find the

upstairs runner rugs rolled up, the books in the upstairs library stacked on the

floor, the sound of someone walking upstairs can be heard downstairs when no one

is on the upper level. Several docents refuse to work upstairs; they feel like

they are being stared at. A man has been seen several times looking out of an

upstairs windows. There have been several reports of conversations with an

older, oddly dressed man who vanishes when turned away from.


Newberry Springs - Mojave dry river bottom from Minneola Rd to Harvard Rd - The

spirit of the "hatchet lady" is said to roam the river bottom at night with

hatchet in hand. It is said she is the cause for many people’s disappearances

when they walked near the river bottom at night


Newark - Newpark Mall - In the TILT arcade doors won't unlock and appear to be

stuck. At night when workers used to turn off all the games in the brake rooms

(there are two of them) some of them would switch back on when turned off no one

else was there to do so. One of the workers spent the night there after working

late one night and heard a little girl screaming in his ear. Always having the

feeling of being watched when alone. Some of people that have been there say

they have seen a little girl in the emergency exit door way and just disappears

through it.


Newark - Newpark Mall - Anchor Blue - There is a ghost in the stockroom; it used

to harass one of the female employees. It would push things over when she was in

there alone. When in the office, we would hear loud crashes in the stock room,

but when we would look on the camera, no one would be there. When in the stock

room, you can hear the fitting room doors slamming shut when the area is empty.

In the mornings, we would come in to hear the sensors beeping in the jean wall;

we would dig through the piles, find the pair of jeans, and then turn the sensor

off. Later on, the beeping would start up again, but in a completely different

place on the wall.


Newport Beach - Balboa Island - In 1993, two kids went swimming & were killed by

a rip tide. At night, strange sounds are heard and flashes of light are seen

under the water.


Newport Beach - Coronado Apartments - An apartment on the first floor of the M

building is haunted by the spirit of a woman. Muffled voices are heard, phantom

music emanating from the kitchen, lights turned on and off, cabinet doors

opened, and she has appeared as a full apparition. Apparently there was a death

in the apartment that could contribute to this, but the woman’s apparel seems to

be from a time predating the apartment complex's construction.


Newport Beach - Wild Goose - John Wayne's boat docked in Newport Harbor is said

to be haunted by the Duke himself. Several maintenance workers, passers by, and

Mrs. Wayne have seen the spirit if the actor walking the decks of his beloved

yacht, or waving from the top deck.


Niles - Niles Canyon Road- A "White Witch" or "Niles Canyon Ghost" - A young

woman who's last name was Lowerey was on her way to a wedding possibly her own.

Riding in a horse drawn carriage near the way stop of Scott's Corners, (between

Pleasanton and Sunol, CA. Area is now Highway 84/680) she was thrown from the

carriage when the horses were spooked by the first of two oncoming horseless

carriages (car). After she was thrown the 2nd car struck her. Miss Lowerey

became the first person to ever be killed by an automobile in this area. Many

have seen a woman in white by the cemetery and near by areas, accompanied with

strange lights. - November update: A paranormal researcher found there's quite

an extensive collection of newspaper clippings that was donated to the library

by a journalist. The clippings go back to the turn of the 20th century, so they

cover the period when the "accident" happened. According to the first journalist

to report on the supposed haunting, about ten years after the date in the 1920's

when the woman was popularly held to have died, there was no mention of anyone

dying in an accident in the canyon, and county records of the time listed no

account of the body of anyone who had supposedly died in Niles Canyon. There

was, in the early 50's, a young man who dressed in a white sheet and jumped out

in front of motorists near one of the bridges on Halloween. He scared someone so

bad that they immediately drove to the nearest phone and called the police, who

arrived in force (owing to the legend of the white witch) and drew guns on what

they thought was the ghost. The young man was almost shot, though he was not

arrested, but he had to be taken to a coffee shop where it took him until 2am to

calm down sufficiently to go home. The supposed "white witch of Niles" actually

follows the scenario of a common fake ghost story, that being the "hitchhiking

ghost" story. The Niles ghost is most commonly said to hitchhike to one of the

bridges in the area, where she disappears at the tollbooth. There is no cemetery

that they know of in Sunol, which is at the top of Niles Canyon Rd. Similarly;

there is no Morrison Canyon ghost. Morrison Canyon road is a primarily one-lane

road that leads up to the 680 freeway. There's even a radar-testing facility up

there somewhere, complete with life-size wire models of helicopters and planes,

mostly upside down. Now, on the OTHER side of the coin, there ARE photographs of

orbs in Mission San Jose's church and in the graveyard, though the investigator

does not own them. The church, the cemetery and the grounds are VERY active.


Narth fork - the old church - built in the mid 1800. The town was once the stop

for the Yosemite stagecoach. The church sets on a hill overlooking the town. At

night you can see a light in the bell tower and the bell rings. This has been

happening for so long the residents consider it normal. The only problem is the

bell hasn't been in the church for 100 years and it has never had electricity.

It still continues to this day.


North Hills - James Monroe High School - Witnesses have heard loud footsteps and

opening and closing of doors when the halls are lonely. The girls gym room is

haunted students have heard lockers open and close when no one is present.


Norwalk - Chavez Elementary School - Inside the main school, it is known that a

former Principal and possibly a child haunts this school. From balloons passing

down the halls, door knobs attempting to turn by themselves, slamming doors, and

a cry or screams of a child somewhere inside the hallways of the building. The

alarms go off in the building for unknown reasons late at night.


Norwalk - Metropolitan State Hospital - There have been sightings of ghosts in

one of the occupied buildings. A woman was seen walking threw a wall and another

time was spotted standing by the shower room. Dark figures have been seen in

office areas and noise comes from the kitchen when no one is in there. A mist

was seen floating knee high down the hall then disappearing into thin air. This

activity has happened between 2003-2004. There has been talk of things prior to

this but nothing spcific.


Norwalk - Norwalk high school - A boy in the 1980's at the age of 15 was working

out by him self in the weight room when a bar fell on his on his head while

bench pressing , crushing his head and bled to death he lied there on the floor

till the janitor found him dead. It is know that you could here him still

working out at night.


Oakland - Holmes Book Company - haunted by male ghost that throws books around.


Oakland - Mills College - Ethal Moore Hall - The ghost of a young woman waiting

at the steps of Orchard-Meadow hall. There is a ghost carriage haunting the road

behind this residence hall as well as Mary Morse Hall. For more info go to for a longer explanation.


Oakland - Mills College - Lisser Hall - Lisser Hall is the campus theater, and

said to be haunted by someone walking from one end of the stage to another. For

more info go to for a longer



Oakland - Mills College - Mary Morse Hall - the ghost of a man in one of the

rooms has been reported. There is a ghost carriage haunting the road behind this

residence hall as well as Ethal Moore Hall. For more info go to for a longer explanation.


Oakland - The Pardee Home - located in California’s Preservation Park Historic

District. This house was home to California's Governor (George Pardee

1903-1907).Pictures showing orb's have been taken, but no naked eye sightings.

The rest of the park is also haunted with orb's having been photographed.

Pictures coming soon in the gallery courtesy of Tim Dennehy ("Specter" Ghost

Hunting Society)


Oakland - Oakland S.P.C.A. - Many employees have seen an older woman in the pet

crematory gardening. There is only one gardener employed at the O.S.P.C.A. and

it is a man. However, the Real gardener states that he never has to do any

gardening behind the gates of the crematory because it is always weed free. Many

employees have asked who the lady is weeding in the crematory, when their

supervisors are approached with this question they simply state. Its is a ghost.

We don't know why or how she came to garden at the crematory but are grateful

that she does a wonderful upkeep of her area.


Oakland Hill - Jouquin Miller - There said to be a ghost that haunts the park at

night. One foggy night, in the Oakland hills, a woman crossed the street and got

hit by a truck. She died and her spirit did not rest. This very day, she haunts

the park. Rumor is that the park made the spirit a hut and a model house. When

it gets dark, people had reports that they had seen a ghost.


Oceanside - El Camino High School - Sometimes the image of a student who hung

himself on a tree by the 400 building in 1990 is seen.


Oceanside - Hunter Steakhouse - The Hunter Steakhouse in Oceanside, California

sits on a hill above the Buena Vista Lagoon. The land it sits on was originally

the site of the Buena Vista Cemetery, and it seems that not all the spirits

followed when the graves were moved. Patrons and employees have constantly

reported incidents. The stairwell to the bar area appears to be the home of a

female spirit. There is a storage room above the lower dining area and entrance.

The room is constantly locked and hardly used. But for some reason the spirits

prefer this location when the restaurant gets busy. There are three windows up

there, and although they can't be opened, people feel drawn to gaze at these

windows. Also from the second floor an apparition has been reported moving

across the room from the fireplace in mid-air. Several people have heard there

names called by both male and female voices. Like many other locations of

hauntings, objects moving and power surges have been reported as well. The

submitter of this haunted places reports seeing a face of a male form out of the

chimney, ever so briefly, but it felt welcoming. a former police officer has

written about this. He patrolled this area in the 1980's, while working for the

Oceanside Police Department. But the food is Great too.


Ojai - Creek Road - There's 4 ghosts here that roam this road. One is a guy they

call "Chairman" because he is burnt to a crisp. They say he stalks the road

seeking revenge on who ever killed him. The 2nd ghost is a woman who rides her

horse down the road recklessly till she comes to the curve where the horse rears

up & she falls, breaks her neck & dies instantly. This is on the anniversary of

her death & the scene replays till daybreak. The 3rd is a woman hitch hiking

down the road in her blood soaked wedding dress. No one knows who she is or why

she was killed on her wedding day or why she hitch hikes this road. The final

ghost is of a motorcyclist who rides down the windy road at break neck speeds &

navigates wonderfully considering he's headless.


Ojai - Ojai Valley Inn - Anyone that stays in room number 5 will hear banging in

the closet, and a bad smell.


Ontario - Antique Underground - This is a fairly new antique store on Euclid

Ave. in Downtown Ontario. If you look real closely in one of the old mirrors you

can see the ghost of a young girl, maybe six or seven years old. She is smiling

at you and giggling. Also, in the underground portion of the store you can hear

glass shattering and a woman's frustrated screams but when you go look to see

what's going on, nobody's there and no glass has been shattered.


Ontario - Chaffey High School - When in the auditorium the lights go on an off

by themselves and if you are going under the auditorium in the old bomb shelters

where props are kept a green light is following you. It is said that it is a

student who one night was in the auditorium on the stage and fell into the pit.

Also up in the light room a girl haunts after committing suicide in the

auditorium off the balcony.


Ontario - Field between airport and freeway - There is a tree that grew up in a

big open field where the bodies of an airline crash were laid. The tree grew

twisted and has a depth to it. As you approach the tree you will hear the

ruffling of thousands of crows on branches but you cannot see them.


Ontario - Hotel Beverly - hearing foot steps on the 2nd floor when no one there.

seeing shadows in the southwest 2nd floor corner window. glancing up at the 3rd

floor south corner window. and certain areas of the basement cold spots. lights

flickering, fire alarms being set off all happening all times of the day. all

witness by neighbors, staff at the old hotel and passer.


Ontario - Kmart on 4th st. - In the ladies room back in the lay-away dept. if

you are in the restroom alone. once you are in the stall the other stall door

will slam shut with no one else in the restroom.


Orange - Seal Beach - Boeing Co. site adjacent to Naval Weapons Station-

apparitions doors opening and closing, behind security personnel as they make

their patrols. strange breezes that blow inside of bldgs, a feeling of being

watched by unseen forces, strange footsteps that just fade away upon approach,

disembodied voices, guard vehicle, lights turn off, as well as prior running

engines, when guard is out of the vehicle. strange balloons that appear in the

parking lots at night, which take on a life of their own, then mysteriously

vanish, this was the prior Rockwell site, also built over burial grounds of the

ancient Indians. many similar haunting phenomena being so close to the Naval

Weapons Station. Even Seal Beach Police Dept is aware of the ghosts.


Orange - Seal Beach - U.S. Naval Weapons Station - Built over ancient Indian

burial grounds, also built over Orange County historical site, known as Anaheim

Landing. Anaheim landing was an early seaport circa 1849. At the turn of the

century, it was the main beach for people to use, it had a boardwalk area for

shopping, food and refreshments. the Bolsa Chica wetlands and marsh areas merge

into its boundaries. PHENOMENA; Strange shadows that move about at night, Ghosts

of Indians have been seen, footsteps follow security personnel around at night.

whispering voices have been heard, throughout the complex. lights go on and off

in buildings. spirits knock on the vehicle doors of security officers at night.

nature spirits, have been perceived, as well as a spirit called a water diva

,have been seen. Various different ghosts have been seen throughout the weapons

station, blood chilling screams, and spine tingling moans have frightened many

night time security personnel. The location vibrates with history, and some

hauntings are residual, other ghosts interact with the living. It is an area

,which should be investigated by parapsychologists, many people have died in car

accidents on Pacific Coast Highway, which runs thru the beach area, or south end

of the Naval Station.


Orange County - Black Star Canyon - The site of multiple Indian massacres dating

back to the time of Spanish occupation, Blackstar Canyon is home to many strange

phenomena. Indians said to have been spotted both roaming the ridges on

horseback and walking the creek for a few steps before disappearing completely.

Many night hikers report the feeling of being watched, and the sounds of an

invisible presence pacing them shortly off the trail. Screams and howls haunt

the night along with the faint chants of an age and people long past. Note: If

you are planning an expedition to Blackstar Canyon, travel in groups as it is a

very dangerous place, and pay no mind to the homemade "Private Property" signs.

The Orange County Sheriffs Office has confirmed that all of the trail is in fact

open to the public, and those signs were hung some time ago by squatters

attempting to keep people off the land.


Orange County - Holy Sepulcher Cemetery - There is said to be a woman in white

roaming the cemetery. She usually rests in one place. People have witnessed a

candle burning at all hours of the night, even when the wind picks up. The

candle flame appears to change color and shape, not actually flickering, but

changing shapes. It will go from being a complete circle, to a half circle with

a defined edge to being tear shaped. This light is in the same place every time.



Orange County - LaVeta Train tracks - There is a ghost of a male in his late

teens early 20's who died a tragic death in the late 1940's next to these

tracks. This spirit seems to be very hostile. Reported by people walking by the

tracks that have no knowledge of the "legend" and hear distinct whispering (one

such incident, the entity whispered "I see you") as well as feeling strange

rushes of air, as if someone is running past them. Cold spots , the feeling of

not being welcomed are also felt. Those that have seen this entity describe it

as a male, between the ages of 18-22, that is dressed in garments from the late

40's/early 50's. The spirit seems very territorial, and resides in a small area

between/in a small gap in between 2 buildings and a moveable dumpster about 20"

to the right of the gap. "He" (by those that have seen him) generally appears to

be a full-body apparition and stays stationary until "his space" is disturbed.

He tends to show is dislike by slamming the lid of the dumpster. 1 witness

reports, "It was completely `pen (folded along the back of the dumpster). As we

all turned our backs to the dumpster, the lid slammed closed with incredible

force. There was absolutely no wind and no one in the area besides us. Whoever

this spirit is, he does not take kindly to strangers."


Orange County - Las Flores - In Las Flores there has been some witch craft going

on and it has been terrible. People or ghosts have been terring down street

lights,lamp poses,and ect.It has to be haunted if its not than who is doing all

this stuff.


Orange County - Olive Hotel - There are several ghosts and ghost stories. The

one that sticks out is the one about (the ghost in the closet) People have

rented this room and opened a closet door only to find a mans body hanging by

the neck. This is a man who committed suicide more than 50 years ago .


Orange County - Orange High School - Teens at Orange High School claims that a

young girl(age 15-18 yrs) from about 20 to 30 years ago committed suicide, in

the girls bathroom in the Theatre. Sometimes the lights in the theatre turns on

and off. When you are by yourself in the theatre you can feel the air get thick

and a strong feel of coldness of wind come toward you. The bathroom door to the

girls bathroom, starts closing slow but then the door slams hard.


Orange County - Reports of a young lady in a long flowing white gown or wedding

dress. She was always seen back in the service area behind a manufacturing area

sitting on an electrical transformer housing. As she was approached she just



Oxnard - Los Arbolitos Apartments - Lamps would be on after the residents had

turned them off in the morning, reports of a glass slowly edged its way into the

sink and shattered as if someone pushed it. Often times while there alone the

scent of lavender would waft passed our noses for 2 seconds. It is a rumor that

the place is built a top a cemetery that was moved down the street; only the

bodies are rumored to still be in the ground.


Oxnard - Old St Johns Hospital- it is said that you can see spirits of some sort

staring down at you form the top windows, if you are walking on the sidewalk

near the hospital you can hear strange noise.


Oxnard - Performing Arts Center - In the dressing rooms of the theater the doors

will not stay closed (over night) and the lights will not stay off so they don’t

bother turning them off anymore. Some have reported feeling coldness there and

talking in the green room.


Oxnard - Rose Ave - Passing Central Avenue - This road is said to be haunted by

a female who was killed in a car accident. Many years ago a drunk driver hit and

killed a female as she was walking down the road, dragged her body with his car

hood and hit a tree, cutting her in half. It is said she asks for rides and as

soon as you past her up she’s in your back seat.


Oxnard - Rose Shopping Center - Wal-Mart - the toy department of Wal-Mart is

haunted by the ghost of a 7- 9 year old Mexican American girl, wearing a blue

dress, with two pig tail braids, some say she looks to have been from the

fifties or late sixties. Workers at night have heard and seen balls bouncing

around by themselves, or cold spats. The girl herself has been seen by a number

of people who say sometimes she is seen in a full apparition form (solid) or at

times misty with half body visible. The ghost is playful often giggling, and

smiling to workers who close up at night and come across her. Before Wal-Mart

was erected it was all field and from elders around town the little girl may

have been the victim of an accident since at night it was fairly treacherous to

pass because it was pitch black and a number of people have been killed in

accidents or, victims of random homicides. the whole complex where Wal-Mart is

located (the rose shopping center) may in fact be haunted because of all that

has happened over the years.


Oxnard - Santa Clara High School - Santa H was estbablished in 1901. there have

been many reports of numerous hauntings. nuns used to live on the premises and

there have been a number a reports of people seeing a hooded figure in the

hallways floating. there have aslo been voices and chanting coming from the old

chapel that is no longer used. the most popular ghost at santa clara is named

joey. joey was a student at the school in the early 50s, when he was killed in a

car accident on his way to a basketball game. there have been several reports

from teachers and students of hearing a basketball in the gym late at night and

locker doors slamming after the room has been locked up.


Pacifica - Eaview twin theaters - Update: Now Closed down - When the place is

empty you can hear font steps, things get moved around. Workers report being

chased out by something.


Pacoima - Charles Maclay middle school - girls locker room - Witnesses report

cold spots, also feel a presence around you of a little girl that runs around

the locker room when you’re alone. Others have reported an Aztec Indian in full

dress at the school.


Palmdale - Lake Una - Sierra Highway and Ave S - Ghost of a fisherman has been

reported to lash out, slurring viciously, ordering them to leave, also tales of

black figures climbing into the trees and vanishing.


Palos Verdes - Glass Chapel - The city of Palos Verdes is surrounded by hills

and peaks. The city is somewhat eerie and lots of nearby cities go there for the

views and the ghost stories. Glass Chapel is just one of the haunted venues. You

must park a mile away walk to get there on a highway because the cops will pull

over any car even near the vicinity. The chapel has trails which lead into the

hills. The Chapel itself is scary and freaky looking. Funny things happen at the

door of the chapel such as pagers and cell phones going crazy. Cars that are

parked miles away have problems too such as the engine freezing, remember it is

California and it isn't that cold here.


Palos Verdes - Light House - It was something to do with a lady and her baby.

Possibly, they used to be the keepers of the lighthouse. Rumor is she killed her

baby then committed suicide. People say that if you go there at night you can

either see her or hear a woman screaming.


Palos Verdes - Rancho Palos Verdes - Wayfarers Chapel - The Wayfarers' Chapel

was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. and overlooks the cliffs and ocean. The

garden behind the church has had much activity including indistinct wispy fog

shapes at night. A giant white owl that appears and then disappears. Voices that

call people by name. An old Indian man that appears off in the distance weeding

or tending the plants who vanishes when approached. Behind the church, up in the

hills, is rumored to be a small cemetery that might be the source for some



Palos Verdes - Rocky Point - (3 miles S. of Redondo Beach.) Apparitions of dead

skin divers, odd traveling lights, voices.


Palos Verdes - Vanderlip Mansion - the wealthy Vanderlip family lived in a

mansion in PV, one day the wife went crazy and chopped up her family and buried

them in the walls of the house. She also killed her two dogs and then hung

herself from a wooden beam in the living room ceiling. The dogs reportedly haunt

the yard and scare away trespassers. The woman and her family still haunt the

house itself. Sightings of glowing dogs have been reported and members of the

murdered family have been seen in the windows of the abandon house. Sometimes at

night you can hear the children crying for help.


Panorama City - Optometry - when alone in the office you hear people talking in

the lobby after closing hours. Some employees have said when alone they feel

someone behind them and when they turn around, there is no one there, also in

exam rooms you hear a little boy laughing and caresses your hair.


Parker Dam - Intake Pump Plant, Metropolitan Water District - Workers there

today report hearing whistling and keys jingling when there is no one else



Pasadena - abandoned asylum - Off of Green St. Located right under suicide

bridge. people have reported hearing voices, seeing orbs, and feelings of anger

and feel very unwelcome. Doors have been reported to move on their own. Woman

rumored to have killed herself unable to handle the voices after being at the



Pasadena - Angeles Crest - Old Hotel - On Lake St. where it ends near the

mountains of Angeles Crest, there use to be a old hotel on the mountain, people

have numerous things around the old ruins and around Echo mountain in Angeles

Crest, where the hotel use to be.


Pasadena - the bridge of Fair Oaks Exit - A murder has occurred there, if you

look carefully you can see a woman and her husband either dancing or fighting.

Also at the front yard a girl has been seen about the age of 2 or 3 running

around with a doll in her hand.


Pasadena - The Castle Green - There have been door knobs that turned when no one

was in the hall, shadows passing under the doors, footsteps heard, faucets

turned on in some apartments, heavy perfume smells, chains rattling. Some

apartments are more haunted than others.


Pasadena - Green Street Hotel - It is said that a ghost woman has been seen on

the very top floor of this hotel in an all white night gown.


Pasadena - haunted forest - Strange noises, and people following you can be

heard there is a haunted house on the hills to and a mental hospital


Pasadena - The haunted mansion - nestled in the hills overlooking the Colorado

bridge ( suicide bridge ) a old run down mansion zigzagged with caution tape and

broken and boarded up windows reveals a lurky layer of ghost / ghost of wild

animals and even voices


Pasadena - Sacred heart - It is said that a nun, a priest, and the children that

were molested and murdered still linger through this area and school. it is also

been witnessed that there is a rope burn still embedded in the over pass on a

bridge when you drive up towards the school .


Pasadena - The Colorado St. and Scoville Bridges - Heard galloping horses; seen

spirit coyotes surrounding a particular figure with some sort of head dress; and



Pasadena - The Historic State Landmark Theater - Was once a College of the

Performing Arts, and it has been reputedly haunted by the benevolent spirit of

its founder, Gilmore Brown. Long after his death, and when the college was still

aperating; the elevator in the classroom tower building would often stop without

command on the floor where Mr. Brown's office was located. Many actors and

technicians have felt a spirit watching the proceedings and one evening.


Pasadena - The Pasadena Playhouse - Once a school of theater arts and now a

state historic landmark theater, is said to be haunted by the spirit of its

founder, Gilmore Brown. The elevator mysteriously stopped and started, and often

stopped for no reason on the floor of Mr. Brown's offices. Hear a distinct male

voice saying "hello," but there is no one in the room.


Pasadena - The Ritz Carlton - Two guest were staying in a room sleeping. In the

middle of the night, the women felt someone grab her leg from the end of the



Paso Robles - Adelaide - Adelaide cemetery - it's been said that a young woman

walks the cemetery looking for her children. All of them died after first

settling in the area. Her husband then died later. Supposedly every Friday night

around midnight a glowing figure walks the cemetery crying out for her child,

and after about 15 minutes vanishes into the darkness.


Paso Robles - Indian Burial Ground - There's an old Indian cemetery out near the

airport. At night, every night, lights can be seen and voices heard in the

natives' tongue.


Paso Robles - Paso Robles Inn - The original Paso Robles Inn caught on fire many

years ago, the date is unknown to me. Because there was no 911 then, one male

resident stayed behind. From a telephone inside the Inn, he dialed every room to

make sure everyone got out. He ended up dying from a heart attack while still

warning other customers. The new Inn was built using some of the original

bricks. It is said that that in one room, a ghost calls 9-1-1. It was thought of

as a prank at first but when the calls were traced, there were all traced back

to this one room. No one had checked into the room and it was locked. It is

believed that the resident is still tying to save others from the fire, not

knowing that everyone got out except him.


Paramount - Paramount West Campus High School - it is said that in the school

auditorium lights flicker on and off and screams of a girl are heard. and a deep

laughter is heard. a flute has also been heard when no one is actually there. in

the hallways connecting to the from the auditorium to the music room there are

shadows seen of a young girl and a flute is always misplaced.


Paramount - Paramount High School - You can hear a girl screaming for help. That

occurs like around midnight. Some people have witnessed the murder of the girl

repeat itself time after time. You can see the girl being thrown inside the

shower after her bloody murder..


Petaluma - the phoenix theater - this used to be a movie theater and was burned

down mysteriously and then it was built as an opera house and it burned down

with people in it but, it was yet again a mystery on how it burned down, for

more info on it go to the phoenix theater history. Anyway today this place is a

hangout for kids and bands play here, but people see weird things up in the

balcony you see out of the corner of your eye a white figure or a really dark

shadow, in the bathrooms you hear things in the bathroom, the balcony is locked

so no one can go in there unless a big show. the basement it the worst, if you

ask the owner about it he will tell you about the place and if you know the band

AFI they have witnessed stuff to, so if you want to check it out go for it! it's

an awesome place to get scared in.


Pico Rivera - El Rancho High School (Drama room) - The Little Theater (aka the

Drama Room) is supposedly haunted by a former teacher named Mr. Letty. His wake

was held (with a portrait rather than his actual body in casket) in the school,

but his spirit never seemed to have left the room. Costumes have been known to

have mysteriously come off their racks and scattered on the floor. Doors are

unlocked and opened on their own. Lights begin to dim and turn on & off by

themselves. Mysteriouis noises are heard late at night. One student saw the

apparition's face peek through a curtain in the Little Theater's office during

drama class. And one teacher even claimed that when he once tried to sit in one

of the theater seats, it was very, very hot.


Pico Rivera - Rio Hondo Riverbed - Reports of musket fire and screaming.


Pico Rivera - St. Hillary School - In room 9, reports of an apparition of a boy

doing school work, believed to be a boy that died in a horrible car accident.


Pittsburg - Old Riverside Elementary (unused site) - Reports of 3 spirits here.

A young girl with long blond hair, a woman with long brown hair, and a male

guessed to be about 5'10". Also heard, a faint/deep voice when he is around.

Lights on in the middle of the night, the alarm can seldom be set)reset at

night, doors open/close, noises are frequently heard (voices, footsteps, doors,

other movement), things get moved/fall over, and the local P.D. will not enter

the building.


Pittsburg - Pittsburg High School - A man student was shot 18 times in the head

you can here him running and screaming for his life and gun shot firing.


Pittsburg - Pittsburg high ( photo room) - apparently a young girl hung herself

in the dark room. when your are in the dark room you get feel a presence and get

cold chills up your neck and back.


Placentia - Crook Park - in the park the girls bathroom is haunted by a girl who

was raped here and the killer has never been found still on this day every

afternoon the girls bathroom will be doing strange things like lights turning

off and on when no one is around and screaming.


Placentia - Tri-City Park - It has been heard by the late night joggers that

footsteps have been seen in the pond water and an old lady's voice screaming for

her lost children.


Placer - Camp Far West Lake - Indian Burial Grounds - Near the Camp Far West

Lake Recreational Area lies an Indian Burial Grounds which now lies within the

boundary lines of private property because of the ever encroachment of people to

the area. As with most Indian Burial Grounds the sinister power is quite strong

after several generations. The recent generation has faired much better than

those previous whose family members appeared to all go mad, become plagued with

unexplained deaths, murders and suicides, and grave numerous grave misfortunes.

This generation has the strength to withstand the drawing sinister energy by not

venturing into it's realm - So far (Know what you’re really dealing with before

you play with something you cannot put back!)


Placerville - Chamber of Commerce Bldg. - The ghost of a bearded man wearing a

top hat has been spotted on the mezzanine of this old landmark. Employees

summoned police several times over the last 15 years in attempts to rid the bldg

of his presence. They say he resembles descriptions of the towns official

hangman seen in old pictures taken nearly 150 years ago when the town was know

as Hangtown. Most of the hangings took place on the property where the Chamber

of Commerce Bldg is now located. 542 Main Street.


Placerville - Empire Antiques - formerly posted as Empire Theater - May 2004

Update -The theater has since closed down. There have been reports of ghosts

walking up and down the isles, and in the bathroom, & cold spots.


Placerville - Hanging Tree Cafe - The ghost of claim jumpers and outlaws, many

sentenced to hang from an old oak tree here are said to harass patrons and

employees of this small restaurant. Several drivers have reported seeing the

apparitions while passing by in their automobiles. 305 Main Street


Placerville - The Soda Works - Coffee Shop/Saloon is located near the end of

Main Street. The owner can't seem to let go. There is an unfinished mine, where

supplies were kept and in the summer heat served as a morgue before

refrigeration. He likes to turn on the bathroom taps and open and close doors.

He also likes to hang out at the upstairs bar. Has ever called the new owner on

cellular phone. No one was on the line, but the caller ID kept reading the phone

number to the Soda Works. And if she wasn't there then who was making that call.



Pleasanton - Gay 90's Pizza - This building was constructed in the 1800's. A

woman dressed in blue is reported walking around on the second floor of the

building and the owner and his family claimed to have seen her too. She has

written “Boo!Boo!” on the inside of the restroom mirror, every time it is

replaced. A girl went into the basement to get boxes and was violently shoved

from behind her when she turned around there was no one there. After hours when

counting money, things have been moved, sodas move to opposite sides of the

table. The license plates the line the ceiling move random ones not all of them

just one or two. Strange things happen when the lights go out.


Pollick Pines - Logging Roads on Ghost Mountain - Reports of seeing strange

lights or "orbs."


Pomona - Charles Grill - Corner of Garey & Holt. St - Multiple entities,

footsteps, slamming doors, arguments, apparitions, physical phenomena such as

potted trees whose tops touch the floor for a few minutes and then spring to

original position. Whatever is there does definitely like to share the space

with the living.


Pomona - Pomona High School - in the band room there are 2 ghosts. One of them

haunts the closet, when someone is changing by themselves they have a feeling of

being watched. The other haunts the back (front) left door, when there is no

wind at all the door either swings open or slams shut all of a sudden and

sometimes it refuses to open even if you pull/push on it. - April Update:

Located behind the school is an empty lot, which is what remains of Palomares

Cemetery. Many believe this is why there are disturbances at the school. The

only sign that the cemetery was there is a very small park (the size of a

bathroom) and plaque located on the east side of the school.


Pomona - Spadra Cemetery - Update: This cemetary is now closed to the public,

because of vandalism the police will be called. - This cemetery was the original

Old Settler's cemetery from the Mid 1800's. It's been the site of a lot of

vandalism over the years. At night a male figure can sometimes be seen walking

through the small cemetery disappearing into a headstone. The cemetery will be

very still and quiet, strangely quiet considering it is under a freeway. If

respect is given, it will remain quiet, but as soon as anyone starts messing

around, a hot wind picks up out of nowhere. It can only be felt in the cemetery.

Items have been reported to disappear and reappear in other parts of the

cemetery that had not been visited.


Port Costa - Port Costa School - In the 1960's one of the small school's room

caught on fire and killed a class room full of children. Since then this school

has been closed down. If you go there at night you can hear children laughing,

the swings swinging by themselves and small foot prints running across the sand

where the playground is.


Port Hueneme - Bard Mansion - The Bard Mansion, which resides inside the Port

Hueneme Navy Base was originally built in 1876 on Senator Thomas Bard's Estate

named "Berylwood." In 1911, the enlarged second home was torn down to clear the

site for the construction of the present Thomas Bard House. It's rumored by many

that the mansion is haunted by the late Senator's wife, Mrs. Bard. Her figure

can often be seen walking the grounds, perhaps making sure everything is in



Porterville - Ed Trays Hill - There was a white man killed by a few black men

when the KKK was still at large. He was hung from a tree, his head buried

beneath him. To this day, you still can hear fo`t steps, rocks being kicked, and

laughter of what sounds like older men. Even a few say that scratches appear on

their arms!


Rialto - Rialto high school - The story is said that a boy who had shot himself

on campus because of depression and died before graduation is seen wandering

around the C,E, and G buildings late at night. You can hear footsteps going up

the stairs to the top of the halls. Janitors and faculty members have also said

that when the school is closed at night and they are working late you can see an

image of a boy walking around looking lost. it is also said that the C building,

where the theater is located, is usually the coldest building and where

unexpected things take place such as flickering lights, cold spots and more



Rancho Cucamonga - Joseph Filippi Winery - The winery is supposed to be haunted

by Joseph Filippi, who died in the 1970's. In the tasting room of the winery you

can hear low, eerie laughter and the sound of glass breaking. In the souvenir

shop, you can hear a ghostly piano playing when in reality there isn't any piano

inside the souvenir shop. Also in the souvenir shop door open and close by

themselves and lights flicker on and off. A woman who was working in the shop in

the late 1980's heard these noises so frequently that it drove her to the brink

of insanity. Even after she quit she could hear the sound of laughter and piano

playing. She was eventually committed.


Rancho Cucamonga - The Sycamore Inn - The sycamore inn, now a great steak house

along the old route 66, was established in 1848 but the original inn burned down

and was rebuilt across the street. Apparitions of a man dressed in cowboy style



Rancho Palos Verdes - Pt. Vincente Lighthouse - Typical lighthouse story of a

waiting woman. It has been detailed on the news & maybe on Unsolved Mysteries.

There were always stories about the Coast Guard being unable to keep the place

staffed - lots of transfer requests.


Rancho Palos Verdes - Spike - Spike is a vacant lot at the end of Lunada bay. It

is surrounded by houses. But the lot remains vacant, even though they have tried

to build on it several times. When you go near there you start to feel like you

want to vomit. Also cars have been known to stop dead in front of the lot. Urban

Legend has it that a teenager went crazy and killed his family with a axe. Also

legend states that on certain nights you can hear screams and see a ghostly

house through the thick fog. There used to be an iron gate that had sharp black

spikes sticking out of it. However this was long ago and has since been

dismantled. this is a local legend, kind of like the Vanderlip house.


Ravendale - Secret Valley Inn - It is located off the main highway used by

truckers. Legend states that a woman was murdered in one of the bathtubs. Howls

and footsteps can be heard when no one is around. The whole building seems to

creek too.


Redlands - Barton Road Mansion - A sinister prescience is felt, on third and

fourth floor most activity occurs. Closet doors push open cold temps, when

exiting a figure can be seen watching you walk down stairs from third floor. On

video a demonic face can be seen coming from a closet that suddenly opened. At

certain points in mansion you feel watched, and not welcome.


Redlands - The Fox Theatre - The Fox Theatre is very haunted. The presence that

resides there is sometimes violent. It's been boarded up for about 10 years and

now it's is being renovated. The building it's connected to was once an opera

house when Redlands was first founded. Maybe one of the jealous actresses is

still wandering?


Redlands - Harris department store - in the women’s dressing room you here women

talking when the store is closed the dressing room doors slam and heavy foot

steps above the roof when there noting above


Redlands - Hillside Cemetery - Hillside Cemetery is a very old cemetery with

interments dating back to the mid-late 1800's. Many people have reported strange

happenings such as car horns honking by themselves, balls being thrown back over

the walls after somebody has thrown them in.


Redlands - House of 1,000 Stairs - a large house with 100 stairs `outside and

900 stairs inside. it is said nuns haunt the place, it once was a convent.

People live there today, unlucky for them they’re not the only ones.


Redlands - Mariposa Elementary - In the late 50's or early 60's, a little boy

named Billy was hit by a school bus. He was immediately taken to the nurse's

office where he died. As he was dying, he expressed his desire to get back to

school. Legend says that if you knock on the nurse's door, he will knock back or

you will hear him walking in the room. Sometimes he will want you to play with

him on the playground, but if you refuse, he will pick on you. We hopped the

fence and searched for the office. When we found it, we knocked, only to hear a

very loud shuffling sound emanate from the room. Whether it was a ghost or

custodian, we didn't care. We booked it back to the car and took a quick picture

in front of the school sign that read, " Welcome to Mariposa Elementary, Where

All Our Children Grow." - The police will be called if the neighbors see



Redlands - Morey Mansion - This lovely mansion was once a bed and breakfast, but

it is now under private ownership. There have been reports of several

apparitions including a little girl, an old man (once a caretaker for the

mansion) and a young boy has been seen. Most sightings are friendly in nature.


Redlands - Prospect Park - Prospect Park in Redlands is known to be haunted by

several different ghosts. many people have sighted ghostly figures upon the

stage. Years ago, a teenage girl that performed in one of the plays, was raped &

murdered after theater hours.


Redlands - Redlands East Valley High School - An apparition a boy believed to be

a senior who was killed the night before graduation. He has been seen around the

school area.


Redlands - Redlands High School - Theater - Believed to be haunted by many

spirits. Particularly, it is haunted by a teenage presence who lost his

girlfriend in a car accident. He was so distraught by her death that he would

climb up into the theatre's air ducts and write poems about her. He died in an

accident in the theatre coincidently and he now haunts the theatre at all hours.

The poems were painted over in most places, but he still resides here.


Redlands - The Gates of Hell - There are two black iron gates standing along the

roadside of Sunset street in Redlands. Extremely unusual things are supposed to

happen after crossing these gates, such as, a ghost with a headless cat comes

running after you, a bloody bull's head rolls down the drive-way, and so on. The

black iron gates are still sitting on the road, but the trail leading to the

house has been hidden by bushes and trees. Update: Has been torn down and built



Redlands - The Ultimate Ghost Town - The majority of the houses are very old and

Victorian, especially on the far South side. There are many stories of haunted

houses and ghost there. Redlands is also supposed to be one of the highest

ranking cities for devil worshippers.


Redlands - University of Redlands - Merriam Hall - The ghost of a man in army

clothing wanders the halls of Merriam, a dormitory. He is known for sitting in

the bathroom stall next to yours late at night. Many have reported seeing boots

in the next stall when in fact; there was no one in there but them. At night,

when some girls are brushing their hair in the mirror, they see the reflection

of a man wearing army clothing.


Redondo Beach - Redondo Union High School - There have been many sightings of a

ghost named Jake in the High schools Auditorium, he died there in the 1940's.

There are also footsteps that are supposed to be from Jake walking up the wall.

There have been loud knocks on the walls when no one is on the other side of

them, lights turning on and off, and sightings and sounds from a staircase

leading up to the sound booth. Some other happenings in the auditorium are paper

airplanes falling from the catwalk and landing directly center stage. Students

experienced cold chills in one of the staircases leading up to the sound/light

booth. Keys that had been lost several years before at some other high school

had fallen from nowhere next to the owner of them at RUHS. Another guy has died

in that auditorium about a year ago when he had a heart attack while visiting

the bathroom. No known experiences have occurred in the men’s bathroom yet

except that his blood is still stained into the grommet of the tile.


Redwood City - Canada College - Many people have taken the elevator in the

learning center around 1:15 in the afternoon, and they have complaint that all

of a sudden they smell dead dog. Also, In the parking lot, People can see a

naked guy doing the spits and disappearing into thin air.


Rialto - Blockbuster Video - After hours, the power has gone out in the store

while neighboring businesses remain unaffected. Drop box doors have swung open

by themselves and the sound of someone walking has been heard when no one is

around. The specter even leaves footprints.


Rialto - Rialto Public Pool - An older man and a young pregnant woman in 20s

clothing wanders the office area and pool deck. They have been known to walk

straight across the pool (right above the water) and fling papers and chairs

around in the office area. Many of the lifeguards and faculty refuse to be there

alone after dark.


Richmond - Steamy Hills - If you take highway-580 towards San Rafael, take the

last exit right before the toll booth to drive on the bridge, follow the road

and in the 3-way junction, follow the middle road and keep going all the way

until you get to military base houses. This place used to be a military base

back in the 60's. Soldiers resided in these white chapel-like houses until one

mysterious chemical was released into the air, which caused lung cancer to

humans. Since then it has been partially abandoned and not many people go there.

There has been many sightings of a crew ship in the waters, others have said

that while driving at night, a big deer (buck) might appear to be crossing the

road leaving blood trail marks on the floor, others have seen a black cat run

across the road and when that happens, their car turns off and will not work no

more, you may sometimes see someone peeking through the window of a house if you

drive by those houses. all these things only happen at night since nobody is

there at night


Richmond - Salesian High School - Reports of a ghost that haunts the third

floor...students sense his presence when walking the halls after hours.


Richmond - Steamy HIlls - If you take highway-580 towards San Rafael, take the

last exit right before the toll booth to drive on the bridge, follow the road

and in the 3-way junction, follow the middle road and keep going all the way

until you get to some military base houses....This place used to be a military

base back in the 60's...soldiers resided in these white chapel-like houses until

one mysterious chemical was released into the air which caused lung cancer to

humans....Since then it has been partially abandoned and not many people go

there....There has been many sightings of a crew ship in the waters, others have

said that while driving, a big deer (buck) might appear to be crossing the road

leaving blood trail marks on the floor, others have seen a black cat run across

the road and when that happens, their car turns off and will not work no more,

you may sometimes see someone peeking through the window of a house if you drive

by those houses...all these things only happen at night since nobody is there at



Ridgecrest - Burroughs High School Lecture Center - There are two ghosts in the

lecture center. One man died when he fell off some scaffold and dropped 100 feet

on his head during the building of the auditorium. The second man was an actor

in a play by the school's drama club. A scene where the main character was shot

was tragically ended when another member of the club put a live bullet in the

prop gun for the play. Custodians in the building report lights being turned

back on after several attempts to turn them off. And a seat on the left side has

cold areas noticed by anyone who sits there. During plays where a scene is very

sad, the left curtain blows when there is no draft.


Riverside - California Baptist University - Catacombs - Before the old mission

style buildings were a college campus, they housed an insane asylum. In the

early 1900's through the 1950's mentally insane patients walked the halls of the

4 story building. Under the building was a network of catacombs that allowed

hospital workers to enter and exit the hospital once all the doors were locked.

It is rumored that sometimes bad patients were taken down into the catacombs to

be tortured. The basement of the college now holds offices, but also is where

the entrance to the catacombs are located. Throughout the campus there are

entrances to the catacombs as well. At night, one can hear knocking on the door

to the catacombs in the basement and will feel a very cold presence. At random

times the secret entrances will be found open with freezing cold air coming out

of them. Students have reported going into the catacombs and seeing the spirits

of the patients from the asylum walking through the catacombs.


Riverside - Castle Park - Many employees have reported seeing a "lady in a white

dress" in the ride park as well as one employee being physically pushed inside

the Big Top restaurant. Sightings also include a spirit standing on the balcony

above the Plaza Cafe. This spirit reportedly flew across to the trees when the

employee looked up at it. The last experience was inside the arcade after hours.

Reportedly an unseen spirit opened and closed the door by prize counter several

times when there was no one around. This incident was heard and not seen.

Strangely enough all sightings and experiences are by males and the spirits are

reportedly female. No actual harm was done by the spirits. This area of land

from the Tyler Mall to La Sierra Blvd was an old Indian Burial Ground. - In

addition to what you already know about the park, a former employee also had an

experience in the railroad tracks tunnel in the park. After hours when all the

guests are gone the cafe would close. when any of the employees would be sent to

toss away the trash in the far end of the parking lot, they would have to go in

pairs. Reason being is because when you cross the tracks near the cafe you can

see the silhouettes of Indian women walking around. Sometimes you can also see

what appears to be a fire burning in the far corner, but when you go to check it

out it dims away.


Riverside - Indian Hills - The Avilas House - The Avilas House is an old mansion

located in Indian Hills. At night, there have been sightings of an old woman

walking the hallways and knocking on the door to the laundry room.


Riverside - Mission Inn - The Mission Inn is an older, semi-spooky (yet

extremely classy and pricey) hotel. While guests of the Inn may enjoy modern

amenities such as an outdoor Olympic sized pool and fitness center, the

catacombs that run underneath the building heading in the direction of Mt.

Rubidoux are now closed. As one current employee of the Inn remembers, an older

gentleman was once given a room in one of the upper stories of the building, as

there were no lower floor rooms available due to construction. The next morning,

when the gentleman was asked if his accommodations were adequate, he replied,

"All was fine, especially the woman singing beautifully in the next room." He

was the only tenant on that floor. This place is haunted by the Millers. The

Mission Inn Hotel was originally a 12 room cottage where the pool now sits. The

existing structure of the hotel was begun in 1900 and completed in approximately

1947. Owned first by C.C. Miller and sold to his son, Frank, in 1900. Frank's

sister, Alice, managed the hotel until her death in the late '40s.


Riverside - Mission Inn - 215 - reports of blue lights the size of a bowling

ball has been reported inside room 215.


Riverside - Mission Inn - Alice Miller's ('Aunt Alice') room - 4th floor, south

east corner. This two-level room is very active. Reports of cold spots, touches,

apparitions. Strong presence of Alice.


Riverside - Mission Inn - Bridal/Honeymoon Suite - Across from Alice Miller's

room. Multiple reports of being pushed down the spiral staircase of this

two-level room. In 1993, a couple on their honeymoon night checked out of the

room just after midnight after reportedly being pushed on the stairwell.


Riverside - Mission Inn - Catacombs - Once an underground museum, this area was

closed to the public when the hotel was re-opened in 1992. There was an enormous

amount of activity in the area of the foyer during the years immediately

following the hotel's re-opening. The hotel's comptroller at re-opening resigned

after seeing someone in this area late one evening.


Riverside - Mission Inn - Frank Miller's Room - 4th floor, north east corner.

One of the only rooms not restored during the closure of the hotel from 1985 to

1992. Possibly now a banquet room at the end of Author's Row. Strong presence of

Mr. Miller.


Riverside - Mission Inn - Hallways - numerous sightings of vanishing guests

along hallways throughout hotel, particularly along Author's Row, covered

hallway near Alice Miller's room, 2nd and 4th floor hallways (east-to-west)

parallel to pool, service area hallway behind Mission dining room.


Riverside - Mission Inn - Mission Dining Room (a.k.a. 'Spanish Dining Room') -

Apparition seen traveling near ceiling from entrance wall, near the patio, to

the far back wall (south to north).


Riverside - Mission Inn - Rotunda - limited sightings. Area was closed to public

after re-opening but has since opened to retail space around 1997 or 1998.


Riverside - Mission Inn - Spanish Patio - strong presences felt throughout,

particularly in north-east cloister near the Lincoln bust. Mission-themed

Glockenspiel was designed by Alice Miller who died just before it was completed.

The clock is notorious for misbehaving.


Riverside - Mission Inn - St. Francis Chapel Courtyard - strong presences

experienced near left end of Flyer's Wall memorial.


Riverside - Mission Inn - Storage Building behind hotel (north side) - Attached

by a small bridge to the main structure of the hotel, this small building has

been closed to the public since re-opening with limited employee access.

Numerous accounts of sightings and unexplained noises. A construction worker

reportedly lost his life during reconstruction in the late '80s in this



Riverside - Mount Rubidoux - If you ever take the time to visit this location,

it is said that late at night, old spirits can be seen walking the tops of the

rough terrain. In your ramblings across the area, you are also likely to find a

tiny picture encased in the jagged rock of Mt. Rubidoux, which appears to be a

portrait of Jesus Christ. Not strange enough for you? It used to appear as the

Mother Mary!


Riverside - The Press Enterprise - Reports of an old lady walking in the hallway

near the old pressroom, and disappears as she passes by. Doors of the Restroom

stalls slam shut then lock by there self as you watch. and tapping on the right

shoulder then instantly feeling very cold.


Riverside - Riverside Bridge - Supposedly, the now dry riverbed used to house a

green "monster." This "monster" was reportedly seen on one occasion when it came

up on the bridge and attacked the passenger of a car. Green residue was the only

evidence left behind on this meet-and-greet with civilization.


Riverside - Riverside Cemetery - This cemetery is an extremely old burial site

that is now owned by Riverside Parks and Recreation. The grounds are run down

and not well kept, complete with fallen headstones that lie haphazardly amongst

the final resting places of the dead. Residents of the area (breathing, flesh

and blood residents, that is) live a mere 50 feet from the graveyard! Add to

this creepy scene the irony of a "One Way" sign situated across from the

cemetery that glows eerily without the aid of streetlights.


Riverside - Riverside Municipal Auditorium - Like many theaters, the Riverside

Municipal Auditorium decided to put on a production of "The Nutcracker." An old

man who had longed to see the show for years, bought admission to the show, but

is said to have died of "natural causes" during the play. To this day, people

claim to see him there on many occasions. Does he come back to see the end of

the show he missed so long ago?


Riverside - University of California Rivera Library - Most of the very large

Rivera Library was remodeled during 2000-2001. Parts of it were left untouched

however, upon entering the main entrance turn left, it will be clear which parts

are older. It is said a female ghost haunts these parts, on the first and second

floors, mainly at night and after patrons have left and in the early morning

hours. Janitors working after midnight have reported sounds and cold spots.

Short lasting obnoxious odors have been smelled in the basement. A great time to

go would be during finals week as the library is open until 2am.


Riverside - Victoria And Dufferin - People have said to have seen many "Black

Blurs" wondering the area, and have heard screeching cries that sound like

children being tortured.


Riverside - Victoria and Van Buren - In 1979 a girl was murdered just off this

corner while walking to the local High School, and her body left in the small

stand of orange groves. The murderer taunted the police with phone calls and led

them on a crazy goose chase to find the body of Susan. He was caught later. As

you drive down Van Buren, which is usually at a fast clip, you can sometimes see

a girl looking out from the small grove of Orange trees still there. If you walk

or ride a bike in the area you can feel like someone is watching you and it is

cooler there. Van Buren is a very busy street, but sometimes the signals change

for cross traffic even though may be no one there. Also, on those early

mornings, just before the sun comes up, this area (which is not too far from the

Duffrin events) is colder and foggier than the areas around, even though the fog

in areas around it may have already dissipated.


Rocklin - Finn Hall - Finn Hall is a playhouse and the ghosts of old play

writers about 20 yrs. old still haunt the halls today.


Rocklin - Rocklin high school theater - A ghost named "Billy" is believed to

haunt the school's theater. There have been many incidents such as when after

school two students helping the teacher touchup paint on the walls of the

theater saw "help" mysteriously written on the unpainted part of the wall.

Another time, a cell phone was found after school and put in a locked cupboard

for three days. When it stared ringing on the third day, a student unlocked the

cubored to answer it and couldn't reach it in time. So he dialed *69. A

graduated student that was visiting cell phone rang. the first student asked her

why she was calling that phone and she said that that number had called her the

day before. And she didn’t call the phone at all. The interesting thing is that

the phone had been locked up all weekend long. Only the teacher had keys to the



Rohnert Park - Gravity Hill - When you park your car at the bottom of the hill

and put it in neutral you go backwards up the hill.


Rosemead - Don Bosco Tech - A student who shot himself in the parking lot is

still seen at night in the front parking lot. also student have heard people

crying in the restrooms of the 400 and 600 buildings.


Rosemead - Richard Garvey Intermediate - Teachers been knowing that the 500

building is haunted. Sometimes the janitor have been touch on the sholder while

cleaning up. Many teachers told the student to not hang around there, but they

always say "its a tradition for the 8th graders" students from 2001 reported

that they are being watch at all times.


Rosemead - Corner of Rush and San Gabriel BLVD - a few years ago an MTA bus

crashed into a small car unfortunately killing one of the passengers. The

wreckage scar still remains. People say that a shadowy figure can be seen

standing underneath the tree as if waiting for something. People say that they

hear, or feel someone when waiting at the crosswalk where the accident occurred.



Roseville - Woodcreek High School - A ghost by the name of Mac haunts the

theatre. He is known for dropping lights from the ceiling. Locking doors in the

theatre...and tripping actors backstage


Rowland Heights - Rowland High School - One of the faculty members died in a car

accident right in front of the school. Since then, at night students have been

reporting a lady wearing torn up clothes and scars through her face standing in

the middle of the road.


Rubidoux - Mount Rubidoux - between the hours of 1-3am on the east end of the

mountain. Strange figures have been seen running and hiding as if playing a

game, in groups of three. They have been described as elves/little people. They

are known to throw small rocks in your direction, and stack small piles of rocks

in a path you just have taken.


Sacramento - Crocker Art Museum - Reports of feeling a presence, hearing squeak

of the floor boards, and seeing the apparition of a man.


Sacramento - Delta King River Boat - Theater - An old paddle wheel boat docked

at Old Sacramento, now used as a theater and restaurant. The theater is haunted

by the ghost of the original captain. Employees have seen him sitting in the

balcony during productions, foot steps are heard above deck, a glass of water

spilled by unseen force onto the sound board in the sound booth.


Sacramento - Florin Rd. - Burger King - A gunman walked in during a busy lunch

hour and shot the store manager and turned the gun on himself. It is believed

that on certain late night shifts the people working can hear gunshots and

screams as if the event is being reenacted by the spirits involved.


Sacramento - Freeport Factory - It is said that the Freeport Factory is Haunted

by workers that died on the job. If you are able to open a door into the factory

make sure you hold on or the door will swing shut and lock on its own. You can

also hear the laughter of little children as if they were playing in a



Sacramento - Iceland - The original owner and builder of Sacramento's oldest ice

skating rink still makes his rounds at night. "Pops" Kerth, father of Sacramento

City Councilman, and mayoral hopeful, Rob Kerth, wanders the dark, cold rink at

4 a.m., just as he always did, making certain all is well.


Sacramento - Jackson and Bradshaw - The house was built Pre-Gold rush. Reports

of children crying, screaming, whispering, items moving on their own, and

various reports of shadows moving about the rooms.


Sacramento - Puente House - The Puente House is located on E St. in downtown

Sacramento. In the 80's it was a boarding house for senior citizens. Dorothea

Puente, the landlady, was subsequently found guilty of murdering her boarders

and burying them in the backyard so that she could collect their social security

checks. The house has been renovated and resold, but has an eerie quality about

it. Photos taken in front of the house show anomalies and ectoplasm mist.


Sacramento - The Record - ghost of a very old woman in Victorian clothing is



Sacramento - Sand Cove Park - Ghost lights appear from time to time. A woman's

voice saying "Te papa" near the Sacramento River. Sight was probably an Indian

Burial Ground or Mine Shafts.


Sacramento - Sacramento City Cemetery - Reports of several apparitions including

a couple dressed in black, a pit bull who follows visitors around the cemetery

and suddenly disappears (no animals are allowed inside the gates), and a little

girl seen playing near the headstone of a deceased child. The cemetery is closed

at night except for occasional guided tours and is well known for its numerous



Sacramento - Sacramento Room of the Central Library - 2nd floor Sacramento Room

- Sometimes it feels & sounds like someone is at the back of the room in the

California section. The staff often hears the sound of Mylar rustling, most of

the time it sounds like someone shelving or pulling out books. Also sounds like

someone is in the copy room, when no is back there. There will be a staff member

look for a book & they will not find it the shelf, then another staff person

will look for it & the book will not be there, then another will look & it will

be there. They have had up to four people looking, then someone will finally

find it in its proper place, the exact place everyone else has looked several

times! 2 witnesses heard & saw one of the glass doors[700s]close. The doors

sometimes swing open naturally & but never close! One employee working in the

office a little before 7 a.m. and heard the wooden shutters on the door leading

into the copy machine area rattle. Thinking it was a custodian entering he

initially paid it no mind until he realized he had not heard the front door,

which was locked, open. Acquainted with the stories surrounding the Sacramento

Room and having had prior experiences in the building he wasn't surprised to

discover no one there. A complete walk through the room found it completely

empty! Subsequent conversation with custodian Caroline revealed that no employee

had been in that area at that time.


Sacramento - Sacramento Theater Company - Reported to be one of the most haunted

buildings in Sacramento, this theater is home to at least five ghosts. The most

well known specter, believed to be a former stagehand, has been affectionately

dubbed "Pinky" because of the glowing pink aura that is often seen near hot

spots. Disturbances include footsteps heard on the stage after hours, a man

walking the hallways, lights flickering. The theater is currently under

paranormal investigation.


Sacramento - Tunnels under Old Sacramento - There are a series of tunnels that

run under Old Sacramento. These tunnels were originally the streets of

Sacramento before the first 8 or so blocks next to the river were raised above

sea level to avoid flooding. Apparently, the tunnels had served as opium dens,

brothels and possibly for ritualistic activity at some point. Several business

owners with access to the tunnels have reported an extremely menacing energy and

strange noises coming from the tunnels, and went so far as to hire a paranormal

investigator. Rumor is that the tunnels are now sealed off.


Salinas - old stage road - Old stage road has been known for many hauntings. It

runs right outside of Salinas and goes through the back roads of King city. One

of the most infamous stories that have been passed down was back in the late

1800's or early 1900's there was a woman that was walking along side the road

and there was a man who asked her for a ride and she accepted it. After a couple

of minutes passed by, he pulled over and savagely attacked and raped her. After

this horrendous act he took the body out into the fields and decapitated her.

Then he went out threw the head into the fields and left the body. After that

there was sightings of a woman walking down the road holding her own head or you

see a woman walking and if someone picks her up she'll sit there for a moment

and then vanishes right where the crime occurred.


Salinas - Market Street House - An old woman is said to have committed suicide

by hanging herself in the living room. She has been seen wearing a black dress.

Reports of a feeling of choking, and a feeling of her trying to interact with

different ones, especially children.


Salinas - Salinas High Bell Tower - It is reported from several students that a

teenage girl from the age of 15-18 (believed to be named "Jennifer")has been

seen and heard looking for her boyfriend by the name of Adrian. It has been said

that she has asked students to tell him goodbye for her.... then disappears.


San Bernardino - Agua Mansa Cemetery - The whole stretch of road leading to this

cemetery is said to be haunted by a beautiful lady that drowned her six children

many years ago. According to Hispanic legend, she is known as La Llorona, or the

Weeping Woman, and is doomed to roam the streets in search of the children she

killed. Is she trying to reunite the family she destroyed so long ago? In

addition to this otherworldly poltergeist, there have also been many unexplained

fatal car crashes, as well as hauntings committed by two people that were

murdered execution style on that road.


San Bernardino - Apartments on Marshall Blvd. - Abandoned - Reports of cold

spots, an apparition of a little girl. - **Warning As with any of the places

mentioned, please use caution when investigating these haunted places, some may

be structurally unsafe, or not so nice people.


San Bernardino - Aquinas High School- A student from Aquinas hung himself on a

beam between the stairways, his floating image can be see after dark in the

library as well.


San Bernardino - Calico Ghost Town - People have claimed to see the ghost of

Wyatt Euerp walk down the dust roads of calico tipping his at a them when he

walks by . People have also said that the old mine tunnel is haunted by the men

who have died while trying to seek there fortune, some employees have said that

they have see a man with a pick ax warning them not to walk threw visitors have

reported many different sightings


San Bernardino - Gravity hill - Go north on highway 18 towards Lake Arrowhead,

turn right on "old Waterman Canyon road" drive until you get to the first small

bridge, drive onto the bridge and stop, put your vehicle in neutral, on you will

slowly begin to roll backwards uphill.


San Bernardino - Holy Rosary catholic school k-8 - Only one teacher opens up in

the morning at 6am, because of the sightings of nuns walking the halls going to

classrooms, school is really old, and back then we couldn’t get much out of the

teacher that opened the place up because she wouldn’t tell anyone, but she told

a few of the mature kids


San Bernardino - St Bernadine Hospital - A nun has been seen walking the halls

in the oldest parts of the hospital for at least 30 years. She is seen mostly at

night and on a few different floors. This part of the hospital is no longer used

for patients and is empty at night. A convent is connected to this part of the

hospital and a few nuns have died there.


San Bernardino - San Bernardino high auditorium - Doors close, lights go on by

themselves. Stories heard by teachers that use to be students from the school

have seen weird figures in the Auditorium. It was heard that one of the students

were fixing the lights on the second floor balcony, they fell off it falling to

the first fall dying. Cold spots have also been reported by students that head

to the second floor balcony.


San Diego - Bonita - Bonita rd - Reports of an older man appears in the backseat

of the witnesses’ cars. He is said to be the ghost of a man that was run over



San Diego - Bonita Vista High School - In the boys locker room, showers

sometimes turn off and on by themselves. The boy's bathroom in the gym's front

room has been reported to have loud whispering coming from it when no one is

inside, and a malevolent force is often felt in the bathroom. In the gym, cold

spots are often felt on the bleachers, and at times you can feel a hand grab

your ankle or shoulder, even if you are alone.


San Diego - Brooklyn Elementary School - Janitors claim to see children running

throw the hallways at night. and When the Janitors try to go home after there

shift is over the doors wont open they say it feels like someone is on the other

side pushing the door. They also say there’s cold spats and hear children crying



San Diego - El Cajon - One of the Mobil home spaces - In one of the spaces There

is said to be an old man that appears occasionally in the house where 2 old

people live; a women and a man. Once when the man who lived there was saying a

prayer the ghost would get really mad and start throwing stuff off the shelf.

Then when the man was out of the house the woman thought that he was back and

she heard the doorknob starting to twist but not open so she went to look and no

one was there. Another time was when the man was fixing up his car he saw the

ghost and said hi because he thought that it was a person who lived in there

park. He put his screwdriver down looked back at it and it wasn't there he

looked down the street and up the street and the ghost was nowhere in sight.

Still to this day they see the ghost he is very pale and you can only see his

upper body.


San Diego - El Cajon - Rios Canyon - The ghosts of two cowboys can be seen at

the back end of the canyon on the old dirt road. Some say "they’re looking for

the lost gold".


San Diego - El Fandango Restaurant - a woman in white appears at a dark table in

the corner.


San Diego - Horton Grand Hotel - Located in downtown San Diego has 1 or more

haunted rooms. Temperature changes and sightings


San Diego - The Hotel Del Coronado - Kate Morgan reportedly killed herself. Her

body was found on the steps leading to the beach. It was also thought it may

have been murder. She is seen not only in her room, (which is now room 3312) but

other areas of the hotel and grounds as well.


San Diego - Lake Morena Campground - Across from one of the campsites, in a

wooded area, there appears the ghost of a young woman in a long white dress.

There is a cold and eerie presence near the boulders that lie beneath the trees,

and her apparition has been seen on two occasions by two different men. The

first sighting occurred on a warm July night around 9:00 p.m. A group was

setting up camp when one of the men ventured over to the dark area and found the

young lady looking at him. He was startled and turned away. When he turned back,

she had vanished but he could still feel her presence. The second sighting

occurred around 3:00 a.m., a couple of days later. Another man from the same

group of campers got out of his tent after being awakened from a deep sleep by

an unknown presence. He looked over his tent and saw the lady pacing. She

stopped, looked right at his face, then continued to pace as if she were waiting

for someone. The man went to wake up his friends, but by the time he woke anyone

she had vanished. Not being able to sleep after the sighting, he decided to stay

awake with another camper and start a campfire. In the distance, they could hear

the voice of a woman laughing and singing. There seemed to be no explanation for

it at that time of the morning. On other occasions the same campers have heard

heavy footsteps around their tents during the night that do not fade as if

someone were walking away, but simply lift and disappear. In a photo taken of

one of the campers in this area, there appears a large orb floating right next

to him.


San Diego - McDonalds on Miramar Rd. - Strange things would happen during the

dead of night while McDonald workers would be closing and preparing for the next

day. Tubs of Mustard, straws, etc. would be thrown across and scattered the next

morning. In one of the bathroom stalls, there would be a picture of the devil

create from the wood grains of the stall door. The door has been replaced due to

too many visitors wanting to see the "face".


San Diego - Mission Valley - Taco Bell - employees have reported whispers coming

from the bathroom. Trash doors swinging one time at closing there was three

closers one manager and two crew one of the crew members was washing dishes he

seen some one who he thought was a employee walk behind him and go in the

walk-in freezer" so the employee thought he would play a joke on the employee as

he held the door tightly the door was moving like there was some one in there

when three minutes went by then the employee let go of the door. he went to go

see if the manager was coming but he was shocked to see both the manager and the

employee was working he was really scared he had goose bumps.


San Diego - Montgomery High School - Floating lights can be seen late at night

in the football stadium .Witnesses have heard screaming and then saw balls of

floating lights came towards them. chasing them until they got to the front of

school near the main office. Reports of voices in the bathrooms as well.


San Diego - Muirlans Middle School - The school was built in the early 50's.

There was a girl that once went to the school in the 60's who died by bumping

her head during a PE class. Ever since people have said of strange noises from

behind them only to see that no one is there.


San Diego - NAS Miramar - Hangar 1 is haunted by the crew of a F-8 Crusader that

crashed there in the late 60's.


San Diego - Nijiya Market - In this small Japanese grocery store an elderly

customer suffered a heart attack and died in the store. Sometimes objects fall

from the shelves on their own and with no explanation; one manager while there

in the middle of the night heard strange noises and his name whispered several



San Diego - El Campo Santo Cemetery - Formerly posted as "Old Town Cemetery" -

This was partially paved over with a road. It is said ghosts appear to be

crossing that section of the road at night. - February 2004 Correction: The

proper name of the "Old Town Cemetery" in San Diego is "El Campo Santo

Cemetery." Among the numerous other spirits sighted at the location (including

the paved portions under the adjacent sidewalk and streets), psychics claim that

the site is to this day overseen by the spirit of the gravedigger whose own

grave is near the cemetery's SE corner.


San Diego - Point Loma National Cemetary - just north of the city of san diego

is a normandy-sized cemetary that was a favorite place for marines awaiting to

leave for westpac ground forces.the marines used to go there on short liberties

to lay amongst the grave stones,smoke and get drunk and near midnight witness

souls rising from their graves to walk near the one thousand foot cliffs and

look out over into the pacific ocean to see if their country was secure and then

they would return to their graves.not to many young marines wanted to talk about

this experience back at the old mainside of camp pendleton as the cemetary is

the location of thousands of buried marines from the first and fifth marine

divisions killed in action durring world war two.


San Diego - Presidio Hill (Old Town San Diego) - Locals call it witches tower.

Its the "storage shed" in the parking lot adjacent to the mission. yet it has a

huge pentagram built into cobblestones atop of this shed. Well the shed was used

as a "cell" to hold prisoners. Visitors have seen apparitions such as, a

guardian to the tower that looks like he is dressed in druidic clothing or a

black cloak with glowing eyes. Reports of possession, & strange darting figures.



San Diego - Presidio Park - A little white dear can be seen running around but

then it vanishes when it is spotted.


San Diego - Ramona High School - Students in the band room have reported

instruments in cases being ejected out of lockers (locked with combination

locks) And their cases being flung open during private tutoring sessions


San Diego - Screaming Tree - In the suburb of Lakeside, at the end of Willow

Road, there is a narrow dirt road, down this road some distance (and after

passing a slaughterhouse of some sort) there is a clearing with a tree,

supposedly if one blasts one's car horn three times a ghost of a girl will start

screaming. Mostly this area is a hangout for dubious characters so it may not be

a good idea to go alone.


San Diego - The Whaley House - haunted by Thomas Whaley & it is believed there

are others. This house was once the city's courtroom. The haunting extend beyond

Thomas Whaley and to a man hanged just outside the house. He was hung for

stealing a boat. One visitor strongly felt the presence of a woman while touring

the house, in one of the upstairs bedrooms. “It was not frightening...the

presence was actually welcoming. There are tours in this place.


San Diego - U.S Grant Hotel - This hotel was built in 1910, and apparently a man

walks the hallways of the hotel, and at times goes into the rooms and makes



San Diego - Vagabond Motel near 5 Freeway & Garnet - Tangible feeling of dread,

oppression, and sadness in room 325 and nearby hallway. Occasional glimpses of

spirit of "Amanda", a tall blonde or red-haired young woman. Apparently, she was

a former beauty queen and model who, depressed over her inability to conquer a

drug habit, slit her own throat in that room. Apparently, she wants your prayers

praying replaces the air of dread with an air of calm and peace and scent of

jasmine, and you can feel her saying "thank you".


San Diego - Villa Montezuma - On K Street, near Barrio Logan. Built in 1887 for

a musician named Jesse Shepherd. The house has a very dark, heavy feeling. After

Jesse Shepherd’s death, the house went through a succession of owner's, all of

which claimed bad things happened to them while in possession of the house.

Shepherd had once enjoyed wealth and fame, but at the end of his life, he was

very poor and emotionally unstable. The house is said to be haunted by Shepherd

himself and an elderly widow who previously owned the house. She is seen looking

out of the window in one of the towers. Reason for Shephard's haunting said to

be the fact that Shephard was known for being able to "channel" famous piano

players while playing and was once reported to be playing Mozart with one hand

and Chopin with the other. It is believed that while channeling the great

composers, he channeled some negative energy into the house. Beautiful stained

glass portraying pictures of famous composer, writers, and artists. In some of

these, hair seems to be turning gray and beards seem to be growing. Strong

presence is felt, and reports of seeing scenes the past (1800s some time). It

feels like something was actually looking out the window, through your eyes. It

was a very uncomfortable, evil feeling. There are tours in this place.


San Dimas - Raging Waters - Many employees have experienced in park phones

ringing at all hours of the night. Most of the time they come from the Wave Cove

attraction. The line is usually static and upon investigation security guards

have found the phone hanging and swinging as if just dropped. Some guards have

reported hearing the voice of a young girl asking for help. Night guards have

also experienced their names being called while walking through the upper

pavilion food court and heard footsteps as if someone is running up from behind

them. Nothing has even been reported being seen but always audible. Several

years ago a small girl drowned in the Wave Cove. This is believed to be the

spirit that makes herself known.


San Dimas - Pinnacle Peaks Restaurant - Waitresses have seen a little girl with

long hair who is to believe to be Indian has been seen walking in the restaurant

with customers and also tricks get played on the servers glasses falling and

people being tripped if you go into the restaurant at the bar on the wall on the

west side you will see a old picture of a bunch of cowboys and sometimes you

will see just on huge face in the picture when we see that face we knew we were

in for a fun time with them . The building is very old was know as one of the

original stagecoach stops.


San Dimas - The San Dimas Mansion - This mansion was built in 1887, as you can

see it's very old. There have been reports of banging on windows, the doorbell

ringing by itself, sounds of someone trying to pull open a locked door, and

noises of things sliding across the floor.


San Francisco - Abandoned Army Hospital - Many soldiers died and their ghosts

still haunt this hospital in Park Presidio. It is fenced off, but you can find

ways either under the fence or over it. Many windows have been boarded up but a

basement door towards the back of the building is open. Also, many windows are

busted out and it is musty, graffiti-filled, and very spooky. You can hear

footsteps, see reflections of light, and sometimes a cold draft. Even S.F.P.D.

will not enter. - The police patrol the area and it is VERY possible you will

get arrested or ticketed.


San Francisco - Abraham Lincoln High School - late at night, toilet paper can be

heard unraveling in the girl's bathroom by the main office. also, in the girl's

bathroom by the band room, feet can be seen in the stall when no one else is

there and someone whispering "hi". And the room by the cafeteria is locked and

no one is allowed in there because a girl was raped and murdered in that room.


San Francisco - Alcatraz - Voices in the former eating area as well as the cell

blocks are heard when no one else is around. Footsteps and the sounds of cell

doors opening and closing also echo throughout the corridors. People have

reported feeling "cold spots" in certain areas and the feeling that they are not

alone, even when they are.


San Francisco - Alcatraz – Dinning Hall Cold spots felt.


San Francisco - Bay Bridge - While driving on the lower deck at night towards

Oakland direction, drivers would hear knocking on the windows. Some saying that

they saw a headless man running next to their cars at the same speed of the

cars. He was believed to be the victim of the 1989 earthquake.


San Francisco - Cameron House - Located on Sacramento St. in Chinatown, San

Francisco. Once owned by Lady Cameron, the basement of the house was a refuge

for Chinese immigrant from lives of prostitution and slavery, among the obvious

discrimination and hell that was once Chinatown. She sealed the doors in the

basement to protect the immigrants from inspections by the police. If she can't

open the doors, they can't inspect and then arrest and possibly kill the rooms

of people. However, the people were able to come in and out through a secret

passageway. Apparently, rumors spread about her philanthropy and some people

came and burned down the house. Everyone in the rooms died. Now, the restored

Cameron House (turned church) sends chills up spines. The basement doors are

still sealed, but every door contains a red charm and a gold charm to seal in

the spirits, as well. Furthermore, the pipes that run along the ceiling run to

the end of the hall forming an "X" over a door with the script: "do not enter."

Photographs taken in the house have shown white figures in the background.

Supposedly, these photos are nonchalantly mingled in with normal ones and kept

in photo albums at the site. This possibly happened around the 1930's or so. It

might be the late 1800's or the early 1900s. Most likely early 1900's.


San Francisco - Child Support Services - In the place, is a woman around 20-30

walking around, moving things. People always mistake her for a woman working

there. She's always walking around after closing time, and when the janitors are

trying to clean, she's always getting in front of the vacuum. She doesn't bother

people, but she REALLY scares them and always misplaces workers badges and keys.



San Francisco - Corpus Christi Elementary School Part 2 - The back room in the

Parish Hall. Some say they have seen ghosts walking around and playing in the

room. There are pianos in the room, and some people claim to hear the pianos

playing classical music. They say that people were murdered in the room and

those spirits are the ones haunting the living.


San Francisco - CCS Elementary School - There is an urban legend of an elderly

church-going woman who was murdered by being pushed from a steep staircase, and

whose body was later disposed of in the nearby dumpster. It is said that when

young girls use the bathroom near the staircase, you can hear her praying. Hail



San Francisco - Golden Gate Park - There's a police officer ghost that roams

Golden Gate Park. People will get pulled over and get speeding tickets by this

guy, but when they go to file it through the courts they'll find out that the

officer listed doesn't exist. He's been dead for 10 years. Anyway, the story

goes that if a cop in the park is trailing you, you need to go outside of the

park first before you pull over. And once you do, the ghost cop will disappear.


San Francisco - Haskell House - ghost of Senator Broderick pacing back and



San Francisco - James Denman Middle School - teachers & students have reported

to see a dead girl walking up the stairs and haunts the 2nd floor girls bathroom

she closes the door to the stalls and flushes the toilet....they say her name is

Elizabeth. people also hear someone moving chains on the 3rd floor


San Francisco - Martin Luther King Middle School - The place in the school that

is haunted is the boys restroom on the second floor by a boy named Johnny. The

story is that he was a bad kid that loved to pick on students until one day he

asked to go to the bathroom and when he didn't come back they sent someone up

there to look. He wasn't there. It is said that if you are alone in the hall you

can hear a knocking on the bathroom door. The teachers keep the bathroom door

locked. and no one is allowed to go in.


San Francisco - Neptune Society Columbarium - Located at One Loraine Court, San

Francisco. Originally part of the Odd Fellows Cemetery, the Columbarium still

stands over Geary Boulevard near Stanyan Street. This repository of the dead is

not only wonderful eye candy, but has been a place of ghostly sightings as well.

One encounter included a visitor having felt a hand on her back. When the woman

turned around, no one was there. But a eerie white handprint remained on her

blouse. Now a registered city landmark, the Columbarium is open to the public.

Donations are encouraged.


San Francisco - Ocean Beach Sutro Bath - The sutro baths have quite a history

behind them, as well as the tunnel that lies directly to the right of the old

sunken building. It has been said that many people have been sacrificed at the

end of this tunnel, and if you go at night fall and light a candle at the end of

the tunnel someone will come and pick it up and throw it into the water that

rushes up just beyond the rocks.


San Francisco - Orchard Supply Hardware - There is a story of girl being

murdered and raped in the warehouse area of the store 1 yr before it became

Orchard. Employees have seen a figure walking and she is heard footsteps that

seem to be the sound of high heels (No one wears high heels), screaming and

laughing, as well as boxes moving. She likes to blow in men's ears and girls

with long hair often feel a slight tug. One report of a worker that had just

shrunk wrapped a pallet. The power went out and there is a 5 sec delay for the

generator to kick on in that 5 sec something completely unwrapped the pallet.


San Francisco - Paso Robles Hotel - A 911 Operator got a call from Room 1007 in

this hotel. When police investigated and found the room empty, the manager

thought the call might have come from the ghost that haunts the room. The spirit

is believed to be deceased night clerk who died when the former hotel on the

site burned down on December 19, 1940. The current hotel was built with bricks

from that hotel. Several of the hotel employees report getting calls from Room

1007 at the front desk, but when they investigate, the room is always empty.


San Francisco - Queen Anne Hotel - Located at the corner of Sutter And Octavia,

the Queen Anne Hotel is an elegant Victorian style hotel, which dates back to

the 1890's. With free access to all of the floors and some of the rooms, it's a

great place to perform an investigation. If you want you can spend a night or so

in Miss Mary Lakes Room. Before the hotel even was a hotel, it was a school for

girls since few girls had access to schools back then. Miss Mary Lake was the

teacher. She was dedicated to her work. But when the school was closed down she

was heart broken and as she eventually died. Her spirit remained. Room 410 top

floor is where you can find her room.


San Francisco - Quickly - Quickly is a drink store that has been reported as a

haunted location. Located on Taraval and 21st ave, the store was once a candy

store ran by frightened owners. Their supply room was reported haunted by a

ghost that regularly throws supplies off the shelves the next morning. Previous

owner reported that banging sounds and a light female scream occurs. Along with

poor business, the store was sold to the big corporation (Quickly) and no weird

encounters have been reported. The ghost was named Devinia by the previous

owner, naming it after a suspicious note was found in the supply room with the

name shown.


San Francisco - Safeway - Located in the middle of San Francisco, SAFEWAY

between 17th avenue and Taraval. There were recent sightings by employees that a

young boy was sighted in the empty hallways leading to the storage room. The

time was around 12:00 am closing time. The employees, even a customer, saw a

young male at the age around 7-10 walking slowly towards them, but from a

distance. One of the employees claimed to see the young spirit sitting beside

some crates with his head down, and his arms covering his knees. The customer

simply believed that he saw someone standing on the corner at the end of the

hallway facing against the wall. He wanted to use the nearby restroom before he

saw the figure. All visions of his spirit were blurry because they said that

there was lack of lighting inside the location. Rumors are that the building was

once a motel in the mid 1900s until it was burnt down because the owner had

money problems with local gang members; however, the presence of the young boy

is still a mystery.


San Francisco - San Francisco Arts Institute - Supposedly built on a cemetery in

the early 1900 after an earthquake, it is haunted by a few restless spirits.


San Francisco - School of the Arts High School - former site of MacAteer H.S. -

singing can be heard in the 3rd floor bathroom when no one is around. also on

the 3rd floor, knocking on the lockers and from inside locked classrooms can be



San Francisco - Strawberry Hill - Stowe Lake Golden Gate Park - It has been said

that in the 1920's or 30's a woman became pregnant & hide the pregnancy from her

family. She disposed of the child and killed her self in the reservoir. At night

if you’re at Stowe Lake you may see her walking around Strawberry Hill looking

for her baby.


San Francisco - The Mansions Hotel- The ghost of the original owner's daughter,

Claudia, can be seen and heard by staff and guests. She has also been known to

communicate to "yes" and "no" answers.


San Francisco - Trinity Episcopal Church - Reports a gray figure coming out of

the men's bathroom and disappear through the wall on the other side of the hall.

Also experienced, strange drafts, 3 directional; shadow of a person, and an

apparition in a white suite.


San Francisco - USCF Medical Center - Intensive Care Nursery haunted by women

that have died in childbirth. Many children haunt Pediatric. 8th floor was so

bad it had to be exorcised.


San Francisco - Washington High School - It has been said that the boy's 3rd

floor restroom, is haunted. At night, or at later hours after school (when not

as many people are around), people have reported seeing a figure standing by one

of the stalls then vanish.


San Gabriel - Gabrielino High School - Less than 2 miles away from the San

Gabriel Mission which houses a historical cemetary, it is rumored that the

Gabrielino Site was built on a cemetary of the very same tribe of Indians from

which it gets its name. There have been reports from sports teams coming home

from away games at night hearing strange sounds such as children crying even

when the campus is empty and the hazy apparition of a body that appears down

hallways only to dissapear when approached.


San Gabriel - Red Cross Mansion - have been known to close doors softly if

people leave them open, almost politely, sometimes you can hear soft voices

whispering as if to not disturb anyone. Phone calls are made from rooms that are

not occupied, including the underground tunnel, the basement and the attic.

Kitchen has electricity go on and off for no reason. It is thought that the

spirits are of servants who have passed on. Face of man has been seen in some

windows after the last people leave.


San Gabriel - San Gabriel Civic Auditorium - The San Gabriel Civic Auditorium s

past is very long and there are many stories of hauntings. Back was being built

underground tunnels were built under the length of the building. They were built

so that the owner (nicknamed Uncle John) could go from backstage to the foyer.

When Uncle John died the tunnels went unused for years and when the depression

came those tunnels were used as catacombs to house dead bodies. Once they were

filled the catacombs were sealed. In the men s restroom in the front there is a

door. When you open that door there is just a brick wall. When a crew tried to

breach the wall they got five feet and there was still brick. Why would some one

seal a tunnel in more than five feet of brick? No one will ever know unless the

try to breach it again. Now to the stories. There is a drop that was preserved

because it was the only remaining drop from the original stage. Some times

during the Temple City High School musical that drop swings unintentionally.

There is no wind and no one ever touched that drop. A psychic was brought in and

they said they saw a man swing on the drop. Another story is that there are TV

monitors on stage left that broadcast what is being shown on stage. In 2003 and

there during the Music Man there was a person seen in the second story window on

one of the houses. Many stage crew, tech crew, and actors saw this man on the TV

monitor. Also many of the audience saw this man too. The problem with this is

that there is no way for a man to be standing in the second story window because

there is no ledge or anything for him to stand on. The man was later recognized

as Uncle John. There are also stories of a little girl who roams the halls and a

old stage manager who roams the halls at night.


San Gabriel - San Gabriel High School - A young student hung himself at the

basketball courts. And 2 students died at the wash at the time of EL Nino Storm

trying to skip school that day.


San Gabriel - San Gabriel Mission High School - Bathroom towel dispensers are

heard being used and a girl is seeing dangling that had hung her self off of the

library balcony.


San Gabriel - San Gabriel Mission - In the old church, very often it will

suddenly get very cold, you can "sense" something there but when you look around

there is nothing, for such a beautiful historic church the feeling of foreboding

is amazing.


San Jacinto - Lauis's Pet Store - Feathers and Fur - Sounds and sightings.

Shadows that appear in several different places and then disappearing. An

occasional voice that sounds like somebody whispering. Also sighted, an old guy

with a military type of uniform on who staggers through the walkways and seems

to appear under certain situations usually at night.


San Jacinto - Vosburg Cafe/Hotel - Its been abandoned for many years now and has

been boarded up but there have been reports of lights flickering on and off and

a "presence" of some sort.


San Jose - AMC Saratoga 14 - Poltergeist/Presence very strong in this 14 screen

multiplex. House Lights flicker on & off, muffled laughter/whispers, also arm

rests lower & raise themselves up of their own accord, especially in theatre 5.

Also Workers report in the projection booth a shadowy figure can be glimpsed, &

lurks around projector number 5.


San Jose - Arbuckle Elementary - A boy was brutally murdered in the late 70s. He

was stabbed many times in the back. People say when he they pass by it at night

they can see him with the knife in his back.


San Jose - Burnett Academy Middle School - there’s a door in the girls locker

room that leads to a classroom up stairs. A long time ago a girl was running up

the stairs and she tripped and she died. it is said that when you are in the

girls locker room at nigh you can hear things coming from the stair well like

someone falling. it has mostly been heard by cheerleaders after a basketball



San Jose - Chuck-e-Cheese - haunted by a little girl on the third floor


San Jose - El Rancho Verde Apts.  - Legend has it, that in the early 70's a well

known maintenance employee raped and killed two young high school girls in the

apartments main garbage. It is said that when passing by, late at night, you

could hear a distant torturous cry of a girl. Residents of the area are still

spooked by the chills you get when passing through this area.


San Jose - Foxdale Apartments - at these apartments there have been sightings of

ghosts. It is said that these apartments were build on top of an old cemetery

and that there were still some graves. at one apartment a young woman hung

herself because her family left her. there have been sightings of her after her



San Jose - Happy Hollow park - The Creek behind the baby zoo at the Happy hallow

park, is haunted by a lady wearing a short red dress with a black belt and long

black hair, she is believed to have been murdered there in the 70's.


San Jose - Independence High School - In the large theater there is a presence

named "George". Legend has it he fell off one of the catwalks while working. Now

his spirit haunts the theater. Lights switch on and off during presentations

done for students, seats pull down and come up when no one is sitting next to

you, and if alone in the theater practicing for a show, "George" loves to play

lighting tricks on you. Fact is no one has ever died in that theatre. No

Janitors are ever allowed to go up there nor do they have reason too. The

history however, behind George is he has been ever present since the has been

built. No one really knows where he comes from or what the history of the land

is or anything...though there is a basic story that does float around. So far

our George has three figures...The first being there was the business like man

figure that was standing up against the wall. The second time George appeared,

it was to the actors - [techs never saw him that night] however actors kept

complaining about a little boy running around backstage trying to catch his toy

ball. The last sighting that has happened was about a year ago witnessed by 2

people who where alone in the building. It was of a very large man and he sat

down and filled up the aisle of the house ...which is about 2 and 1/2 to 3 feet

wide. A week later after seeing this one of the witnesses was in the lighting

booth. and reports, ”My friend and I were coming down the stairs of the lighting

booth to go talk to our teacher, who was at the other end of the

where near the stage or house [where the audience sits], as we got half way down

the whole booth started shaking violently. Us thinking it was an earthquake ran

and got the heck out of there. We went to our teachers office, which is located

in the same building, and asked her if she felt an earthquake or anything. She

looked at us and said, "No, what are you talking about?" Since then...George has

managed to become more violent here and there...he never harms anyone...however

he still continues to play his usual tricks.”


San Jose - Notre Dame HS - A nun years back hung herself off the balcony because

she was pregnant. It is now said to be haunted. Also the gym which is no longer

in use has been reported to have ghosts.


San Jose - old horse stables It is said that the old owner of the stables haunts

the old barns. These stables are located behind Yearba Buena HS. Many teens go

to the old barns at night for a scare. They have reported voices and a ghostly

figure of a man.


San Jose - Overfelt High School - There have been sightings of a janitor that

pass in early 80s. Students say they hear his cart being pushed around during

night time.


San Jose - San Jose State University (1857) - The old gym was used as a

collection area for Japanese internees during WWII. Voices and crying can be

heard here at night.


San Jose - Silver Creek high school - A young ghost Named Amy haunts the theatre

of the high school. It is said she hung her self inside one of the bathrooms

behind the stage.


San Jose - Slonaker Elementary School - it is said that many witnesses have

heard the sound of children playing while students are in class. There was a

child run over killed by his uncle.


San Jose - Winchester House - It is a house that was owned Sarah Winchester. It

is believed to be haunted by Sarah and the spirits of those who were killed by

Winchester's guns. Cold spots felt, an impression of someone lying in Sarah’s

bed, apparitions, rocking chairs rocking, being pushed by unseen hands,

disembodied talking & laughing.


San Juan Capistrano - Old Town San Jaun / Train Tracks - Train Caboose 1869 -

This is a red caboose located in the parking lot to the right. It is a part of a

restaurant made out of an old train set. The second window from the right, there

is a faint light seen peering through the window, late at night. There are no

other lights on in the empty caboose. If there were a light on in the caboose,

the other windows would appear to have the same glow.


San Juan Capistrano - Old Town San Jaun / Train Tracks - Woman in White. Seen in

park setting near a lone drinking fountain. It has been a personal experience of

mine to see her kneeling and praying facing the fountain. She then rises slowly

and advances towards you with a sense of urgency, flowing like a white

handkerchief in the wind, even when there is no wind. She then dissipates.


San Juan Capistrano - San Juan Capistrano Mission - Reports of an Indian girl

seen by some at her memorial. Also spotted shadows of people and heard children

crying in the cemetery where a surprisingly large number of people were buried

in a surprisingly small space.


San Lorenzo - Del Rey Park - This is an unusual park in kind of an odd place. If

you take Hisperian road and make a left onto Bochman and then another left onto

Bandoni and go to the end of the road where to your left there are dead ends...

you will see a park inside there. If you go at night take a few people with you.

People have been murdered in this park and their souls were never put to rest.

Some roam the park at night and will bother you and tell you to leave if you are

there for too long of a time. You can see orange and blue aura's coming toward

you from a distance and sometimes you can hear voices all around you ... with a

feeling of being surrounded. Walk around the duck pond and concentrate on how

you feel and how you are breathing.


San Luis Obisbo - Oceano - Black Lake -Reports of an Old Spanish lady in a Black

ruffled dress that walks around the lake at night. Witnesses report she has no

face just a white glowing light.


San Luis Obispo - Paso Robles - Adelaide Cemetery - Look for "Charlotte’s Grave"

and every Friday night (between 10-12 pm) there is a woman ghost who comes to

lay flowers on her dead daughter's grave (Charlotte) She has been seen as a

bright white light, & witnesses have seen a white human like figure near the

gates to the cemetery.


San Marcos - Harmony Grove/Elfin Forest Heavily Guarded - NO TRESSPASSING - Once

to be an insane asylum. Reports of seeing a white apparition accompanied with

laughing. Apparitions of Native American bodies hanging from trees. There is

also believed to be a circle of stones and if you walk through them time lapses.



San Marcos - Questhaven - The ghosts of former inhabitants have been spotted on

the grounds.


San Miguel - San Miguel Mission - It has been said and even that a woman, 2 men

and 2 children haunt the chapel of the mission. Apparently they went there to

hide from men who were drunk and attempting to rob and murder them.

Unfortunately they did not get away, and were indeed murdered. They have been

said to relive the incident often.


San Miguel - San Miguel Mission - Adobe Compound - Purchased from the Mexican

government by John Reed, the adobe compound was turned into an inn. In 1848, a

gang of English pirates raided the inn due to a rumor that a treasure was buried

on the property. When the raid was complete, 13 people were killed including

reed, his family, and other guests staying at the inn. The treasure was never

found, their ghosts are said to haunt the property.


San Rafael - Dominican University - There is a ghost dubbed 'blue boy' who

supposedly drowned in a bathtub. Some students say they have seen wet footprints

near the site of haunting.


Sanger - Acacia St. - In the mid 1900s a young orphan boy was caught trying to

steal a pie cooling on the window sill of a farmers house. When the boy took off

with the pie the farmer chased the boy to a developing street called "Acacia"

The boy was shot and killed while begging for his life on the future site of 87

Acacia. People who have taken occupancy in this house have reported a young boy

begging for his life in the hallway, and missing food.


Sanger - Centerville - Snake Road - The street is called Channel, the twisting

curves in the road have caused it to become known as "Snake Road." On top of

that, it is close to a fast flowing river, Kings River. An apparition of a woman

searching for her 2 daughters has been seen on the road.


Sanger - Hobbs Grove - This is a popular place during Halloween when they have

the haunted forest, hay rides, and haunted house tours. some people have seen

real ghosts lurking around during the activities on Halloween. It seems the

ghosts come out during the perfect time! If you decide to go to these activities

during Halloween, make sure it's a real person or a ghost that's pulling tricks

on you.


Sonoma - Mountain Cemetery - This old cemetery has the atmosphere of a horror

movie as years of neglect leave the antique tombstones and Mausoleums in ruins.

A single grave out of the way of the rest has a single name of "Lise" written on

it. Teenagers who have come to the cemetery in a macabre curiosity report a

sense of extreme dread, as well as a sighting of wraithlike spirits. Outside of

the gated regions of the Cemetery in a woods-like area can be found dilapidated

and broken graves. This "Abandoned" area has had sightings of strange lights,

foul smells, and an overpowering sense of fear over it. As well as unaccountable

cold spots.


Sonoma - Sebastianni Theatre - This old theatre houses the spirit of a young

girl aged anywhere from 10 to 20 she wears a yellow dress from the eras of the

thirties. The workers at the theatre call her Trixie, She tends to be seen in

the women's washroom in the mirror standing behind a person when they are alone

there, but when they turn around she is gone.. The dressing room's lights tend

to turn on and off of their own accord to the sounds of a girl's laughter.


Sonoma - Sonoma State Hospital - this hospital for the mentally disabled once

was an insane asylum which had mistreated the patients. Nowadays the main

building of the State Hospital by night has the foreboding presence of this

torture. Sounds of screams are heard through the night. And large looming

shadows of people walking outside can be seen when no one is about. The fields

near the hospital have sightings of "demonic beasts" as well as a mysterious

hitchhiking woman in white.


Santa Ana - Costa Mesa High School- There is a ghost of a man that died in the

boy's lockeroom


Santa Ana - Euclid corner Harzard - Popular to all of people around that area

with a haunted house that has been torn off (99 out of 100 people in the city

know about this area). This place has a lot of different stories, someone said

this place used to be a coffee shop, some gangs came and shot each others made

alot of people death and became haunted. Others said that the place used to be

Indian cemetery so there are spirits appeared during the night and kicked people

who lived there out.


Santa Ana - Fairhaven Cemetery Mausoleum - Lower Level - In the lower level,

there is a wall of the crypts of children. Occasionally the faint sound of a

child crying pierces the silence of the hallway down by this wall. UPDATE: "baby

wall" no longer exists. Apparently the crypts have been moved (or disbursed),

and a closed-circuit surveillance camera has been installed over the spot.


Santa Ana - Ralph's grocery CO. - The boiler room is a very active place in this

location you can see a large men floating around, also the break room is very



Santa Ana - Santa Ana High School - A young teenage actress, named Alice, died

in the auditorium before the opening Act. She was in the balcony looking to see

if her parents were there, when she fell over to the first floor and died. It is

said that if you go to the Attic of the auditorium you could here someone inside

knocking and walking around. Once you go in there is no one there. Lead actors

and actresses have also said that when an opening Act is about to start there is

A "good luck " sign carved on the floor, once the play it's over the carving

isn't there anymore.


Santa Barbara - La Cumbre junior high Theatre - A student by the name of Edwin

was killed in the theatre in the 1950s when a counterweight sand bag fell from

the cat walk and broke his neck. Students have sited him in the theatre and in

the upper cat walk. The sand bag that killed him still exists but is not used



Santa Barbara - Lompoc - Lompoc Furniture on H St - The second floor of the

building was the town morgue. A woman has been seen by many store patrons

walking on the second floor landing. There are a series of furniture showrooms

beyond the stairway landing on the second floor. The area is accessible; the

back room to the right of the landing has spots, which are very cold.


Santa Clara - Agnews Insane Asylum - Built around 1918 after the original

structure was destroyed in 1912. Workers have witnessed apparitions, strange

laughter, screaming, cold spots and freezer doors flying open violently along

with the ejection of the contents. - December 2003 Update: Agnews developmental

center was torn down and became the new site of the SUN Microsystems Santa Clara

Campus. Information about the site can be found


Santa Clara - Blood Tavern - In the north valley Baptist church, there was a

mass cult suicide, where innocent children were slaughtered like cows for there

meat. Their spirits have inhabited this church since the late 60's when it

happened. There have been sightings of pentagrams on the floor and ceilings

covered in blood. Witnesses have seen apparitions of mangled bodies and heard

children's screams below through the halls. You can sometimes feel the children

hitting you to get out.


Santa Clara - Merced - HWY 152 Gilroy to Los Banos - Pacheo Pass "The Green Man

" - There are many stories of the horrible things that have happened along

Pacheco Pass between Gilroy and the Casa de Fruta but after the Casa de Frusta

and just before you go up the pass to the San Luis Reservoir, there is a man I

had seen numerous times while traveling the road from 1975 - 1980. The man was

always in a black cape, has a lime green face , bald headed and is very visible

at night or day. He is always floating just above the ground next to the

Southbound lanes with his arms folded and a stern look on his face.


Santa Clara - Paramount’s Great America - There have been stories of a young boy

playing in the aisles after closing. The ghost of a ten-year-old boy who was

killed on an amusement park ride haunts the area where the ride once stood.


Santa Clara - Paramount’s Great America - Big Arcade & Drop Zone - There is a

story of a man that haunts the big arcade over by the drop zone. Security would

see a man on the cameras but when they got there no one was there, but here's

the catch. the guy watching the cameras kept telling the guys over the radio

that the guy was behind them and then next to them.


Santa Clara - Paramount’s Great America - IMAX theatre - there are reports of

lights turning on and off, and whispers.


Santa Clara - Paramount’s Great America - Paramount Theater - witnesses have

seen a man walk across the stage and then disappear, experienced cold spots, odd

noises and the feel of fingers on the back of their necks, tap their shoulder

and speak their name.


Santa Clara - Paramount’s Great America - Roast Beef Shop - There was a man

wearing a blue shirt that got locked up in the freezer and froze to death. Every

night at exactly 10:00 p.m. to 12:00 a.m. when closing u can hear screams in the

freezer of the man in the blue shirt.


Santa Clara - Santa Clara University - Students passing by the cemetery next to

the mission claim to here eerie moans and locked doors to the O'Connor building

swinging open and shut. In the bell tower reports of past Jesuits are seen



Santa Clara - Sun Microsystems - February 2/20/04, around 10:00 PM, there were

three Phone technicians working in one of the buildings. Two men and a woman.

They were running new phone lines into a phone closet. Their was a door next to

the closet. The woman heard a noise & opened it. Their was a little girl with

her arms opened (as to give her a hug) & the woman jumped back & fell onto the

guys. When the guys looked back to see what the heck was going on, they saw the

ghost as well. Immediately, they took off running. The Building's power was off

& just the two guy's had flash lights. They ran so fast, they left the woman

behind to fend for herself. She really freaked out trying to find an exit in the

dark. This was a VERY scary moment for all of them & when she finally made it

out, security was there toassist her. Security had heard from the men once they

arrived outside of a ghostly presence. When asked to finish their job by their

employer, they "absolutely" refused to ever go back!


Santa Clara - Sun Microsystems - About two weeks ago February 2/20/04, around

10:00 PM, there were three Phone technicians working in one of the buildings.

Two men and a woman. They were running new phone lines into a phone closet.

Their was a door next to the closet. The woman heard a noise & opened it. Their

was a little girl with her arms opened (as to give her a hug) & the woman jumped

back & fell onto the guys. When the guys looked back to see what the heck was

going on, they saw the ghost as well. Immediately, they took off running. The

Building's power was off & just the two guy's had flash lights. They ran so

fast, they left the woman behind to fend for herself. She really freaked out

trying to find an exit in the dark. This was a VERY scary moment for all of them

& when she finally made it out, security was there to assist her. Security had

heard from the men once they arrived outside of a ghostly presence. When asked

to finish their job by their employer, they "absolutely" refused to ever go



Santa Clarita - Space Ordnance Systems - Located off Highway 14, Sand Canyon

exit turn right, go past housing developments to locked gate. Behind this gate

is the old set for filming High Chapperal (an old TV series) and an old ordnance

facility that used to mix explosives for devices used in the military. The lead

azide was mixed in giant Kitchen Aide type mixers in concrete mixing bays. Over

the years several of the mixing bays blew up. Witnesses say they saw and heard

the men screaming as they ran across the field with only their belts and shoes

on the charred bodies. The facility could not keep any night shift gaurds

because of reported screaming and lights turning on and off in locked buildings.

Many employees reported being saved before their mixing bay blew up. One

employee even reported not being able to open a bathroom door with no lock until

the mixing bay blew up.


Santa Clarita - The Cottage on Walnut - Next door to the Egg Plantation (also

reportedly haunted). Both businesses converted from old homes. This is one of

the oldest neighborhoods in LA County. Tags flap around as if someone walked by.

Items heard shifting around. Steps sometimes heard. Loud objects clanging during

morning pre-open hours. First hand accounts of ghostly apparitions in restaurant

next door, including an angry cook.


Santa Clarita - The Egg Plantation - When sitting at the bar, people are

constantly looking over their shoulders back at the front door, seeing things

out of the peripheral vision.


Santa Clarita - Hart Mansion - The home of the silent film star William S. Hart.

Mr. Hart is scene by people that he recognizes and likes (namely docents). He

and his sister (also a ghost) are the only people to have ever really lived in

the home. The ghost of their nurse as well as Mr. Hart's dogs are also seen.

Coffee is often smelled in the museum.


Santa Clarita - Lake Elizabeth - Allegedly once occupied by sea serpent /

monster and various demons. Once settled as a mining / farm community by

Spaniards who reported dead cattle, sickness and ruined crops. Historical

accounts of a terrible sulfuric smell pervading the surrounding area. The

monster / creatures have not been seen recently, but the odor persists to this

day, as well as an eerie presence in the town and homes there.


Santa Clarita - Sand Canyon Road - In the mid 80's a car load of kids going to

prom wrecked their car at the intersection of Sand Canyon Road & Warm Springs

Road. Reports of a young woman signaling for help, and then vanishing.


Santa Clarita - Six Flags California - Every night just a few hours after the

park is free of all guests, the security base get a phone call from Goliath

(caller identification) and when they answer, all they hear is static. After

numerous calls, a few security guards investigated the matter. When the base got

the call, they radioed two guards waiting on the exit ramp. When the guards ran

up to the station, there was nobody around. They searched every part of the ride

and found nothing but an empty feeling.


Santa Cruz - Grahm Hill Road Cemetery - There is a cemetery on the left hand

side of the road when going up Grahm Hill road right off of Highway 17 in S.C.

This cemetery is pretty strange there is a lot of action going on in here. You

can see faces and things moving inside of the cemetery. If you pull into the

driveway towards the end of the cemetery and shine your headlights you will see

a white figure coming towards you. MOVE! This ghost is not friendly. There are

many orbs that you can see with the naked eye and some strange noises heard from

the East end of the Cemetery. Faces are seen in the headstones and Dark shadows

above them.


Santa Cruz - Porter College - B Building - 3rd floor North of the B building -

Over the years, a number of people residing on the hall have experienced waking

up from a dead sleep and feeling as though they were being strangled and held to

their bed as they tried to sit up. Eventually the feelings subsided. Also to

clarify, there are several other 'ghosts' known to reside in the A building as

well, some are known to wander the 2nd floor of A building, and the B-building's

"Bermuda Triangle" still holds residents. The man's name who ended his life in

the fourth floor of B building's name is David.


Santa Cruz - Red, White and Blue Beach - A woman was killed at this beach by her

boyfriend. Apparently, her ghost is seen haunting the beach.


Santa Cruz - San Jose - Highway 17 - People have claimed to see the ghost of an

old Indian man walking along the road. He is supposedly the cause of all the



Santa Cruz - The Rispin Mansion - Upstairs is haunted by a woman in a Victorian

black dress who is looking for a book, she also opens doors even heavily locked

and bolted or nailed ones and windows. Downstairs, a man with glasses is seen in

the empty fireplace, and in the basement an angry dog, probably from when local

police used the place for search dog training, haunts the stairway and front

door. Also a heard calls out for help from the basement.


Santa Cruz - University of California Santa Cruz - Porter College - A Building -

On the fifth floor of A building a student killed himself and is occasionally

seen walking down the hall dressed as he was when he died.


Santa Cruz - University of California Santa Cruz - Porter College - B Building -

On the first floor of B building three rooms are known as the "Bermuda Triangle"

This hall is no longer occupied but when it was there were many reports of

noises and voices heard, objects flying across the rooms and a feeling that

there was something extremely malicious there. The malicious feeling persists

for people just walking down the hall.


Santa Cruz - University of California Santa Cruz - Porter College - The Meadow -

The third spirit is a transient named Lily that lived in the meadow near Porter

in the 70s, she is seen walking around the meadow, either in rags or naked.


Santa Cruz - White Lady - In the back woods off of Grahm Hill Rd. Very creepy.

Voices of a old woman. Sometimes see a white lady walking around.


Santa Fe springs - St. Paul high school - It is said that at night you can hear

football players from the past practicing at night in the field. And in the 100

building you can see a girl in her prom dress and her date who hung himself in

that building roaming the halls.


Sante Fe Springs - St. Paul High School - Building 500 - motion activated sinks

and toilets in the boys bathroom have gone off with no one standing near them.





Santa Maria - Santa Maria Inn - In the historical section of the hotel scents of

women's perfumes were smelled in a room at night. Also, the door mysteriously

locked a guest out. Several items in room were moved around. Also reports of the

elevator going to a certain floor and stopping for 15 minutes and starting up

again, always at the same time of day.


Santa Paula - The Glenn Tavern Inn - There is a young boy who died there and is

seen playing on the second floor and in the lobby. Also, the piano that is in

the lobby plays by itself. There have been sightings of a person or apparition

looking out of the window of Room 23. The rooms 305, 103, and 23 are all roamed

by ghosts. On the second floor a child who died runs around after 1:00am at

night. Also the ghost in 305 will walk through all the third floor doors and the

lobby. The 103 ghosts just knocks little things down and looks in the window at

you or whoever is staying there. It is said that the guy in 103 was shot in an

illegal poker/gambling game and is looking for the money that he rightfully



Santa Paula - Wallace Theatres / Santa Paula 7 theaters Theater #6 - employees

report feeling uneasy in the theatre while cleaning and when the lights are off

in the theatre the darkness in theatre seems more dark then a normal dark. There

are also reports of a man spotted sitting in one of the seats in number 6 and

then he vanishes and reports of seeing apparitions appear in the projection

booths upstairs especially near the projection booth to theater 6. As well as

the sweet smell of perfume in the theatre.


Saratoga - Bella Saratoga - Cold spots felt. In the restroom the woter has been

known to turn on by itself – witnesses claim to even see the handle turning.


Saratoga - Small Antique Store on Big Basin Way - Some people report being

tapped on the shoulder by the ghosts on the lower floor.


Scotts Valley - Scotts Valley Cinemas - Reports of ghosts in theater #2 and an

uneasy feeling when alone after hours and when in the theater alone, like

someone is watching you. Defiantly a ghost, but not at all violent.


Seal Beach - US Naval Weapons Station - The phenomenon occurring at the WPNS

Station covers a variety of ghostly manifestations such as apparitions,

knocking, footsteps, horrible ghostly moaning, laughter, animal spirits, water

devas, and even poltergeist antics.


Seaside - Cal. State Monterey Bay - Built on the old army base of Fort Ord,

students have herd disembodied breathing or voices. The old army prison and

Officers Mansion are said to be haunted as well.


Selma - Blockbuster Video - Employees have heard door of office shut. Keys

rattling. Lights turn on at night. People talking in the office when no one is

there. Shadows. And someone with you all the time.


Shingle Springs - La Casa Dr. - There is a strange mist that hovers at times, no

matter the climate (no hot-springs present). Sounds of Native American drumming

can be heard late at night or early in the morning (there are grinding stones in

the area). My neighbor personally saw what looked like a ghostly form of a

mountain lion enter the mist, and what looked to be the ghostly form of a Native

American Warrior exit on the opposite side of the mist.


Silverlake - Edgewater terrace - sightings of a little girl crying behind a bush

at really late hours of the night! Also the ghost of the midnight jogger has

been seen around this area and next to the lake!


Simi Valley - Indian Hills - When the Indian Hills area was built there were,

and still are, many hills which seemed perfect for skateboarding. It was said to

be that a young boy anxious to skate down one of these hills called Maricopa.

While skating down this steep hill without a helmet, he fell face first and tore

up his face and arms and knees. To this day on some nights you can still see a

small boy with a skateboard in his hand and his face and arms all scraped up.

Many people have seen this mysterious boy still skating down all the hills. As

soon as you start walking over to help him or see if he is real, he skates away

at a seemingly impossible speed never to be seen again that night.


Simi Valley - Simi Hills Golf Course - Abandon barn were 3 people were killed.

Street closed off. Said that a mom, her son and her daughter lived there and the

son went crazy and killed them both and then killed him self on a chair. They

say the chair is still there and they say that you can still see him sitting in

his chair with his gun. - February 2004 Update: they are currently building now

over there and they have demolished the barn itself, its gone. - May 2004

Update: the old barn was torn down over the summer of 2003, There have also been

reports of orbs(balls of light) sighted in the areas around the inside of the

barn where the murders took place. Also the old oak tree in front is now gone so

there really isnt much place to be able to tell if the ghosts are still there,

but the barn just got relocated, not demolished, there is no imformation on

where it was relocated.


Simi Valley - St. Rose of Lima Catholic Church - It is supposedly haunted by a

man that was murdered there and also by a woman. Perfume can be smelled in parts

of the Inn (which is now a museum Open to the public) and people have reported

seeing "a tall stranger" in the corner of their eyes, but turn around to see no



Simi Valley - Sycamore Park - at night, there is a figure that comes around

every once and a while. This figure is white, and appears to be furry. This

figure also seems to run on all fours, like a gorilla. There have been several

eyewitnesses who have seen this running figure. This figure runs fast, and is

almost like a sudden flash of light. There have also been sightings of floating

apparitions that have flown from tree to tree at the blink of the eye. Many

other people have said to have seen a white man sitting on rocks staring at you,

then stands up after "he" sees you there. There have also been sightings of

glowing spots in the grass. And when you walk into them, you seem to vanish from

sight. Here are some links that you may be interested in


Soledad - Los Coches Inn - People have claimed you can sometimes hear the

screams of miners coming from the abandoned well. There have also been eye

witness accounts of an eccentric looking lady, wearing black, roaming the inn



South Los Angeles - Kmart #7625 - There are reports of ghostly happenings in the

stock rooms of this former Zody's. It is believed that a double murder/suicide

took place somewhere in the upstairs stockroom. Apparently, a couple worked

together for Zody's and the boyfriend caught his girlfriend in a compromising

situation with another male employee. The enraged boyfriend located a box cutter

and slashed the two to death. He then slashed his own wrists and carotid artery.

After several reports from employees of unusual activity, Kmart headquarters in

Michigan has admitted to hiring paranormal/paraphysical investigators to conduct

investigations into the incident. The conclusion was that indeed the building

was occupied by several spirits. The investigators concluded that four different

spirits dwell throughout the building. The fourth has not been linked to any

known incident that may have occurred and thus is unknown for its presence.

Kmart has remained quiet on the findings of this investigation and resources

revealed that employees of this store are not advised of this activity. Prior to

changing over to Kmart, Zody's employees reported seeing a man walking about in

the stockroom. A woman is also seen running and sometimes screams are heard. In

one case, an overnight employee sustained a 7 inch laceration while working in

the stockroom. Zody's management insisted that the incident was just an accident

caused by falling boxes that were stacked too high, but resources close to the

victim tell another tale. A paring knife mysteriously came across the room and

cut the employee across the chest. No one was seen in the area. The victim

survived his wounds, but obviously resigned from the company. Sightings and

sounds have been reported throughout the years, but no one else has been

physically attacked since.


South Pasadena - Penthouse Apartments - The ghost of a WWII soldier is still

trying to get a message to his son.


South Pasadena - The Rialto Theater - The Rialto Theater is VERY old, possibly

70 years old. Many people have died there. In the bathroom a girl slit her

wrists and climbed up to the balcony and bled to death in the seats. It is also

said that a man went crazy in the projector booth. The doors to the stalls in

the girl’s bathroom shake. An apparition of an older man has been seen sitting

in the seats. The older man has also been seen walking up and down the balcony



Southeast San Diego County - Highway 94. - strange lights on the road. They

appear to be spherical and emanate an "electric blue" like light. Sometimes

there is only one and at other times they are in pairs.


Spreckles - old sugar beat storage silos - usually later at night a ghost can be

heard singing and often screaming the source is not known any history on this

would greatly help. It sounds like it most coming from an old brick warehouse

that has been derelict for a long time


Springville - Scicon, School of Conservation - Reports of lights flickering and

a rotting smell, children have been woken by floating lights. In another

dwelling there are reports of a running ghost, doorknobs turn, footsteps heard,

and an apparition of a man walking up a hill.


Springville - The Springville Inn - Is said to be haunted by the ghosts of a

little girl, the history of her unknown. A young logger man who was reported as

being quite a ladies man was shot for flirting with the wife of another man. He

was shot in the street in front of the inn and carried into the inn where he

died from the bullet wound. There is also the ghost an old man that haunts the

inn but his history is also not known. People have reported feeling being

watched as they walk to the bathroom in the restaurant bar area. One employee

reported receiving a phone call from the manager’s office when the manager was

not in the restaurant. One visitor to the restaurant/bar reported what she

describes as a child with extremely cold hands grabbing hold of her hand as she

walked to the ladies room. Another customer felt a cold touch on her shoulder

and her back as she waited for drinks up at the bar. So far none of the ghosts

have been photographed.


San Bernardino - California Theatre - Will Rogers made his last performance at

the California Theatre, he died in a plane crash a few days later. It is said

that he haunts a practice room in the theatre. It is continually cold in this

room and sometimes you can see him in the room's small window.


Stanton - Stanton Industrial Complex - The haunting is subject to not only one

place. There is not just one ghost there are many due to a portal. The

poltergeist has ripped the metal foiling on the ceiling, punched a hole in one

of the pictures in the of the units. It has also attack people by throwing

plastic sheeting at a person. It has also attacked a lady in one of the units by

throwing knifes that she had on the wall at her. Another thing that happens to

her was that when she came in one morning she found her grandpa and grandma

dolls mutilated. In same unit before the lady moved in there where sounds of a

radio playing and sawing going on even though no one even rented it yet. Another

accident was when a tenant's television flew off the wall and broke. Other

happenings of televisions going on and off by themselves. Most recently a tenant

opened a cabinet a glass cup flew out and shattered. Some of the time the

poltergeist pulls on clothes.


Stevenson Ranch - Mettryville - Was once a little town located in the mountains.

In the late 1800s a local dam broke and killed a lot of people from all over. A

lot of people were found in the tall, old oak tress dead. You can see people

dressed in very old western clothing, people in the oak tress, and you can hear

people talking.


Stockton - County Courthouse - At night in the underground area where the

holding cells are (where the inmates are kept waiting for their court

appearances), at night shouting can be heard when the place is empty. The night

guard also reports hearing the holding cell door on the second floor slamming

closed, also when no one is there.


Stockton - San Joaquin Delta College.- it was an old mental hospital on

California street. The Magnolia street entrance is for educational purposes for

the severely learning impaired in down town Stockton that has been turned into a

college located on a parcel of land between pacific avenue and Pershing Avenue.

The students have told of hearing voices, when there is no one around, hearing

footsteps and no one is coming, and other strange situations, such as chairs

moving on their own and rooms that get very cold Extremely fast.


Stratford - Haunted Trees - On King Avenue between 18th and 17th avenue there

are a group of trees that are isolated by a canal. Long time ago, the farmer

that used to farm out there had a awful accident, the farmer was disking the

ground and he fell off the tractor and got chopped up by the disc. To this day

if anyone goes into those trees at night, you hear sounds of footsteps behind

you and branches start breaking by themselves.


Summerland - Big Yellow House Restaurant - This restaurant is believed to be

haunted by a ghostly lady. People have claimed to see a lonely looking woman

standing around by herself. When they attempt to get a closer look, she

disappears. Money has also been known to disappear from tables.


Sun Valley - Roscoe blvd - voices have been heard and a mysterious man lurks the

hall and children’s room. He’s not malevolent unless you’re over 12 years old.


Sunnyvale - Bishop Elementary School - The ghost of Mr. Bishop the school's

namesake is said the walk the halls and auditorium of the school.


Sunnyvale - Homestead High School - is said to have a ghost walking the halls on

the second floor.. It's been known to lock doors, open doors and it's presence

can be felt. People have also said that they've seen it, and one teacher claims

that the ghost tapped him on his shoulder. One parent attending an orientation,

felt a strong negative presence, as if it were saying, “Go home please.” They

apologized out loud for intruding and left.


Sunnyvale - Quality Inn Suites - There have been many reports of one of the

rooms in this hotel being haunted by a man. He apparently died there of a heart

attack. Guests will often complain of noises coming from the unoccupied, haunted

room. Apparitions seen.


Sunnyvale - Toys R Us - Toys R Us is haunted supposedly by a young boy or man,

believed to be Jonny Jonson (pronounced Yonny Yonson), a farm worker. .

Employees report finding toys in aisles when opening up the store in the

morning, and balls rolling down aisles when nobody else is around, and bicycles

being ridden around at night. There also have been pictures taken of this ghost.



Sutter Creek - The Sutter Creek Inn - is haunted by a former California senator

and his wife. The Senator is heard pacing upstairs in the main house and his

wife is sometimes seen in the hallway.


Sylmar - Lopez Canyon - Glen Haven Memorial Park - There is an alleged gravity

hill and there is a statue next to the mortuary building that walks around at



Tehachapi - La Paz - UFW headquarters/children's hospital - the swings swing of

their own accord. There is blood in the bathrooms of the old hospital section

(it was once a children's hospital). The feeling of death and what it has left

behind is inundating...and you can hear voices. walking past a door that is shut

off to the back building that is unused, a witness heard a banging on the door.

The doorknob turned.


Tehachapi - Wells Elementary School - Janitors report feelings of being watched,

and hearing footsteps Late at night, especially near a small memorial.


Temecula - McDonalds - In the women’s restroom a customer saw an old Indian

women in the mirror behind her. As she stepped aside, the Indian women pushed

her on the shoulder lightly. When she turned to face the women, she heard

laughter and the Indian women disappeared. She told one of the employee's and

they said they heard similar stories too. The Indian women is not mean-just



Temecula - Stout Family Funeral Home - A black spirit has been seen in the

embalming room of this funeral home. Many other strange experiences have

occurred such as lights turning on and off, knockings at doors and ghostly



Temecula - The Gallery - Under the 15 freeway is a bridge where graffiti artist

from around the world come to paint. many stories are told about a painter shot

by police. Sightings of a man in a hooded sweat shirt and the noises of a

rattling paint can have been reported.


Thousand Oaks - California Lutheran University - Mount Clef Dorm - Mount Clef

dorm is haunted by entities, of which one of them is a young boy who is often

seen wandering the hall upstairs in the 300 side. Residents find doors, which

were confirmed, to be closed and locked at night when they wake in the morning.

Mud has mysteriously appeared and then disappeared in beds. Pillows have been

thrown across rooms in the middle of the night, after being yanked out from

underneath sleeping residents. Cries and whimpering have been heard shortly

after the pillow incidents. It is rumored that the dorm is built on the site of

an old hotel where a little boy was murdered.


Thousand Oaks - United Artists Theaters 5 - A little boy haunts theater number 5

who was killed back in the '70's during a freak construction accident. Employees

have heard footsteps behind them when no one is there, banging from the walls

and exit door, blue flashes of lights by the exit door, laughter when no one

else is there, and there has been one incident when 2 employees went to clean

the theater and they heard a little boy say HI but when they turned around, the

theater was empty. Some of the managers have also reported that the projector

area for theater 5 is also haunted. Laughter, cold spots, flickering lights, and

moved film has been reported.


Torrance - Bishop Montgomery High - Sightings of old nuns lurking around the

third building hallway have been reported. Witnesses have also seen an old drama

teacher in the drama lab and visions of blood in the hall ceiling.


Torrance - Torrance high school - In the C building at Torrance High there is a

girls bathroom right before you enter the hall that is haunted by a girl from

the age of 15-17. She got a pass to go to the restroom and when she went in she

was raped and killed in the back of the bathroom where the second row of stalls

were, beyond the sinks. It is now boarded up but you can still see a sliver of

light through the boarded side, due to the window. If you look through you can

see a spot of red that was said to be her blood. When you go in to the bathroom

by yourself you tend to hear a girl cry and unexplained noises from the other

side of the wall.


Tracy - Amore's Pizza Place - Every time you eat there someone would always be

taking the salt and pepper shakers.


Tracy - Banta Inn - this is a very old restaurant and bar where the workers

claim at night after closing time the money in the cash register is found neatly

stacked one night an ash tray was hurled through the air almost hitting a worker

who was alone in there cleaning up and some say they have heard a woman's

laughter. This is all after closing time and the place is clear of people other

then the person cleaning up.


Tracy - Bethany Reservoir - There have been sightings of children running

through the hills around the reservoir screaming. Rumor has it that in 1962 an

alcoholic father took his 3 sons and 2 daughters on a fishing trip and went

insane and hunted his kids down one by one.


Tracy - Byron Inn - It is an abandoned hotel that was once used by famous

Hollywood actors who wanted to "get away" from the Hollywood life for awhile. It

is now haunted by some of those Hollywood stars.


Tracy - Defense Distribution Depot San Joaquin - Bldg 100 - During the evening

hours employees hear footsteps in the deserted mainframe room. There are only

one or two employees on duty and all have confirmed the sounds. The water in the

men's room, adjacent to the mainframe area, is found to be running on occasion.

It's suspected that either one of three previous employees, who have died by

terrible disease and suicides are the cause.


Truckee - The Star Hotel - People were seen inside the building when it was

closed down. After seeing them they were gone. Also lights would be on when know

one was there. It is now a business.


Tulare - Hillman Health Clinic - formerly Tulare County General Hospital - This

set of buildings was at one time the county hospital. It is now a public and

mental health clinic with many other services housed in the 2nd floor. The

basement is currently in use by the maintenance department and there is a tunnel

running from what used to be physical therapy to the main building. Many

transients live in this tunnel. The main haunting seems to be on the 2nd floor.

The elevator goes up and down without anyone using it. The evening cleaning lady

will not work past 9:00 p.m. and has felt many vibrations she thought were heavy

footsteps coming up the stairs with no one ever appearing.One staff member was

taken to the basement in the elevator after pressing floor 1.


Tulare - Springville - old TB sanitarium - Cemetery - Two residents went to the

old cemetery on the hill late at night to 'ghost hunt' and reported feeling

someone touch them and the man had his cap pulled off his head several times,

another time when they went there they heard voices in the cemetery when no one

was there but they could not locate where the voices were coming from.


Tulare - Springville - old TB sanitarium - Laural BuildingThe Sequoia Dawn low

income housing that is there now was once an old TB sanitarium and hospital for

Tulare County. Several of the residents have had strange occurrences in their

apartments and also other buildings there. There is a room in the clinic there

that is so cold you feel uncomfortable in it and that room is only used for

storage now. Also voices are heard throughout the buildings by residents and

when they turn to look no one is there. A woman who lived upstairs in the Laural

building saw an apparition of a woman in her hallway that suddenly vanished.


Tustin - Mitchell - Apparition of a lady in white and a ghost of a little boy

that throws marbles.


Union City - Bronco Billy's Pizzeria - In Old Alvarado section of Union City

there is a pizzeria called Bronco Billy's pizza, it is a very old building built

before Union City became a city, In the after hours it is said to be haunted ,

there are pictures of old cowboys from the area over a century old, the place is

dark and gloomy, the reserved party room is heard to be the most supernatural

activity. Submit: Submit


Upland - Park Road - Park road is located in the San Antonio Heights area of

Upland. People have reported seeing the apparition of an old man standing in the

middle of the Park Road/Mountain Ave. intersection. If you stop at the

intersection, he will come up to your car and shake it, moaning and groaning.


Upland - Pioneer Junior High School - It has been said that a ghostly figure

wanders the hallways and can be seen in the dark room that is not used anymore.

Also, books fall off the shelves in the library and voices can be heard when no

one is around in the office.


Uvas Canyon - Croy Road - A woman all dressed in white nun-like robes was

reported to be seen on several different occasions. Also, a man dressed in

Victorian clothing was said to have been seen in one of the residences.


Valencia - Olive Vista Hospital - Ghosts everywhere. You can hear people chasing

you. It was an old hospital that was closed but nobody knows why. It is two

floors and they opened the bottom floor back up as a hospital but the top floor

is definitely haunted.


Valencia - Six Flags - Colossus - there's supposedly a child in a striped shirt

who occasionally can be seen at night running through the supports underneath

Colossus. That, and sometimes at night the lift chain can be heard running and

the clanking of the anti-rollbacks, despite the ride being shut down for the



Valencia - Six Flags - Magic Mountain - Cold spot and a presence felt.


Valencia - Six Flags - Revolution - formerly the 76er - On roller coaster a girl

working as an attendant was crushed and dragged by incoming cars when she

accidentally stepped onto the track. Some employees mention that they have seen

their co-worker by the tracks in the train station or in the tunnel shortly

after the loop on the coaster. They mentioned that they saw the apparition and

another employee mentioned they heard screams on another occasion. It appears

these incidents happen after closing around 1 AM in the morning for some odd

reason. The employee had been killed though during business hours.


Vallejo - Along the Highway Near Hiddenbook - The Children of Good Serpent

Orphanage: During - "The Bad" Children were sent from all around the World to

Good Serpent Continuation School and Orphanage. The ghosts here are the scariest

of them all. Some of the bad Appalachian Experiment Children were sent here as

well.(some of these children were born deformed and others with learning

problems)Some of the children that are seen here sneaking out at night were so

hideous that they changes the name from Good Servant to Good Serpant(referring

to the Devil).It was never listed in the Phone Directories and was the Worst

Case of Child Abuse ever recorded in History. The violent souls of the Good

Serpent Orphanage are still seen only in this area.


Vallejo - Lake Herman Road - This is one of the places where the infamous

"Zodiac" murdered a young lady and injured her boyfriend back in the fifties or

sixties, the hangout of the Zodiac was supposedly on this road as well The road

is nothing but abandoned ranches and utility buildings now but a strange mist

hugs to the top of the hills to the left on most nights rather than sticking to

the lake to the right . . . it is on the right side of the road where the Zodiac

supposedly wrote taunting letters to the police. EVPs recorded picking up a

strange heavy breathing that seemed to be from a woman, and a strange feeling of

not being alone.


Vallejo - Naval Training Station - The ghost of a W.W.II sailor has been seen by

witnesses going down a ladder into the engine room. He then walks to a cubbyhole

where there is only a desk and chair, and disappears.


Vallejo - Raley's Shopping Center - The ghosts of the 1897 trail derailment. In

1897 Vallejo welcomed the Royals of England with a train ride through the Napa

Valley.It derailed and Princess Margaret and Princess Marie Elena died instantly

as well as 100 of the passangers that accompanied them from the Ride from NY to

Vallejo to the Napa Valley.The 100 passengers that traveled with them were the

100 servants of the Princesses of England.


Vallejo - Rancho - This started when a man was accidentally shot on Rancho on a

Monday night.. Now every Monday Night people here gunshots and the man screaming

and yelling for his life... Some times blood is found on driveways that no one

knows where it came from.


Vallejo - Richardson Drive & Old Marche-Maher Ranch Area (Now Borges Ranch) -

"Little Boy Blue" the missing Royal of France. In 1980, the authentic painting

of Little Boy Blue was found in a old wore down home on Richardson Drive. The

people just bought the home and the neighborhood was being rebuilt. One of the

Construction Workers came across the Painting. It was Prince Louis Bonaparte

Delacroix Montenegro Hollanzder of France(1879).He was going to be King. He was

kidnapped at 18 years old. Right after the Royal Court painted his picture. Some

say he was murdered violently still wearing his Royal Outfit. He had a met

another Royal who was also kidnapped and taken here and they became boyfriend

and girlfriend. The description of the ghost: Prince Louis has short dark hair

combed back. He is wearing a blue army/military suit with a white collar, he

looks like a teenager, he is a bit thin. He has blue eyes. He loves women. Some

people say he was killed on his way to meet his girlfriend who lived in the

Marche Mansion.(Located on the present-day Angelina Way Street).*Some people say

every night since 1879 the ghost of Prince Louis kisses any women who end up

moving to this street, going house to house watching over them. (His ghost was

the Inspiration to the Story Peter Pan)WRITTEN IN 1900.


Vallejo - Vallejo Museum - The former location of the Vallejo Canteen.(A popular

spot in the early 1900s for Society Members to gather) In 1922 Rose Borgia was

to perform for Manuel the King of Portugual, she was his wife and somehow was

left behind when she visited her nephew here in the United States. The person

who served as her translator sold her to the Marche-Maher Family and they locked

her up in the attic of Branciforte. She never was able to see her husband and

after 2 years of practicing to Perform for him a Irish Song called "Smiling

Through" She suffocated in the attic. Her ghost is often seen the in Vallejo

Museum(formerly Vallejo Canteen)practicing singing with a friend (location

upstairs)and later vanishes after the window opens then shuts. Some smell a

scent of Gardenia, in which she use to wear in her hair.


Valley Center - Indian burial grounds - Dead Indians can be seen chasing buffalo

with spears. have been heard as well.


Vandenberg AFB - Space Launch Complex 5 (SLICK 5) - His ghost approaches a

security policeman's guard post and asks about a fire and then disappears.


Vandenberg Village - Cabrillo High School Theater - The ghost of a girl has been

seen in the spotlight room. Her voice can even be heard from behind locked

doors. Drama students have also reported being locked in the dressing rooms.

Supposedly, the girl fell off the indoor balcony and died.


Van Nuys - DWP Utilities Bldg. on van Nuys Blvd. - Strong presence here. Cold

spots, touching. There is a strong negative energy of a malevolent entity that

haunts the building.


Van Nuys - Right Side Up - Cold spots and unexplained electrical malfunctions.


Venice - St. Mark School - There is said to be a ghost nun at St. Mark School.

In the fourth grade class room there is said to be a ghost nun haunting the

room. There was a nun that used to work for the school who taught fourth grade.

She died and came back to haunt the school. There have been sightings of her,

and at occasional times you would see the door slam by its self with no windows

open. The windows in the class room would open by them selves too.


Ventura - Bard Hospital - Bard Hospital has been turned into an office building.

Now things move around by themselves and lights go out without human help. If

one wants them to go back on, all one has to do is say, "I'm not finished yet!"

and they'll go back on.


Ventura - Bella Maggiore Hotel - Ghost of a prostitute who committed suicide

haunts Room 17 - soft singing, strong smell of roses inside room and in adjacent

hall, occasional mist near window.


Ventura - Cemetery Park - There was an Gutcaste, depressed teenager who had hung

himself in a tree in the park. He is said to be seen hanging in the tree staring

wide eyed into the distance. and there is said to be a cold chill in the air and

a strong malicious presence.


Ventura - San Buena Ventura Mission - in the early morning hours you can hear

chanting, cries, and children talking.


Ventura - The Olivas Adobe - is rumored to be haunted by the ghost of a woman.

She is reported to be seen standing in an upstairs window at night.


Ventura - The Santa Clara House - This restaurant, once a private Victorian

home, is residence to a ghost of a young girl who killed herself after she had

an affair with a salesman and got pregnant. Now it is said that you can see her

apparition looking out the window waiting for her lover to return for her.


Ventura - Victorian rose bed & breakfast - Used to be a church on Main St. in

Ventura. Emperor's bedroom is the most haunted room. It used to be a choir loft.

Many years ago, a lady in the choir fell from the loft and unfortunately didn't

survive. Occasionally, guests in the room have heard her singing. Other

non-paying guests include a minister that sometimes tuck guests into bed in the

timeless treasures room. In the Fleur-De-Lis room, guests have sometimes enjoyed

foot massages, only to realize that their partner is asleep. In the large

central lobby area, footsteps have been heard, even though no one else was in

the room at the time.


Ventura county - Oxnard - Oxnard draining ditch tunnel - When walking thru the

tunnel a strange taping on the walls and then the sound of foot steps can be

heard all around you. and a weird figure blocks the light at the end.


Ventura county - Oxnard - Santa Clara Cemetery - strange things can be seen

behind the tombstones as if a man was trying to hide but then vanishes some

times it feels as if he were holding you back and a chill is in the air. Some

times a mist covers the area.


Victorville - 7th Street - Women Dressed in 1800's style clothing stares down

the street.


Victorville - El Evado Rd - It's said as your driving El Evado Rd. in the night

you can see one of many different ghosts, in particular of a little girl that

got hit by a car and died. Other things that have happen while driving on this

road is you get cold shivers down your spine, or you see light (even though your

the only one there) and sometimes you can hear someone yelling or crying.


Visalia - Cinema 1-2-3 - In the lobby there have been seen 3 different kids

roaming around and following many of the visitors. When you shine your

flashlight on them the light does not go through them. But yet they are still

transparent. There have been unusual screaming and banging from inside the old

theater. Many eyewitnesses have seen reenactments of an 11 yr old boy being

thrown off the roof by a shadow like figure. There have been accounts of over

300 spirits inhabiting this theater. Some of the stories about this place date

back into the 1800s.


Visalia - MWI veterinary supplies - there have been reports by workers that you

can hear trays being dropped when there is no one else present. there have also

been reports of a chubby man following workers.


Visalia - St. Johns River - Supposedly... people jogging on the river trail

would sometimes see an Indian man in on the side of the trail walking with a



Walnut - Haunted Church - Off of Nogales and Amar Rd there is an abandon Church

where people are sacraficed and their blood is spread all over the walls,

supposidly the ghost are violent.


Upland - Warp gate - Apparently when you drive into Upland from the Claremont

bridge there is a place or persay a nonexistant gateway you go to the Baseline

and Benson intersection the you start going up from benson and look to the left

side and you turn into an area where construction is being done except that the

machines are all old and rusted and cant work anymore you turn into that field

and keep going till you are in total darkness and then wait(has to be while no

one is around) your surroundings start to disappear and everything goes to a

purple blackish color and the only real reason people say this is because

everything around that disappears including the machines


Wattsonville - Redman House - This house is located in the middle of a

strawberry field right off of the freeway. It is fully boarded up, but there are

very noticeable hot spots on the roof of the house that shine blue, as well as

many orbs that surround the house. From what the people that own us say, many

people were murdered in this house, and it is extremely haunted. Doors slam and

open on their own, people hear things happen in that house from far away.

Screams of a little boy are heard as well as adults yelling for help. Strange



Weed - Wayside Inn - Many guests at this old motel off I-5 have felt uneasy

while staying there. During the night loud noises can be heard coming from rooms

that are vacant. Even on a few occasions guests have been awaken by a knock at

the door yet no one is there, and the knocking persists throughout the night. A

few of the rooms here back into a field which is said to be an old graveyard.

Some of the rooms have bathroom windows that look out onto the field and many

guests report glowing red eyes looking at them through the window.


Westminster - Country Harvest Buffet - There are cowboys or country type of

apparitions (think Mark Twain, Huckleberry Finn) that have been heard and seen

in the restaurant, and around the entire premise of the shopping center.


West Covina - Galster park - This park is located on a hill with 3 entrances. It

has been closed off because children have been raped and murdered there. People

have seen a pathway leading to the house of the murderer. The man would take the

children and rape and beat them. If you go there late at night you are able to

hear the screams and the pleas of the children. A boy wearing a sweater with a

massive scar on his face has been seen standing at the entrance of the first or

second gate. He has been seen inviting people into the park. Telling them to

come in and see what is inside. The boy has been seen at different ages, one as

a child and the other as an adolescent. This place is VERY real.- Extreme

precautions should be taken if you dare to enter. This is no joke. a group of

investigators where chased out by men carrying knives, this is not a safe place

to visit.


West Covina - South Hill Elementary - Apparitions of three ladies killed by Car

accident have been seen in front of the school.


West Hills - Capistrano Ave - There have been apparitions of a woman with long,

dark hair, and a hooded figure standing among the dark trees at night with its

eyes glowing red. Noises at night like keys jangling, creaking stairs, heavy

footsteps and the like. Things also turned up missing that were never to be



West Hills - Shadow Ranch Park - The recreation center used to be an old ranch

house that has the oldest eucalyptis trees in the state. In a riding accident a

young boy was killed and almost decapitated. At night you can see the body

looking down at you from the second story window.


West Hollywood - Melrose Elementary School - A janitor hung himself in the

auditorium because he thought nobody liked him. Since then his ghost has been

seen roaming the stage and the halls. Also, all the curtains move by themselves.

Some students and teachers hear scratches on the door during class. That would

also happen in the ladies restroom and the door would shake by itself.


West Los Angeles - Quicksilver TOW-O.P.G. - Many fatal accidents reported in

this area. Reports of eerie feelings, cold spots, sightings of children and

handprints on cars, accompanied by the inside lights of the vehicle turning on.


Westwood - Westwood Memorial Cemetery - Marilyn Monroe's ghost has been spotted

hovering near her tomb.


Whittier - California High School - People have claim to see ghost in be 10



Whittier - Dead Man's Park - "Old Quaker cemetery whose decedent’s are long

since dead has been converted into a park. The headstones have been removed &

one large marker listing the names of the dead is located in the second half of

the park. Often the park is covered by a mysterious fog patch that does not

extend past the roads to the houses on all sides. The fog also does not cover

the road that dissects the two halves of the park. Locals say that the fog is

the combined anger of the dead at the removal of the headstones. The park has

very few visitors per year. Records of this information was once located in the

old Whittier museum record room. Additional roomers include the bodies being

moved to Rose Hills Cemetery, joggers reported the feeling of being watched,

dead cats mysteriously found on the cemetery grounds, and the list goes on.


Whittier - King Richards Antique Center. Off Whittier Blvd. near Historic

Whittier district. Uptown.  - large Building  built in 1903. Once used as an old

Citrus packinghouse in the early 1900's. Now housing a Antique Mall since 1979

with 4 floors inside. The former Owners and Staff as well as the dealers

experienced strange happenings. Two the stories are that 2 citrus plant workers

died tragically in the mall. one story is that a worker had locked himself

accidentally in the old freezer room in the basement and passed away. another is

unknown how but a worker died from machinery falling onto him in the back of the

bottom floor. Dark shadowy figures have been seen in closing time. The cleaning

crew has quit after hours when a woman cleaner screamed from the bottom floor

claiming she saw a black figure watching her. Electrical appliances have sounded

off with no batteries inside. Pictures have fallen feet away from where they

were hung. Saucers and objects for sell have rolled or flung off onto the

floors. A empty space has got the most attention where stairs use to be, cold

spots and sensitive customers have felt a presence there. Curiously young

children who know nothing of the mall refuse sometimes to enter the basement

where the freezer accident occurred. King Richards is history all around and the

staff claims that they feel no threat from the strange occurrences. Sometimes

you just feel like they want to be noticed or known. Oddly enough the happenings

really become more active around October through the holiday season. Its hard to

separate the occurrences said one worker. the Antique items that are brought in

by dealers some time hold a past with them as well. But for the feeling of King

Richards you see, to know the difference. No harm from these ghost's just a

remembrance of Whittiers History.


Whittier - La Serna High School - When in the wrestling room, sometimes heard

the noise of basketball being played in the adjacent small (women's) gymnasium.

Sounds include: sneakers squeaking on gym floor, basketballs bouncing, shouting.

Also footsteps above... on the roof?


Whittier - Rose Hill Cemetery - Haunted by children that died in a school bus



Whitier - Turnbull Canyon Road - A section of the road Pushes your vehicle

uphill when put in neutral and sometimes you hear a knocking noise under the

vehicle or see human like shadows in the bushes. Satanic cults have been spotted

there as well as ufo sightings. Cause is unknown.


Whittier - Whittier High School Auditorium - A ghost named George who was

supposedly hung by accident haunts the Auditorium. He is usually heard

downstairs in the Green Room.


Whittier - Women's Club, California Ave - Brushing against us gently and holding

our hands. The spirit is unknown. The spirit seems lonely and slightly sad.


Wildomar - Field next to Catt Rd - a car crash here in 1983 killed a man and

woman and on warm full moon nights these spirits can be seen roaming the land


Willows - The Canal - the canal here in willows is the place of many deaths;

people are seen in the middle of the night walking if you turn your head and

look back its gone


Wilmington - Banning Residence Museum - Generals of the Civil War are seen in

one room planning a strategic attack of some kind and several people that once

lived their are also seen.


Wilmington - Drum Barracks - An apparition of a blond blue-eyed man has been

seen by maintenance staff and visitors. The ghost was a victim of cholera or

yellow fever and was a patient there during the Civil War. The young man appears

to be confused and wanders aimlessly before vanishing.


Woodland Hills - Pizza Cookery - uneasy feelings in the ladies bathroom. also

witnesses feel cold spots in there.


Yolo - Woodland - Woodland opera house - said to be haunted by the ghost of a

fireman killed when the original opera house burned down. The area of the

basement where a wall fell on him and killed him is the site of the haunting.

some people also report someone up in the balcony, they smell cigar smoke.


Yorba Linda - The Yorba Family Cemetery - haunted by "The Pink Lady." The origin

of the pink lady is somewhat a mystery, but she appears on the night of June 15

every other year. On these occasions, curious locals can often be found keeping

watch around the cemetery, hoping to catch a glimpse of her. There is a story

about her death. On prom night, her and her boyfriend were on they’re way to the

dance, on Orangethorpe St. her boyfriend pushed her out of their carriage and

onto the train tracks, where she was killed by an on coming train. The reason

people call her "the pink lady" is because she was wearing a pink dress on the

night of her death. if you want to know more about her, just go to the Yorba

Linda library and look in the old newspaper section.


Yosemite - Ahwahnee Hotel - There are World War 2 Ghosts on the mezzanine level

and the 3rd floor!


Yorba Linda - Yorba Linda Church - Security personnel have reported feelings of

being watched and followed during lock up procedures. EVP has been recorded in

all buildings as well as outside. EVP includes the number seventeen when asked

how many there were, and when asked what their names were "Kenny", "David", and

"Jeremy" can be heard on tape. When a cold chill was felt near a closet, the

question where are you was asked. "Hidden inside" was the answer.


Yosemite National Forest - California Pines - California pines is located in the

majestic Yosemite Forrest, where people have been known to see apparitions, &

have an actual physical experience with the ghosts of Indian's from the 1800's.


Yosemite National Park - Camp 6 - In a tent in camp 6 a guy hung himself. Now,

during the nighttime hours on any given night, you see some one swinging from

the wooden frame beneath the tent.


Yuba City - Yuba City high school theater - the ghosts of students who died in a

bus crash in the 70s have often been seen on the stage. Opening night of the

musical fiddler on the roof was disrupted by the lights not working. Apparitions

have been seen by the light cage and the costume closets. Cold spots are always

felt in the tool room.


Yucaipa - Chapman Heights - Reports of four kids walking around the housing

development at night time and there is a golf course right next to it and it

targets late golfers or any one on a golf cart late at night and all four kids

have been seen in white clothes in the corner on peoples eyes but when you look

they disappears. It also is said to shake or mess with the golf cart you are in.



Yucaipa - Pendleton Rd. - Is haunted by a woman who died of a car accident there

in the 1950`s.It is said she crawled out of the car to get out and get help

,police found her 1/2 a mile away dead in the street. She is also known as the

red lady of Pendleton Rd.


Yucaipa - Wildwood High Lands - it is a 18,000 sq. foot mansion where 4 young

girls once lived and 1 scary night the pool boy,Fredrico, got very jealous of

the older sister dating the gardener pedro. So one night he got extremely upset

and horny so he took the 4 sisters and stabbed them. He threw them out the top

bedroom window down into the pool below. And there is where there boddies and

spirits lay till this day. If you swim in the pool then they will drag u down to

the botto but not for dead.